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The Ham from ZOT interviews 2012


The Ham from ZOT: Arab Land Grab in Jerusalem

Page 1 MEOW Agent 26 on her cat perch, looking through binoculars at the Jerusalem hillside: “Ah!” MEOW Agent 26 on the Computer and Cell phone: “Yes, Agents could be U.N. Or Rat Moving Company.” Skype ZOT Agent 8: “This looks like we need someone from ZOT.” Mrs. Whiskers is cleaning the girl’s room while […]

Apartment Cat: A cat living in an Apartment in Jerusalem

Watching Over You- A Song of Faith

Lyrics: I hear a sound I look in every way Not a soul in sight I Find a place to lay I feel the wave Running through my veins I cry out to hashem Bemunah shelema I lift my head I look around the room My brothers in the corner What have I to do? […]

Alex and Joelle Wedding

SUNRISE SUNSET Click here for larger image

Chanukah: Will Your Grandchild Be Jewish?

Happy Chanukah. So you think you are safe and secure in the Exile outside of Israel? Do you want Jewish Grandchildren? As of 2001 there was a 74% intermarriage rate in the American Jewish Communities. It is much higher now! Do you feel safe in Los Angeles, or New York with the storms, crime and […]

Ministers of Morale: Emuna, Dancing, Torah with the IDF

    Our NaNach brothers did big things to uplift the unity and morale of IDF troops during the recent round of Gaza hostilities. They are surely doing their part to help expedite the Geula and the victory o flight over darkness. Check this out:  הסוד על מבצע עמוד ענן    

Hanukkah:How the Technion lights the Hanukiah. Rube Goldberg Machine – Technion Israel

This is how the Technion demonstrates how to light your Hanukiah. This is not the proper way to do it. A robot can not be your agent in lighting.   Technion students Eyal Cohen and Tomer Wassermann from the Mechanical Engineering faculty and Matan Orian and Dvir Dukhan of Industrial Engineering and Management take on […]

Hasbara – Public diplomacy in Israel

  This is what the Palestinians say to the Arabs: