Rav Nasan Maimon-Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom-76-77-08September2015

The understanding of the teachings of Rabbi Nachman’s Sichos HaRan (in English-Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom by Aryeh Kaplan ISBN-13: 978-0930213015)
This work is a translation of “Shevachay HaRan” and “Sichos HaRan,” a combined work that was first published several years after Rabbi Nachman’s passing. It contains his most often quoted teachings, its subjects ranging from simple everyday advice to the most esoteric Kabbalistic mysteries. It is where the Rebbe presents a way of life that has both depth and meaning.

The Aryeh Kaplan translation of a Breslov classic by Reb Nosson (Nathan) of Breslov. Reb Nosson was the chief disciple and official scribe of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. As such, he sought to compile his Rebbe’s teachings for future generations. Reb Nosson writes in his introduction to this volume: “I have therefore recorded a small portion of his saintly ways, from his earliest perception until his departure from this world in peace. I myself heard some of the accounts from the Rebbe’s holy lips. Others were gleaned from those who knew him during his lifetime. Much of what is written here was seen with my own eyes.”
“Rabbi Nachman’s Wisdom” contains first-hand anecdotes from the life of Rabbi Nachman, an account of his pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and a selection of lessons that he gave to his disciples. Many well-known Breslov sayings are found in this book, such as: “Every man [person] can attain the highest level. It depends on nothing but your own free choice…for everything depends on a multitude of deeds” (p.29) and “Worldly pleasures are like sunbeams in a dark room. They may actually seem solid, but one who tries to grasp a sunbeam finds nothing in his hand.” (p. 112). This is also the source for the list of Ten Psalms that are recited for “Rebbe Nachman’s Remedy.” In short, this book is a goldmine of wisdom and a must-have for anyone interested in Breslov teachings.

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