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What happened to Spring


Love Caroline Glick’s logic

The Tribal update presents a song for Yom Haatzmaut, Tawil Fadiha, and Kim Jong On  Caroline Glick: The presence of Jews on the West Bank has nothing to do with prospects for peace קרולין גליק – לוחמת הסברה ציונית – רשימת הימין החדש Column One: Israel: The happy little country Netanyahu thought a moment […]

flirtatious frenemies

Yom HaAtzma’ut 2013 ‍‍יום העצמאות – תשע״ג

Nahal Haredi was founded on the premise that physical strength alone is not enough – the spirit of Torah and Mitzvot must underlie all that is achieved. The Nahal provides religious men who seek to contribute to Israel’s military defense with a framework for personal and professional achievement that in every way promotes a Torah-true […]

YOM HASHOAH יום שואה תשע״ג

Israeli Cat חתול ישראלי Dima Lenderman The home page of Yad Vashem The home page of because it is happening again It is time to come home: Nefesh B’Nefesh – Aliyah: Live the dream  

Shlissel or Key Challah

There is a custom to bake key-shaped or Shlissel challah in honor of the Shabbat after Pesach. This is a well observed custom you might want to try for yourself. You can do this by slipping a key directly in the challah, by baking it in the dough or placing it in the braids as […]