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Quand est-ce que tu quittes la France?

Israël : Clip pour l’Aliyah “Quand est-ce que tu quittes la France ?”  Israel Clip for Aliyah “When do you leave France?” Reportage : les juifs qui quittent la France pour israël Report: Jews leaving France for Israel Alyah : mode d’emploi Alyah : mode d’emploi Choisissez celle qui vous correspond et inscrivez-vous sur […]

Kindergarten – Israeli Style

This is a nice cat friendly website that promotes Aliyah to Israel and will not get in to any controversy (at lest on the front page). Political Disclaimer:This is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of any Political Party. We reserve the right to laugh at anyone. “We vow to tell the spoof, the whole […]

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12 dead in France:The Charlie Hebdo shooting

 click to enlarge שיר אירופי מחתרתי לחג המולד Underground European Song for Christmas From Caroline Glick 16 January 2015 The answer to French anti-Semitism French Exodus: ‘When Jews Flee, a Nation is Sick’ Once again, the real news in France is conveniently not being reported as it should. Please read! “Will the world say nothing – again […]