Bibi VS E.U. Borg

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Bibi VS E.U. Borg
Page 1
Music playing old Star Trek theme.
Bibi says, “Earl Grey tea, hot.”
Frodo answers, “I thought that was Capt. Picard’s line, Sir.”
“Space shows are In Frodo, the LotR is old news.”
Frodo, “Then why are we here and no aliens Bibi?”
“Well, Frodo, as you know, we Jews are indigenous to Eretz Israel, while the Palestinians Orabs came after us and squatted on our land and holy sites. We’re back!”
“Bibi, a strange ship approaching”, warns Legalos.
“A new challenge Legalos”
“It’s the E.U. Borgs”
“On screen.”
Bibi sits in captain’s chair, “Yes, the E.U. Borgs! They want to take over Eretz Israel!”
On screen sir, a picture of E.U. Borg ship appears.
Weird transporter sound, evil head Orab commander, Swedish Ambassador, and the Poop materialize.
“Don’t be afraid Bibi, we’re your friends.” the Poop announces.
Frodo shouts, “It’s the Swedish ambassador and she has the Poop, Bibi!”
Bibi says loudly,”Red Alert! Intruder alert!”
Pippin says, “Look he has a crescent on instead of his cross.
Bibi says, “They want to convert or destroy us, same old story. You were not invited here.”
Swedish ambassador, “You know you aren’t the real chosen people any more, the Orabs and E.U. Borgs are! You settlers! Occupiers!”
Bibi answers, “Not a chance, no apologies! We’re indigenous to all of Eretz Israel you ‘Pirate Pagan Poop Pots!”” “Let them have it Frodo”
Frodo answers, “Yes Bibi”
phaser weapons fire out, “Shema Yisroel”
“We are Indigenous”
“Eretz Israel belongs to the Jews forever.”
Bibi stands and yells,“No apologies, the Torah is True!”
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Stout Hearted Men Nelson Eddy (New Moon 1940)

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Page 2
Evil trio, “We will boycott!”
“No quarter, keep firing men!”
Evil trio yell out, “Ouch!” “Mommy!” “I can’t stand it!”
guns fire, “No Apologies!”
“Leave or die!”
“Torah is true!”
“You lie!”
Evil trio beams off deck.
“Sir the enemy is beaming off the deck, “officer yells.
“Yes,” Bibi answers.
“Sir, aliyah ships are coming!”
Legalos says, “The E.U. Borg are running Sir.”
“Legalos, have the crew repent and fast.” Bibi says
Bibi then orders, “Load weapons Frodo.”
Frodo asks, “Do you mean to use the most powerful weapons, Sir?”
Bibi answers, “Yes, Frodo”
Three torpedoes are seen: Tchuvah, Tzedaka, Tehillam.
“Torpedoes ready Sir.”
Bibi orders, “Fire torpedoes.”
Woosh sounds
“Any words Bibi?”, Pippin asks.
“Our country is safe thanks to your leadership Sir.”
Bibi declines, “No no, not I Pippin…We just needed to follow G-d’s instructions.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“What Frodo?” Bibi asks.
“Well, Sir,… Bibi., does this mean we should break into song like Nelson Eddy?”
Bibi answers, “Why not.”
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  1. Carol Umbehocker
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    I like that the torpedoes can change the bad people into good. Great ideas!

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