Purim 5774-5775


    After you have:

  • Given Tzedakah צדקה‎ (Charity to the poor),
  • Listened to the Megillah reading Twice-Night and Morning,
  • Given the equivalent monetary amount of a silver 1/2 Shekel,
  • Given food to the Poor and given Mishloach manot משלוח מנות‎ Purim baskets delivered to at lest two people.
  • Then had your Purim Sudah in the Afternoon unless it is on Friday in which you should have it around Noon.
  • Then you can have so fun:

Chaya Malka Burn Foundation

Prevention and Recovery

Purim Burn Prevention Post

P U R I M   CAPS   for  Cap  Guns  ARE  E X P L O S I V E!

February 20, 2013 by Chaya Malka

 P U R I M CAPS for Cap Guns ARE E X P L O S I V E!Its not just big bangers and fire-crackers that  are dangerous. Regular caps can endanger life. Let’s learn from one families serious injury, “Our son was terribly burnt and injured on Purim from caps that exploded in his pants’ pockets with a massive BOOM. It was a miracle that the pants didn’t carry on burning. The manufactures of these caps know they’re EXPLOSIVES! The tiny “how to use” warning on the package, is barely legible and needs magnification to read. The caps rub together creating friction. Touching them heats them further. So the manufacturers write not to put them in a pocket – do they really think kids will keep them somewhere else!? They say “Don’t touch the caps, keep them in their packaging”- so how do they get into the cap-gun? They say “only to be used with adult supervision”  – as if an adult could prevent the injury! In fact I was sitting next to my son at the time of the EXPLOSION!”

 My son’s entire right arm and both legs had to be bandaged for months. Looked very unpleasant… What about under the bandaging? Hand burns can leave scars that seriously limit hand and finger movement and require lengthy physiotherapy treatment. My son’s leg wounds were very serious especially on points where the inflammable material exploded directly into them, causing terribly painful deep cuts and loss of skin.(see photos in sidebar).

Treating burns requires daily washing to prevent infection and regular bandage changing. The treatment required spreading special creams on the burn- which is extremely painful.  The effected skin had to be peeled off to allow new tissue to grow. The pain following the explosion was indescribable and the suffering continued for weeks. Recovery from burns is a long, slow, painful process.

Today’s caps are made all over the world from cheap materials to save the manufacturers’ money. They are cheap and deadly! Baruch Hashem our son recovered but every year the hospitals are inundated with kids suffering injuries from the caps, such as serious burns, lost fingers and horrific facial injuries…Don’t allow any EXPLOSIVE “toys” in the house! Explain to your children their dangers – they shouldn’t touch them or go near them.

Do everything you can to motivate your kids NOT to use caps. Caps can cause years of suffering, pain, and misery. Tell the teachers at schools to warn students. Tell your friends! Please spread the word however you can! Caps are EXPLOSIVES !!

How crazy can America get?

Protect Jewish Girls on Purim

Jewish women and girls are not allowed to drink on Purim


Preventing exploitation of Jewish Girls in Israel through intervention and Empowerment

From Arutz Sheva Israel National News.com: The Jewish holiday of Purim will take place next week, amid typically boisterous celebrations. But one group is warning that young Jewish girls face a serious danger on the day of drinking and celebrating the Jewish people’s rescue from destruction in ancient Persia.

Patty Kupfer, Director of Learn and Live, a group focused on saving Jewish girls from abusive relationships, notes one particularly drunk 17-year-old girl last Purim was nearly “helped” by two Arab men into their car.

“We intervened and took her to our ‘safe tent’ where female staff look after girls and let them sleep off the liquor till the morning. We save girls like this every year,” reported Kupfer.

Kupfer notes that particularly in downtown Jerusalem, 15- to 18-year-old girls tend to take too far the religious imperative to drink and revel in the salvation back in the days of Queen Esther, becoming inebriated and unwittingly putting themselves in danger of being taken advantage of. Exploitation of

Jewish girls — not just for Purim

Knesset figures state that last year over 700 young Jewish girls were lured into relationships with Arab men, only to be confronted by abuse. Reportedly over a thousand calls from girls trapped in Arab villages are fielded by Israeli hotlines every year, with many others unable to call.

The group notes that Muslim legal authority Sheik Abu Humam Al-Athari announced in 2011 that Islamic law encourages Arab men to capture “infidel” (Jewish and Christian) women. Since the ruling, Learn and Live reports the number of Jewish girls who have “gone missing” more than doubled.

“This is a silent war and our daughters on are on the front line,” warns Kupfer. “Vulnerability and low self-esteem, combined with the Sharia law, has led to this disastrous state of affairs for the girls and for the Jewish people.”


Preventing exploitation of Jewish Girls in Israel through intervention and Empowerment http://www.learnandlive.org.il/

Preventing exploitation of Jewish Girls in Israel through intervention and Empowerment


Prayer for Preparation for drinking wine on Purim

Prayer Before Drinking Wine on Purim

Prayer Before Drinking Wine on Purim

Click to download PDF filePreparation for drinking wine on Purim English     RAV ELIEZER BERLAND’S PRAYER FOR PURIM

Prayer Before Drinking Wine on Purim

Prayer Before Drinking Wine on Purim

Click to download PDF filePreparation for drinking wine on Purim-HebrewWeekly Message of Rav Shalom Arush Click to download PDF fileTetzaveh – Zachor 5775  translated from the Chut Shel Chesed Parsha Sheet
Preparation for Purim

Purim Cartoons

'Remember, it's only a costume'

‘Remember, it’s only a costume’

Elder of Ziyon logo http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/

How crazy can America get?

J-street speaker says Israel should be destroyed – to applause

From Elder of Zion 27March2015 http://elderofziyon.blogspot.co.il/2015/03/j-street-speaker-calls-for-destruction.html#.VRozQ837tC0

My test for whether people are really "pro-Israel" stands, and J-Street has flunked.

My test for whether people are really “pro-Israel” stands, and J-Street has flunked.

Here is Marcia Freedman, in a J-Street panel discussion on Liberal Zionism and sitting next to Peter Beinart, describing how she believes that the Jewish people should not have a state, and that instead they should live as a minority in an Arab Palestine as a “protected minority” – in other words, as dhimmis. I kept all the context

The moderator didn’t challenge her, and as far as I could tell neither did any other panelists.

Worse than that is that despite its avowed purpose, the organization cannot and does not defend Israel’s existence against its critics – instead, it gives its critics a platform where they can spout their hate unopposed.

This is not exactly pro-Israel, or pro-peace.

UPDATE: Freedman’s opinions are not anathema to J-Street, despite that organization’s press releases. She is a member of their advisory council!


Dry Bones: Israel at 30 (1978)

Note that there are two images of Israel. The more “Westernised” business-suited version of herself (at 30) and her remembering her early “oriental” look.
Also notice the take on Jimmy “one term” Carter, and the fact that we were both excited and nervous about how things were proceeding with Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt.
At the bottom of the page Doobie the Dog adds his earthy and cynical comment in his own strip.


A Message From The Kalever Rebbe For Purim 5775 – What’s The Solution For The Iranian-Persian Threat?

3March2015 http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/288622/a-message-from-the-kalever-rebbe-for-purim-5775—whats-the-solution-for-the-iranian-persian-threat-.html
kaliv (6)Horrific acts of anti-Semitism have recently spiked in Israel, Europe, and even in the United States of America. Jews in Paris, London, Buenos Aires, New York and alas, even in Jerusalem, are feeling increasingly insecure in the face of actual and threatened violence.

We still reel from the dreadful, fatal attacks carried out against our holy brethren in a Har Nof synagogue and a Paris kosher shop within the last few months. And, of course, the ever more strident expressions of intent from religious and political leaders in Iran to “wipe Israel off the face of the map” combined with their inexorable march toward nuclear capabilities, makes Jews the world over shudder with grave fear.

All of which painfully begs the obvious question: what factors lie at the root of this increased anti-Semitism and, more importantly, what can we Jews do to constructively combat this mushrooming scourge that threatens our very existence?
Ads By Artscroll: Click Here!

As we approach Purim, we find, amazingly, that the dangers we face today uncannily mirror those of antiquity, and the lessons of the Purim narrative and the miraculous salvation delivered “in those days, during this season,” provide much instruction for us to integrate and practice in our time as well. Particularly, the specific Mitzvos instituted and recorded by Mordechai and Esther in the Megillah to commemorate and celebrate Purim hold the key to ameliorating the anti-Semitism confronting us.

The events of Purim, which transpired some 2,500 years ago, were centered in ancient Persia, the site of modern day Iran. The evil Viceroy Haman conspired with King Achashveirosh to commit genocide on all Jews living within the Persian Empire, comprising 127 provinces, most of the known world at that time. What triggered that terrible decree? What had the Jews done to deserve total annihilation at that time?

In fact, this very question was posed by the Rabbis of the Talmud (Megillah 12a). One of the answers given is that the Jews of that generation were guilty of having participated in, and having derived pleasure from, the grand royal party thrown by Acahashverosh to celebrate his enduring rule over his vast empire. In partaking of this extravagant bacchanalia, the Jews had betrayed their heritage, history and, most grievously, the teachings of Hashem’s most precious gift to them, Torah and Mitzvos.

Celebrating Achashveirosh’s sovereignty and enjoying his largesse reflected their desire to get close to the King and gain acceptance in secular society. This diminished Jewish loyalty and fealty to Hashem, the King of Kings, and represented a denial of the recognition that all of our needs are provided for by Him alone and not some pagan King of flesh and blood.

Furthermore, the Talmud relates that Achashveirosh utilized the vessels of the plundered Bais HaMikdash (Holy Temple) to serve his guests at the party. In addition to profaning the holy vessels through immoral usage, reveling in such a party the demonstrated that the Jews no longer held out hope, or worse, had no desire for the Temple’s eventual reconstruction!

Additionally, by lustfully imbibing the feast’s delicacies and satiating their basest desires, the Jews fostered a sense of self-absorption that inevitably eroded their concern for the needs of their fellow man and dulled their Jewish sensitivity to the plight of the poor and less fortunate amongst them.

Valiantly, fighting against this ruinous trend stood one man, Mordechai the Jew, who remained steadfast in his belief and commitment to Torah true Judaism. He strongly admonished the Jews not to join the feast and to resist the temptations of assimilation into Persian society. Alas, they did not heed his call.

Against this regrettable backdrop, Haman came to power and instituted his terrible decree of wiping out the entire Jewish nation. This was anti-Semitism in the extreme, but it came about as a reaction to weakening Jewish practice and faith. In fact, the Al-mighty is insuring that the Jewish identity should forever be maintained. Whenever Jews abandoned their heritage and drew too close to their gentile neighbors, a swift, severe backlash always followed. Ironically, the very anti-Semitism which threatens to destroy the Jews, ultimately preserves them. For without this reaction, the surging tides of assimilation and abandonment of faith would wipe out any trace of Jewish identity, God forbid.

Anti-Semitism always forces us to confront our Jewish identity, to band together and re-commit ourselves to the path our forefathers and sages set out for us in an unbroken chain leading back to Har Sinai whence we first received the Torah. When we repent and mend our ways, the salvation comes. This is precisely what happened in the story of Purim when Queen Esther instructed Mordechai, “Lech Knos es Kol Hayehudim HaNimtzaim B’Shushan, V’Tzumu Alai, – Go and gather all of the Jews of Shushan and fast for me.”

With that one instruction, Esther sought to rectify all of the ills that had infiltrated into Jewish life. In place of disunity, gather together; in place of gluttonous royal feasts focused on King Achashveirosh, fast and focus your prayers toward the Almighty above; and in place of thinking about yourselves and disregarding others, pray for me, pray for your fellow Jew.

Hashem accepted the Teshuva of the Jews at that time and orchestrated events to provide for their salvation. In its aftermath, Mordechai, Esther and the Sages of the day instituted four special Mitzvos to commemorate the salvation and reinforce its lessons. The Mitzvos and lessons are:

1. Reading the Megillah – The most critical element in reclaiming and strengthening Jewish practice is the study of Torah. We read the Megillah as a remembrance of the story, as a way of praising Hashem for His salvation, and as a form of Torah study to reinforce this crucial lesson.

2. Seudas Purim – We eat a lavish meal, but dedicate it to acknowledgement of Hashem as our absolute ruler and the One who provides for all of our material needs. We enjoy the meal in the company of spouse and family demonstrating that we are happy with our God given lot in life and have no desire for what others have.

3. Mishloach Manos – sending portions of food to one’s friend.” This fosters a spirit of brotherhood, love and unity, the foundation stones of both Jewish compassion and strength.

4. Matanos l’evyonim – “gifts to the poor.” We do not become arrogant with our material wealth. Rather we acknowledge it as a gift from Hashem and recognize our responsibility to act as Hashem’s messengers in providing for the welfare of those in need of assistance.

These Mitzvos and the lessons they instill were the key to battling anti-Semitism in days of old and remain equally relevant in battling the scourge of anti-Semitism we face today. We must learn from the narrative of Purim that whenever the Jewish people try to emulate the gentile nations through assimilation and intermarriage, there will be a backlash. Far from endearing ourselves to the nations of the world, we will only arouse their ire.

Thus, the nations remind Jews everywhere that a Jew is not a German, a Frenchman, an Englishman or an American. Moreover, a Jew is not an “Israeli” a term which applies equally to Jews, Arabs and other non-Jewish citizens of the State of Israel. A Jew is simply a Jew, a servant of God. When we live our lives in accordance with God’s will, keeping the Mitzvos and living as a priestly and holy nation, only then can we earn the respect of the nations and only then will anti-Semitism abate.

This Purim season, as we contemplate the dangers arrayed against us, and many people greatly fear the possibility that the Iranian government might get the final approval on a deal, which according to some experts may result in assisting them to reach their horrific goal, let us all recommit to the path of Torah and Mitzvos. And let us pray that the salvation Hashem brought to the Jews of ancient Persia will be delivered to us as well, in the merit of our serving Hashem in fullness of heart and spirit.

Wishing you and your families a joyous and spiritually uplifting Purim!

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)
– See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/288622/a-message-from-the-kalever-rebbe-for-purim-5775—whats-the-solution-for-the-iranian-persian-threat-.html#sthash.paTVopaO.a5Fj3Y06.dpuf

israelmatzav blogspot-com ogo

Israel denies Islamic Jihad cease fire claim, continues to pound empty buildings

March 13, 2014 http://israelmatzav.blogspot.com/2014/03/israel-denies-islamic-jihad-cease-fire.html
Hakim fires rockets at Israel

Israel is denying claims by Islamic Jihad that a ‘cease fire’ has been reached, and is continuing to pound empty buildings in Gaza.

The Air Force hit several terror targets in Gaza on Thursday afternoon, following a wave of rocket attacks on southern Israel on Thursday morning. Israel denied Gaza terrorists’ claims that a ceasefire had been successfully negotiated.

IAF commanders reported that all warplanes involved had returned safely to their bases.

At the same time that the IAF announced it had carried out further strikes, Islamic Jihad declared a ceasefire. A spokesman for the terrorist group told AFP, “An Egyptian-brokered truce went into effect at 2 p.m.”

However, Israel denied this claim. Israeli sources said only that “quiet will be answered with quiet.”

‘Terror targets’ means the buildings and bases which the terrorists use, which are abandoned by the time the IAF shows up (unless they catch someone firing, which does happen from time to time). It’s only civilians that the terrorists leave behind when they expect an attack.

I hope that the IAF at least got this contraption:

Islamic Jihad's 12-rocket launcher

It’s Islamic Jihad’s new 12-rocket launcher.

Imagine if they spent all that money on roads and sewers instead. They might even have a state….


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