The Ham from ZOT: Let Us not forget who we are.

The Ham From Zot: Let us not forget who we are, page 1Aliens petting Monkey
M.E.O.W. Headquarters; Two cats and the Captain, Cat 1: “Those 2 ZOT agents and one migrating bird have escaped our holding cells Captain?”
Captain: “Yes Sir… Apparently they cut through the bars.”
Cat 2 to Cat 1: “Alka-Seltzer or Tums?”
At ZOT Headquarters:
Agent 30 (Miss. Sweetums):”2 is waiting for you.”
Agent 2 (the Boss): “Well, you two managed to escape… Come, sit down.”
The Ham From Zot: Let us not forget who we, are page 2Page 2
At 2’s Office Conference Table, Agent 2: ” 8 and 87 Tell me…” “Did you retrieve any photographs or maps,. Pick up any devices we can utilize?”
Agent 87: “We procured a migration bird who didn’t have a driver’s license.”
Agent 2: “Sigh”
Agent 8 “It might have been a more successful operation if we’d had invisibility cloaks on.”
Agent 2: “Boy, you’re making about as much sense as the current President of the United States!”
Agent 8 “Let’s not get insulting sir.”
Agent 2: “Did they take your Tricorder 8?”
Agent 8: “No Sir… got in my pouch.” As he reaches into his mouth to put out the Tricorder
Agent 2: “Let us not forget who and what we are.”
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