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Bill Clinton vs Bibi Netanyahu

compiled by Mr. Whiskers PM Netanyahu Quotes Lubavitcher Rebbe at UN assembly Bill Clinton in Case Studies in Abnormal Behavior Book   Bill Clinton: Netanyahu killed the peace process Posted By Josh Rogin Thursday, September 22, 2011 – 2:22 PM ShareWho’s to blame for the continued failure of the Middle East peace process? Former President […]

Happy Rosh Hashanah


Positive Thinking: Psychology Says

Spot, an Orange Cat: “Hey Ears! It’s me, Spot, How are you, you mainjy flea bitten?”Ears a White Dog: “Spot! you trash trailen troll… I’m fine. How ‘s about it?” Spot: “Well, you remember that last conversation I had with you… sigh.” Ears: “Well, let’s see it’s been quite a while.” Spot: “I’m depressed Ears… […]

The Bird Cage Liner Gazette: Mako, back in Action

EU Votes: PA given status just like the Vatican… They also gave Mr. Abbas a red checked Kippa, New livery to be designed by John Galliano. Stanley Greenberg presents: CLINTON sponsored “The 400,000 suicide ROACH MOTEL Rally” joined by Tzipi Livni & Kadema Flash Mobs in Tel Aviv, Israel. So many stupids unite over being […]