Celestial Operator:Ultra Violet Grass Band

Mom calls Alex about "A plot for a new book."

Mom calls Alex about "A plot for a new book."

The Celestial Operator is a crystal ball which connects people to each other. similar to a video phone or Skype® or a galactic internet.
Sugar: “what’s the matter Mom?”
Mom: “I miss Alex and David.”
Sugar: “Let’s use the iBall® (like an iPhone but for the galactic internet) again, he never answers the phone.”
Sugar turns the iBall on and gets ‘Pacman Bell®’.
An Alien Operator at her computer is answering: this is the Celestial Operator. What Planet, Please?”
Sugar: “Yes, we’d like Earth, Los Angeles, 818-268- er… United States.”
Celestial Operator: “Thank you for choosing ‘Pacman Bell®.”
Alex in the Crystal Ball: “hi Mom, Hi guys!”
Mom, Sugar, & spice: “Hi Alex.”
Mom: “I was thinking about a plot for a book you could write that would be really successful.”
Alex: “Yeah.”
Mom: “It would be about an orphaned wizard that turns into a vampire but he’s a polite vampire.”
Alex: “that’s really random Mom.”
Blue Grass the the next level

So they want to set up an "Ultra Violet Grass Band"

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Mom: “he could be learning at a boarding school with other wizard vampires and then he could become a spy and save the World.”
Alex: “it’s a thought…”
Mom: “Or… how about a time traveling coyote that really was a wizard that was punished by his enemies.’
“So this Coyote turns up with a telepathic witch girl and they’re running away from his enemies.”
Alex: ‘Wait a minute Mom.”
Sugar: “oh, it’s David!”
David: “Hi Mom, spice, Sugar, Nice Story.”
Hey… Maybe this wizard Dude plays Bass guitar, the witch sings… 2 more guys playing drums and guitar and they could have a traveling band!”
Mom: “The wizard couldn’t play Bass if he was a coyote… he’d have to be turned back into a person remember.”
David: “Yeah, I’m getting into it. We could call them the veinstone Reptiles from Rigel 5… Or.. Galaxy Pioneer Band, playing Blue Grass.”
Sugar: “perhaps it could be Ultra Violet grass band.”
Spice: “Yeah, Now Alex just has to start writing so he can be published.”
David: “Then he can become Rich and Share it with everyone!”
Mom: “It was so nice talking to David and Alex.”
Spice: “Mom, I’m so glad we’re not a normal family.”
Mom: “What’s normal?”
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