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Politics that effect life in Israel and the lives of the Political Low Life, Scum bag Turkeys; I mean Politicians

Love Caroline Glick’s logic

The Tribal update presents a song for Yom Haatzmaut, Tawil Fadiha, and Kim Jong On Caroline Glick: The presence of Jews on the West Bank has nothing to do with prospects for peace Column One: Israel: The happy little country By CAROLINE B. GLICK, The Jerusalem Post April 19, 2013 Netanyahu thought a moment and […]

Let My Brother Go!

Hat Tip to Esser Agaroth (אובמה, פולארד, ופסח) Obama, Pollard, and Passover Jonathan Pollard This is not the first time the comparison between President Obama and the Egyptian Pharoah of old, has been made. I speak, of course, of the “…new king over Egypt who knew not Joseph.” (Ex. 1:8) This is also not the […]

The Fellowship and politics = fellow idiots

Pope’s sudden resignation


The RED Button: Don’t push it!

the Fellowship, Phil, the Flu and the Fly

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Israeli Elections or Lord of the Rings

Frodo says to the other ‘halflings’, “We are going to have to find a way to defeat our enemies.” Bibi-strider thinks to himself, “I can see I will have to be a real Politician in order to collate with everyone, oye.” “We must go to Rivendale to meet with all the parties.” Pippin, “A party? […]

The Snow melted

The Cooking Channel

“The Cooking Channel…” The snow has melted, almost. The Arabie Cooking Channel for Palestinian Sheep Today’s lesson: Grass Souffle. Sheepish Fuzzy, “Frozen Grass can be just as nutritious as fresh.” Sheepish Fuzzy, “And there we have it, “Grass Souffle!” Audience claps wildly and you hear music in the background. Sheepish Fuzzy bows and says, “Thank […]

Hasbara – Public diplomacy in Israel

  This is what the Palestinians say to the Arabs: