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New kittens on the block

    These kittens seem to have solved the housing shortage in Jerusalem 

The Car The Ad

Three Birds sitting on a Tree Branch, Frankie: “Are you ready to rumble boys?” Second Bird: “Sure thing, Frankie.” A flock of Birds fly over cars making a mess overhead on all the cars. Car Covered in Chinese Elm tree sap and bird droppings. Car Owner: ” Oh yuck, My Car!” Announcer: “Keep your car […]

The Ham from ZOT: Hiring

Agent 36 and Agent 71 are sitting at ZOT headquarters. Agent 36: “71, I can’t believe you’re leaving H.Q. after all these years!” Agent 71: “Living in a cage for 2 years isn’t living.” Agent 71 looking at her retirement envelop: “I’m going to rent an apartment in Haifa and if I like it, I’ll […]


The Monkey in chair is laughing at the tied up Alien. Mr. Whiskers at his computer: “It’s better for Israel to have a Christian running the White House than a Muslim.. Obama is in Ireland getting drunk. Tornadoes in the Midwest.” Sugar: “How do I look?” Spice: “Erm.” Sugar: “What??” Mother looking at the skirt: […]

The Ham from ZOT: Let Us not forget who we are.

Aliens petting Monkey M.E.O.W. Headquarters; Two cats and the Captain, Cat 1: “Those 2 ZOT agents and one migrating bird have escaped our holding cells Captain?” Captain: “Yes Sir… Apparently they cut through the bars.” Cat 2 to Cat 1: “Alka-Seltzer or Tums?” At ZOT Headquarters: Agent 30 (Miss. Sweetums):”2 is waiting for you.” Agent […]

The Answer 2

Pickles, an Orange Tabby: “Read’n that psychology book again Moshiko?” Moshiko a Siamese cat: “Yes, pickles… I’m still reading.” Moshiko: “Cats that read books are more successful in life. My Dad loved to read every day. May he rest in peace.” Pickles: “Have you figured out the answer to your problem yet?” Pickles: “Maybe it’s […]

The Answer

Pickles an Orange Tabby: What’s wrong?” Moshiko a Siamese cat: “I read these psychology book… I thought I’d find the answer to all my problems.” Moshiko: “I tried blaming others for my troubles and found out…It didn’t help solve what’s bothering me.” Moshiko: “then I blamed myself and this didn’t help solve my problems,” “And […]

The Ham from ZOT: The Escape

Cat 1 and Cat 2 at M.E.O.W. headquarters (see Secret Orders). In the Dungeon of M.E.O.W. headquarters are Agents 8 and 87. Agent 87 in her own cell. “8… I think we need to escape tonight.” In a separate cell, are a Migrating Bird and Agent 8. Agent 8: “All right 87 that laser knife […]

Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation “Another Final Solution”

Outside of a conference room a sign states: “Zillionaires R Us 12:00” George Soros has an invitation: “You are cordially invited to attend the Zillionaires Luncheon” David Rockefeller: “And furthermore…It has been noted that there are too many people on our planet.” “We may have to sterilize people that are the parasites of the world… […]

!OUT אמא אומרת

It’s time to get off the computer and go out and play. OUT! אמא אומרת The kids are on the computers and the mother is worried. “They’ve been at it for hours now…” Mother on the phone to the Doctor: “Doctor… I’m sort of worried about my family…” “They seem to have become zombie – […]