Anatomy of a cat fight

Anatomy of a cat fight Page 1Anatomy of a cat fight
Yellow Tabby: “Would you please share?”
Ragu: “I ate so much of Mr. Whisker’s cat food I’m so full and yet I’m apprehensive in leaving.”
Yellow Tabby: “Obviously you’re stuffed and can’t eat anymore.”
Ragu: “” Yes.”
Yellow Tabby: “Surely you could let me have the last bit.”
Ragu: “I could however I am not willing.”
Yellow Tabby: “You are so territorial you know Mr. Whiskers would want me to have some.”
Ragu: “You displaced the cat before you… You’re trying to displace me… and you never share with others.”
Anatomy of a cat fight Page 2Page 2
Angry Yellow Tabby: ” I will get the liberal world to see you as evil… and then I will claim the ledge. Anything the media says people will believe.”
Ragu: “What makes you think anyone would believe you… You have no credibility.”
Both cats hiss at each other:
The Door opens and a Man shouts: “Shut!”
The Door Slams shut.
Ragu: “Well that was a lose -lose situation.”
Anatomy of a cat fight Page 3Page 3
Yellow Tabby: “Listen mouth, why don’t you go on YouTube for a while and suck your brains out.”
Ragu: “You are so dumb; I bet you watch YouTube all day and don’t accomplish anything.”
Tellow Tabby: “What makes you think I can afford internet?”
Ragu: “Oh no… I suppose you just piggyback.”
Yellow Tabby: “You are a territorial Troll. It’s all your fault.”
Ragu: “I am not a Troll.”
Yellow Tabby: ” Troll, troll, Troll, Troll.”
Ragu: “Democrat!”
Anatomy of a cat fight Page 4Page 4
Angry Yellow Tabby: “Meretz!”
Angry Yellow Tabby and Angry Ragu: “So insulting!”
Mr. Whiskers carrying two bags of cat food: “Stop it! What a racket. Here’s more food.”
Yellow Tabby is eating the cat food and Ragu is protecting his bag.
Black bird to Mr. Whiskers: You understand that positive reinforcement is being used to give them more and more cat food.”
Yellow tabby: “Military Escalation.”
Ragu: “psycho-babble.”
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