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The Answer

Pickles an Orange Tabby: What’s wrong?” Moshiko a Siamese cat: “I read these psychology book… I thought I’d find the answer to all my problems.” Moshiko: “I tried blaming others for my troubles and found out…It didn’t help solve what’s bothering me.” Moshiko: “then I blamed myself and this didn’t help solve my problems,” “And […]


The Ham from ZOT: The Escape

Cat 1 and Cat 2 at M.E.O.W. headquarters (see Secret Orders). In the Dungeon of M.E.O.W. headquarters are Agents 8 and 87. Agent 87 in her own cell. “8… I think we need to escape tonight.” In a separate cell, are a Migrating Bird and Agent 8. Agent 8: “All right 87 that laser knife […]