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Think Positive: Vegetarian Diet

Spot, an Orange Cat: “Ears! Hey… What’s new?” Ears, an White Dog:” Hi Spot… I’m fine and you?” Spot: “I’m so depressed.” Ears: “Why?” Spot: “Actually I’m tired.” Ears: “So, are you depressed because you’re tired? or Tired of being depressed?” Spot: “Hum… I’m tired and it makes me depressed and I’m tired of it.” […]


Cat relaxing with a Pillow.

The Queen’s dilemma

The Royal Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth ll: “oh.. Your majesty…you know that bleep I told you about well… you better call President of the United States and ask him to postpone whatever… until after the wedding.” The Queen: “Oh my… I better call the White House.” “Yes, Michelle? This is Queen Elizabeth calling from Great […]

The White House Intern

White house male intern:”Mr. President sorry, to interrupt. But we are trying to schedule plans for August.” Obama watching Basketball on TV: hum.” Say, have my popularity ratings gone up yet?” Intern: “Well Sir, I’ll have to find out for you. We wanted to know if you were planning anything special for August. Obama: “Since […]

Osama Bin Laden declared dead on May 1

TV news announcer: “It has been confirmed that Osama Bin Ladin has been killed today… public Enemy #1…” Osama Bin Ladin: “Where am I? Why is the line so long?” Person in line: “I’m not sure but I believe I died.” Osama Bin Ladin: “there must be some mistake, I’m much too important to be […]