Bread Wars

Star Wars of the Middle East with Darth VaderBread Wars -Think Star Wars opening scenes;
Two Arab Rats scheming; Lord Bloodlust: “Vacuum Brain, My old friend, Listen for 8 days the cats forsake eating Bread.”
“For the cats it is a sin. So, in the entrances of the citadel we must sell bread to their non-religious cats to stain them and keep them down!”
Vacuum Brain: “Yes, My Lord Bloodlust.”
Arab Rats selling Pita: “Bread…Bread.”
Rabbi Katz: “After all our cleaning of the Holy City… It has come to my attention that Lord Bloodlust and his cronies are selling Bread at the gates and in their shops. It makes me sick!”
Colonel Corn: “Don’t worry Rabbi Katz I will contact those in power and so shall you.”
Star Wars of the Middle East with Darth VaderPage 2
Chabad Cats selling Matzah: “Matzoh!” Arab Rat selling Pita: “Huh!”
Cat secret agent opening jar of flies: our Secret Weapon. Arab Rat selling pita : “Bread!, ” Flys buszzing around the Pitas: “Yuch!”
Cat to Matzah seller: “I’ll buy some sacred Matzoh.”
Arab Rat selling Pita as flies buzz around his stand: “Cures”
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