Monthly Archives: כ״ג בניסן ה׳תשע״א (27/04/2011)

Bread Wars

Bread Wars -Think Star Wars opening scenes; Two Arab Rats scheming; Lord Bloodlust: “Vacuum Brain, My old friend, Listen for 8 days the cats forsake eating Bread.” “For the cats it is a sin. So, in the entrances of the citadel we must sell bread to their non-religious cats to stain them and keep them […]

Charlaine Harris

Betty Cat is reading a Charlaine Harris book. Bob Cat: “Are you alright?” Betty Cat: “These are so good I can’t put the books down.” Bob Cat: “Haven’t you already read those?” Betty Cat: “Ah yes… But I can’t seem to stop myself.” “This is just the fourth time.” Bob Cat: “That’s insane!” Betty Cat: […]

Israeli eggs

A Mother at Jerusalem Supermarket is putting produce on the counter. The Clerk is weighting the produce. Mother’s hand cart tips backwards spilling the carton of eggs on the floor. Mother: “No!” She picks up the carton of eggs: “The eggs!” She opens the carton of eggs: “Oh, are you alright?” 12 Israeli unbroken eggs […]