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Sydney, It’s time to come home

Bibi Netanyahu:”I want you to continue studying Hebrew. Be proud Jews. Be proud Australians. And come to Israel.” Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been mobbed by Jewish primary school students during a visit to Moriah College in Sydney. 23 Feb 2017 – 5:24 PM  UPDATED YESTERDAY 5:24 PM They were told to be on their best behaviour. […]

BDS Know the Facts

  From the Leftist: Dr. Einat Wilf on Zionism – Full Interview How can the Jews honestly deal with these crazy people, you can’t! This is what Israel had before the leftist Peace Plans Israel and land re-liberated in the 1967 Six Day War Our Historic Homeland Land under King David The Arabs and their […]


  For the last one hundred years the 70 Nations and the leftist have been trying to bring peace to the Middle East without luck. How about going back and trying the original options. Build a Jewish State for Jews, by Jews, with Jewish Torah Laws, Jewish Labor, Torah Courts and a Torah Government of […]

Children at Play


BDS Academic boycott – Eat Crow

The insane left has been calling for academic boycotts of Israeli Academics for decades. Now they are getting a taste of their own medicine. Would you like salt with your Crow? Academic boycott launched AGAINST U.S. after Trump Immigration Executive Order Posted by William A. Jacobson January 31, 2017 The academic boycott circular firing […]