The Ham from ZOT: Arab Land Grab in Jerusalem

Page 1
MEOW Agent 26 on her cat perch, looking through binoculars at the Jerusalem hillside: “Ah!”
MEOW Agent 26 on the Computer and Cell phone: “Yes, Agents could be U.N. Or Rat Moving Company.”
Skype ZOT Agent 8: “This looks like we need someone from ZOT.”
Mrs. Whiskers is cleaning the girl’s room while Agent 26 pretends to sleep on the computer chair then MEOW Agent 26 finds a secure spot in the Apartment and puts on her Gem to communicate with Headquarters.
Page 2
MEOW Agent 26: “This is Agent 26,Suspicious activity detected this morning contact ZOT.” “Please Advise.”
MEOW Headquarters: “Continue surveillance and drop a few bird-mics. See what you can pick up.”
MEOW Agent 26: “Roger, over and out.”
Agnet 26 at the window giving orders to the Birds:”Remember, Play it safe!”
Birds: “ Yes, Sir!
The Birds fly in formation overhead.

Page 3
The Birds Pooping and flying over Arab Wolves disguised as Sheep, Arab:”They don’t suspect us. We will tell the sheep to eat the grass for now.”
The Birds Pooping and flying over Sheep, Sheep:”The wolves from Rat Moving Company say the grass is ours!”
Worm 1:”What a load of Crap.”
Worm 2: “Yep”
The Birds: M.O. T. Mission Accomplished, bird-mics planted. Over and out.”
MEOW Agent:”Wolves plan on taking the grass through sheep.”
MEOW Agent: “They can Mow the lawn for now- But the land is ours forever! M.E.O.W. And Z.O.T. Are prepared.”
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