Ruven Levy-Reb Yitchok Breiter 20June2013

Rabbi Yitzchak Breiter
(1886 – 1943) Reb Yitzchak was born in Poland seventy-six years after Rebbe Nachman’s passing, and he grew up without ever having heard of Breslover Chassidut. One day, while studying in Rabbi Tzadok’s Yeshiva in Lublin, he came across a copy of the Likutey Moharan. He became engrossed in Lesson #64 of volume I, which opened entirely new worlds of thought and faith in the Torah for him. Hiding the book so he could easily find it the next day, he was disappointed when he returned to discover that it had disappeared.
A few weeks later, Reb Yitzchak came across Parparaot LeChokmah, the Tcheriner Rav’s commentary on Likutey Moharan. He used the information it contained to make contact with the Breslover Chassidim in Russia, and by the following Rosh Hashana, he made his first trip to Uman. After that, Reb Yitzchak became instrumental in spreading the teachings of  Breslover Chassidut throughout Poland, so that by the beginning of the Second World War, Breslover Chassidim in Poland numbered several thousand. In 1917, when the border between Soviet Russia and Poland was closed after the Bolshevik Revolution, he established the kibutz for Rosh Hashana in Lublin. Reb Yitzchak was a recognized elder in the Warsaw Ghetto until he was sent in one of the transports to Treblinka, where he was murdered at the hands of the Nazis.
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