The Ham from ZOT: The Birds

The Hamster from ZOT: Birds1The Hamster from ZOT: The Birds
Two dogs in a police Car driving by two cats.
Yellow Tabby: “Any news?”
Grey Tabby: “Nope.”
Mr. Whiskers’ Tooth: “Japanese situation is much worse than is reported. Radiation has spread as far as Bulgaria where radioactive mushrooms have been discovered. Hawaiian Milk contaminated…”
Agent 33: “Mr. Whiskers’ tooth is picking up enenews link from Steve Quayle.”
Yellow Tabby: “That bird in the window is using a cell phone.”
Grey Tabby: “It’s times like these I wish we could fly.”
Yellow Tabby crosses his arms and stare at the Grey Tabby.
Grey Tabby: ” What!?”
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