Charlaine Harris

Charlaine HarrisBetty Cat is reading a Charlaine Harris book.
Bob Cat: “Are you alright?”
Betty Cat: “These are so good I can’t put the books down.”
Bob Cat: “Haven’t you already read those?”
Betty Cat: “Ah yes… But I can’t seem to stop myself.”
“This is just the fourth time.”
Bob Cat: “That’s insane!”
Betty Cat: “I’ll get up.” 
Charlaine Harris p2Page 2
Betty Cat makes Coffee, Washes the Dishes, Sorts the dirty laundry and puts it into the Washing Machine. Then she vacuums the Carpets, and Cooks.
Betty Cat is back reading a Charlaine Harris book: “Back to Charlaine Harris.” 
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Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris ISBN 10: 0441019374

ISBN 10: 0441019374

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