Israel Deserves an Apology

From Mashiach’s Wife Website:

The simple truth. RETWEET

The simple truth. RETWEET

“Israel Deserves an Apology”

1 Av 5774 Rosh Chodesh Av

This is a share from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi’s facebook page…

I am sick of apologizing for Israel’s right to defend itself. I am sick of the word “ceasefire” when all that really means is “time for Hamas to build more rockets” while we stand by helplessly. I am sick of the UN calling this an Israeli-Palestinian War when all along it’s clearly been a prolonged terrorist attack that the IDF is courageously trying to stop. I’m sick of people criticizing Israel for killing innocent people when they have done more than any country to warn Gazans and have even brought the gunmen into their own hospitals. I’m sick of apologizing for being a Jew. For being part of a nation whose kindness and compassion shine through even on the battlefield.

Somehow the world is turning everything around. Turning the terrorists into victims. Turning the attacked into the aggressor. This is the anti-Semitism of today. A hatred and disgust with Israel no matter what we do.
Now I ask you. Who should be apologizing? The millions of Jews running for cover as rockets attempting to smash into their school yards and tear apart their homes come raining down? The parents of all the soldiers who have tragically died in this frustrating, dangerous ground war in Gaza, where every move is calculated and re-calculated to prevent the loss of life?

Should the soldiers apologize for risking their lives to fight terrorism while the rest of us shake our heads over the news? I am sick of apologizing for Israel when it is Israel that really deserves an apology.

Israel deserves an apology from the media for falsely portraying them as aggressors. From the Jews who have turned their backs on their own people when they are needed most. From the terrorists themselves, for the constant panic and fear, for the horrific loss of life, for destroying our homes, for diverting our planes, for turning our lives upside down, and for putting innocent Arab lives in mortal danger. Israel deserves an apology.

And I also want to apologize to Israel and her courageous people. I am sorry for not defending you loudly enough. For not doing more to speak up against the staged newspaper photographs and the false criticisms. I am sorry for the hours in which I forget about the pain and the suffering that you are going through. I am sorry, dear parents of all the fallen soldiers. I am sorry for your aching grief and loss, sorry that you had to sacrifice your sons in this war for Jewish survival. Because they were not just fighting for Israel, they were fighting for all of us.

I apologize to all of you, who live in the only place in the world where every Jew is welcomed home, that you are not recognized on a daily basis for holding up the fort for all of us, for teaching your children to remain calm under fire, for sending your sons to guard our borders, for holding onto your faith when everyone around you is intent on taking it away.

Thank you Rabbi Mizrachi for your courage to always tell the truth!

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New Declassified Report Exposes Hamas Human Shield Policy from IsraelDefenseForces

Missionaries Harassing IDF Soldiers Manning Iron Dome

IDF soldiers fighting the battle against Hamas are being forced into another battle – against missionaries. ‘They’ve crossed a red line’.
By Moshe Cohen 27July2014
Even as IDF soldiers grit their teeth to fight a tough war against Israel’s Hamas enemies, they have other threats to worry about – like missionaries seeking to convert IDF soldiers, preventing them from concentrating on their mission.


Anti-missionary group Yad L’Achim said Sunday that it had gotten numerous complaints from residents of Ashkelon and from soldiers that missionaries had made a nuisance of themselves several times at an Iron Dome installation.


The location of the installations are supposed to be secret, but because Israelis can see where the missiles that intercept Hamas rockets are fired from, the location of the Iron Dome batteries is an “open secret.” Israelis, anxious to see the vaunted system that had prevented Hamas rockets from wreaking havoc on Israeli cities, flock to the launching sites to cheer on soldiers and bring them refreshments and gifts.


The missionaries have come as well, said Yad L’achim – but their purpose in coming is not to cheer soldiers on, but to preach Christianity to them. Such incidents have been happening throughout the country where Iron Dome installations are located, the organization said, with missionaries harassing soldiers before, during, and after they finish their shifts.


Besides preaching, the missionaries distribute what they promote as “holy books” to the soldiers – New Testaments, in Hebrew. Yad L’achim volunteers have been collecting the books and dealing with them in an appropriate manner, the group said.


The missionary preaching hasn’t been making much of an impression on the soldiers from an ideological or religious viewpoint, soldiers reported to Yad L’achim, but they do find the preaching very annoying.


In a letter to Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, Yad L’achim demanded that the missionary activity be stopped. “This activity is unprecedented and has crossed all red lines,” the group said. “We respectfully ask that these people be banned from areas where soldiers serve and congregate.”

14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, Animals, Against Israel


14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, Animals, Against Israel

14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, Animals, Against Israel

Brit. Col. Richard Kemp on operation Protective Edge

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – The Debate Part 1

Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – The Debate Part 2

An Inside Look Into Life Under Hamas’ Tunnel Threat

IDF Strikes Houses in Gaza Used for Military Purposes

Published on: 10July2014

When houses are used for military purposes, they may become legitimate military targets under international law.

On July 8, the IDF initiated Operation Protective Edge in order to restore security to Israel’s civilian population under constant rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. During the operation, the IDF has struck a number of houses throughout Gaza that were being used for military purposes.

Hamas conducts its military activities from deep within residential areas in Gaza. By doing so, it exploits the IDF’s desire and efforts to avoid harm to Palestinian civilians. In many cases, Hamas uses its commanders’ own homes, where their families and other civilians may be residing, for military purposes.

These houses may be used for weapons storage, command and control centers, or communications. The following video of an IDF strike provides clear evidence that Palestinian terrorists store weapons in residential areas. Following the initial IDF strike on the target, massive secondary blasts reveal that the IDF indeed struck a weapons cache located near Palestinian homes.

When houses are used for military purposes, they may become legitimate military targets under international law. The IDF only aims its attacks against legitimate military targets as defined under the relevant rules of international law. In order to accurately determine military targets, the IDF employs advanced methods, including multiple levels of intelligence, the provision of legal advice, and extensive prior training provided to operational commanders.

Even when a house is considered a lawful military target, the IDF makes great efforts to minimize potential harm to the surrounding civilian population. For example, the IDF may use real-time visual coverage in order to assess the civilian presence at a target. The IDF also carefully chooses weaponry and ammunition that will help to minimize any harm to civilians. In certain instances, the IDF also provides advance warning before striking a target.

Many of the IDF’s efforts in this regard go beyond its legal obligations and the accepted practice of other militaries operating in urban areas. Unfortunately, Hamas exploits many of the IDF’s attempts to provide advance warning by using civilians as human shields in order to deter attacks.

Furthermore, when an IDF commander determines that an attack is expected to cause collateral damage that would be excessive in relation to the military advantage anticipated, the attack will not be carried out.

When terrorist organizations such as Hamas deliberately use civilian homes for terrorist purposes, it is unavoidable that some civilians will be harmed when the IDF acts against these targets. Hamas exploits such instances to claim that the IDF deliberately seeks to harm the civilian population in Gaza, but fails to acknowledge that it has intentionally put these Palestinian civilians in grave danger by masking its terrorist activities behind a civilian facade.

Translation of the leaflets dropped over northern Gaza.

Translation of the leaflets dropped over northern Gaza.

The IDF will continue to conduct its operations in full accordance with international law, including by attacking only legitimate military targets, and will continue its efforts to minimize harm to Palestinian civilians.In contrast, Hamas fires indiscriminately toward Israel’s civilian population, and celebrates when Israel’s civilians are harmed. These actions are war crimes. The IDF will continue to defend its citizens from such terrorist activity.

New map confirms: the Shuja’iya neighborhood is a terrorist stronghold where Hamas uses residents as human shields.

New map confirms: the Shuja’iya neighborhood is a terrorist stronghold where Hamas uses residents as human shields.

THIRD Rocket Arsenal Found At UN School In Gaza


The United Nations Relief & Works Agency For Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) announced Tuesday that another rocket stockpile has been found at one of its schools in Gaza. This instance marks the third time since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge that a weapons arsenal has been found at an UNRWA school in Gaza.

UNRWA has yet to place blame on any individuals or organizations for placing the weapons stockpile within a children’s school. The UN body refused to do so on the past two previous occasions as well.

The UN body, after both previous findings, has handed the rockets it had found back into the possession of “the local police,” otherwise known as the terrorist group Hamas.

This week, UNRWA supplies and building materials had been found in Hamas’s tunnel infrastructure, which has been used to smuggle weapons and carry out attacks on the State of Israel.


The UN agency has a well-documented history of using their US taxpayer-funded facilities to promote anti-Israel and anti-Semitic propaganda. It has in the past been accused of aiding and abetting radical Islamists in Gaza and elsewhere.

UNRWA was created in 1949 to provide relief and public works programs for displaced Arab refugees that had formerly inhabited the British mandate of Palestine. UNRWA is currently the largest agency-subdivision of the entire UN, employing over 30,000 staff. UNRWA has objectively failed in its primary goal of finding homes for those it has deemed “refugees”. From 1949 to present day, refugees recognized by UNRWA has grown from 750,000 to 5,000,000 people.

NDTV exclusive – how Hamas assembles and fires rockets

Published on 05August2014
Minutes before the 72-hour ceasefire began, this rocket was fired from deep within a civilian zone.
Watch more videos:

They waited until they left Gaza to air the report.

This report is being aired on NDTV and published on after our team left the Gaza strip – Hamas has not taken very kindly to any reporting of its rockets being fired. But just as we reported the devastating consequences of Israel’s offensive on Gaza’s civilians, it is equally important to report on how Hamas places those very civilians at risk by firing rockets deep from the heart of civilian zones.

A France 24 TV journalist – who famously ducked for cover during a live interview when a Hamas rocket was fired right next to him – has also gone on the record to report how the rocket which caught him off guard was launched in a crowded civilian area and right in front of a UN building.

Exclusive: Hamas rocket launch pad revealed near Gaza homes

Published on 05August2014
FRANCE 24 has exclusive footage of a Hamas rocket launching pad that appears to prove the militant group has been firing from areas heavily populated with civilians.

The occurrence proves Israel’s contention that Hamas fires rockets from among civilians, using them as human shields and manipulating any civilian casualties that are thus incurred, in order to make Israel look bad.

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