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NORA: Practice Makes Purr-fect

Nora: The “Original” Practice Makes Purr-fect Nora The Piano Cat: The Sequel – Better than the original! Nora The Piano Cat: Whose Piano Is It, Anyway? Nora Calls The Piano Tuner ( Nora The Piano Cat YouTube Channel

Glenn Beck or Everquest

page 1 Blue Cat and Orange Tabby. Blue Cat: “If I want to hear the truth it costs money.” Orange Tabby: “How so?” Blue Cat: “Regular TV doesn’t host Glenn Beck anymore. He’s switched to his own network which costs $6 a month.” Orange Tabby: “You’d have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cost.” […]

Cowboy Dogs

  If you want clear skys without Chem Trails, Pilgrim, You’ll have to come to Jerusalem  The skys are so clear and blue that my Asthma has cleared up.