In the Dungeon

Dungeons and Dragons is a multi-player role playing game in the internet, in which you battle monsters and other evil elements. Something like the Crusades of the Middle Ages or the Middle East of Today.
Are you sure we’re going the right way?Shh! I thought I heard something.

Yes, yes…we need to maximize our
position to insure we can kill the vampire.

That’s all very well, but I don’t think we can kill a vampire.

Let me look in the book.

Yeah, you have to disapperate it or something and
I don’t have a spell for that, do you?

No….I’m not that high yet. What if we do it all together?

No. We have to take turns.

Wait, shoot it with a silver bullet.


Come let’s try this tunnel..

Last time we followed you we met a dire-rat and we got blasted.

The Girls are playing Dungeon and Dragons. They successfully enter the next level.
Here….you carry this blasted torch and I’m checking the walls for a doorway.Let me try, I can use my were-rabbit to find the entrance to the vampire’s chamber, get the gold and return to the hag by the river and collect our spells.

What if Elf-hearts rabbit fails?

I’ll cover Elf-heart and her were-rabbit.


The were-rabbit is released into the tunnel and finds the covert entrance to the Vampire chamber where the chest full of gold is hidden. They successfully kill the Vampire with a silver bullet and Elf-heart, Black-blood, and Cat-tongue continue on to the Hawthorn Orb Master before seeking the Hag at the river to collect their new spells.

What now? How many times can you use that were-rabbit?
Twice a day, so maybe we should reserve her for ….just in case.
Get out your new spell scroll of the hawk-seeker, Black-blood.
Let’s try it on that pathway to see where to go.

This is very dangerous,
Elf-heart, Cat-tongue, stand back!

Use your shield now Cat-tongue!

A great blast ensues and Black-blood, Elf-heart, and Cat-tongue enter the next level successfully.


The Girls are playing Dungeon and Dragons. They are celebrating at the inn.
Did you see how I pushed the spell ten times the power!Yeah Black-blood. So now what?

Let’s get a bit to eat at the local pub…got any gold?

Yes a few pieces….what about you Cat-tongue?

Yeah….I have some in my secret pink velvet pouch.

At the Inn….

We’ll need a plan….

Let me digest this spaghetti and grog ale first.

Yeah, let’s just eat first.

I say we get a room at the inn for the night and
continue our quest tomorrow. Those may be trolls
coming in….keep a low profile.

Hey….What are you talking about tomorrow…it’s my birthday tomorrow.

Yeah, Dad said he’d take us out somewhere.Where to, we go out loads.

I’m not sure, somewhere nearby I guess.

Spice, Sugar, can you get off the computer
and help set the table!


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