Rav Yishai Tokayer-Kashrut-Check for Bugs-13January 2014

It’s time for Tu B’Shevat

Tu B’Shvat, the Jewish New Year for trees, is this coming Thursday, January 16, 2014.

From: Rav  Lazer Brody Why in the world does Judaism require a New Year for trees?

Here’s a better question: The nations of the world, in protesting our right to the Land of Israel, claim that all the other religions are fine with living in a variety of countries, so why must the Jews have their own land?

Many Jews don’t know the answer to this seemingly-probing question. Yet, the answer is surprisingly simple. It also explains why we have a special New Year for trees, when it’s a special mitzva to plant trees all over the Land of Israel.

From:Ask OU Kosher
Q: Are there any kashrut concerns with plain vegetables?

A: Yes. Different varieties of certain fresh or frozen vegetables could potentially contain insects, which are considered not kosher and prohibited. Vegetables that have this concern must be checked before they are prepared or consumed, to ensure that there aren’t any insects hiding in cracks, crevices, or grooves of the vegetable. Moreover, canned vegetables could potentially be cooked in equipment that also processes genuinely non-kosher products, such as pork and beans. Vegetables that are from Israel are also subject to additional requirements of mitzvos hateluyos be’aretz.

Below are links to PFD files from the various rabbonim and institutions with their instructions as to what fruits require inspection and how this is done
From Jerusalem Kosher News:Tu B’Shevat & How and What to Check

R Vaye Tu B’Shevat 5774Tu-b'Shevat-Seven-Species

R Landau 15 Shevat 5774

Kosarot Tu B’SHevat5774

Eida Tu B’Shevat

המכון מצוות התלויות בארץ טו בשבט

ר וייא טו בשבט תשעד

המכון תורה והארץ טו בשבט

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