Rav Lazer Brody-Dedicated Troubles-20August2014

What can possibly be good about tribulations?

Plenty. We can dedicate them as a gift to our loved ones, or to someone in need.

Do you know that your tribulations can save the lives of your loved ones? Do you know that by accepting your tribulations with love, you spare yourself of troubles that could virtually be 5,000 worse? What would you say if a representative angel from the Heavenly Court appeared to you and informed you that your acceptance of your troubles with emuna saved the lives of dozens of Israeli soldiers? Now, unfathomable rewards await you…

Sound incredible? It’s right out of the Gemara. What ever you do, don’t miss today’s emuna shiur and live broadcast entitled, “Dedicated Troubles.”
– See more at: http://lazerbrody.typepad.com/lazer_beams/#sthash.lqNM0mhZ.dpuf

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