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The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: 4th of July 1776 or 2011

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: 4th of July 1776 Thomas Jefferson’s Cat: ‘Thomas’ Amazing quotes that the United States seems to have forgotten… Questions we must ask ourselves as to what is happening to our beloved country…”My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” Thomas Jefferson Let us […]

Room Service!

Room Service Mr. Whiskers is on his computer working very hard; the cats outside are Meowing “Room Service… Oh Waiter, Room Service.”… Mr. Whiskers picks up a bag of cat food: “Alright!” He walks down the stairs as the Cats call out: “Room Service.” The Katz Café; As Mr. Whiskers serves the Cats cat food, […]

The Ham from ZOT:webbots

Page 1 Marching Spider Robots and a spider hanging from a thread:”www” ZOT headquarters, Agent 2 (the Boss) speaking to his secretary Agent 30 (Miss. Sweetums): “How is that Agent 33 working out in replacing Agent 71?” Agent 30 (Miss. Sweetums): “Oh, that Sparrow?” “She seems fine now.” Agent 2 (the Boss): “She has limited […]

The Ham from ZOT: The Birds

The Hamster from ZOT: The Birds Two dogs in a police Car driving by two cats. Yellow Tabby: “Any news?” Grey Tabby: “Nope.” Mr. Whiskers’ Tooth: “Japanese situation is much worse than is reported. Radiation has spread as far as Bulgaria where radioactive mushrooms have been discovered. Hawaiian Milk contaminated…” Agent 33: “Mr. Whiskers’ tooth […]

I really like the comics

In Mr. Whiskers’ kitchen, in Jerusalem, his two teen age new immigrant daughters from Los Angeles California, Spice, who is eating an apple, and Sugar, are sitting at the kitchen table reading the newspaper,which is in Hebrew. Their mother is thinking to herself ‘Oh, that’s nice seeing those two using their minds and reading’ Mother: […]

The Car Acura Car Cover Sales

Page 1 Side banner: “the” Customer Service Cat with headphones on the computer: “‘’ for all your car cover and car parts need. This is the place. How can I help you today? … My name is Rizzo.” 4 eyed Martian Woman at the computer: “I’ve seen your website for and need a […]