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How the war and attacks are effecting daily life in Jerusalem and the world

The Jews Will Not be Driven from Jerusalem

Jerusalem is open for Business! Come and Shop! Jerusalem chosen among ‘Best Cities in the World’ By Viva Sarah Press November 19, 2015, Israel features in 11 categories in the Condé Nast Traveler’s 28th annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Jerusalem, El Al, and select Eilat, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv hotels were chosen as among the […]

BDS = anti-Semitism and Lies against Israel

From Boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) are the tactics of political warfare used against Israel, based on the exploitation of human rights, double standards, comparisons to apartheid South Africa, and false accusations of “war crimes.” Definitions: Boycotts of products, culture, and academics – BDS activists lobby stores not to carry Israeli products and encourage […]

The Face of Peace?

Love of Am Israel THE IRON DOME 2014 PART 2 Published on Aug 17, 2014 Part 1 here:… Like Us At:… Film and Edit by Yaakov Lepon at King David Studio- Jerusalem 2014 We went to the south to show solidarity and support to the troops who were preparing to defend the country. […]

Elie Wiesel: Hamas, stop using children as shields

Elie-Wiesel-Hamas-Child-Sacrifice Elie Wiesel Condemns Hamas Use of Children as Human Shields Erica Morris 04August2014 Elie Wiesel has published an open letter condemning Hamas’s use of human shields–in particular the use of children in the practice.In the write-up, the Holocaust survivor and Nobel laureate calls on Gazans to rise up against the terror group and […]

Gaza War Miracles

The Mobile Protection Unit From The Yeshiva World News Maran Rav Shteinman: We Are Witnessing ‘Nissim V’Niflaos’ 23July2014 Maran HaGaon HaRav Aaron Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita commented on events regarding Operation Protective Edge, the IDF counter-terrorism offensive in Gaza. The gadol hador is quoted in Yated Neeman saying “Our entire lives are run by […]

Erev Tisha B´Av 2014 ערב תשעה באב תשע״ד

Terror In Yerushalayim: One Killed, Six Hurt When Terrorist Goes On Rampage In Industrial Digger Reb Avrohom Wallis z”l 04August2014 A pedestrian was killed and six other people were wounded Monday afternoon when a terrorist went on the rampage in an industrial digger in central Yerushalayim. One Israeli was murdered and five were wounded […]

Wounded Soldiers

Names of Wounded Soldiers: א   AVIV EL CHAI BEN ARIELA                                                                        אביב אל חי בן אריאלה AVICHAYIL ELIMELECH BEN NECHAMA   […]

Israel Deserves an Apology

From Mashiach’s Wife Website: “Israel Deserves an Apology” 1 Av 5774 Rosh Chodesh Av This is a share from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi’s facebook page… I am sick of apologizing for Israel’s right to defend itself. I am sick of the word “ceasefire” when all that really means is “time for Hamas to build more rockets” […]

Will Grandma Make It To The Safe Room In 15 Seconds?

Published on – 9July2014 Imagine that you are just trying to live your life. However, terrorists constantly fire rockets at your hometown. Now imagine that you are in your kitchen cooking dinner. When the siren goes off, you only have 15 seconds to get to the shelter. Even if the shelter is in the basement […]

Arab brain dysfunctionality genetically wired for violence

      What the Muslim terrorists view of children really is From Rabbi Lazer Brody’s Lazer Beams website: Israel and Ishmael, Order and Disorder 23July2014 Hashem in His loving grace and amazing compassion has enabled me to understand the current conflict between Israel and Hamastan-Gaza by way of physics, and particularly thermodynamics. We […]