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YOM HASHOAH יום שואה

This is Today in America, Europe and Asia National Socialist Movement rally in Madison WI 2006 Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus This was 70 years age in Europe. Has anything changed? Yom haShoah “The coming into being of a Jewish state in Palestine is an event in world history […]


“What Needs to be Checked for Shatnez” Updated List

From Jerusalem Kosher With yomtov on the horizon many of us are buying new garments for family members. Often there is a measure of confusion surrounding what garments require checking to rule out the presence of shatnez.JKN’s shatnez expert presents the updated 2014 “What Needs to be Checked for Shatnez” list in PDF format. […]



Hitbodedut – An Introduction to Personal Prayer Emuna Outreach has been working overtime lately. We’re increasingly using the medium of video presentations to deliver the message of Jewish Outreach and Rebbe Nachman’s teachings far and wide, quickly and enjoyably. Olive_grove2 Today, you’re invited to ride out to the Judean Hills with me. Far off the […]