Israeli Elections or Lord of the Rings

Israeli Elections or Lord of the Rings

Frodo says to the other ‘halflings’, “We are going to have to find a way to defeat our enemies.”

Bibi-strider thinks to himself, “I can see I will have to be a real Politician in order to collate with everyone, oye.” “We must go to Rivendale to meet with all the parties.”

Pippin, “A party?  Oh boy.

Frodo, “Very well, however we were suppose to meet with Gandalf.”

Pippin, “I voted for Gandalf.”

Merry, “I think we all did.”  looks at Bibi-strider, “I guess he’s all we got.”

Frodo, “He’s not here and we have to get away from the Evil Orabs and Black Volvos!”

Pippin, “I’m having a cupa coffee.”

Evil Orab, “Ha ha ha.”

Evil Witch, “You must join me and we can defeat the good guys and take over the Middle Erst!”

Wizzard of Orc thinks to himself, “Then I can kill you….afterward,it might work.”

Evil Witch contemplates, “What idiots….Oh what I have to do to keep my Volvo.”
Wizzard of Orc, “A coalition with the Evil Witch.”

Evil Orab thinks, “Kill…Kill…Kill.”

The Halflings arrive at Rivendale with Bibi-strider.

They are at the Elf King and Queen’s throne.

Elrond says to his wife, “Before we ask them to collate, I must ask my wife’s advise.”

Queen says, “You are most wise, Dear.”


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Elrond speaks to the Fellowship of the Knesset, “Alright…We must all have the wisdom to agree – we must stick together.”

Princess Arwen, “We need to have at least one woman.”

Frodo, “I voted for Gandalf.”

Legalos, “Why do the halflings have more votes than the rest of us?”

Gimili, “As long as we keep away from the Evil Witch I’m in.”

Elrond asks Frodo, “Frodo, did you vote?”

Frodo answers, “I voted for Gandalf.”

Bibi-strider says, “Borofoot represents the middle class and stands

for nothing.” Borofoot scowls at Bibi-strider.

Elrond then says, “Commentators said that it is strange that Americans are getting into the Fellowship like in the days of old, Gold Meiral of Lothloran.”

He continues, “Bibi, It’s going to be a very difficult thing – putting all our chips in with the new guy that stands for nothing. We may end with no right wing and no left wing.”

Bibi, “In order to fly, a bird must have 2 wings.”

Elrond, “That’s true, but stupid.”

Bibi, “That’s politics.”

Everyone shouts, “Gandalf!”

Gandalf the great white wizard appears with his stalf.

Frodo comes up to him and says, “Gandalf, I have to destroy the Yazer Hara.”

Gandalf replys, “Yes, Frodo….and please do me a favor, and switch to a different kippa, you’re Frodo and not Beanie.”

Gandalf continues, “Now Bibi, your biggest challenge ever will be before you. Creating a United Israel.”

Bibi has finger at the corner of his mouth.

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