Response to Glenn Beck – Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011

Glenn Beck came to visit in Jerusalem and I wanted to see him, even if it was from far off I just had to go to the Kotel that day. I spoke with some spectators standing around watching, the ones that spoke English liked him in the crowds and one lady that only spoke Hebrew thought he was trying to convert people but I tried to explain he was Israel’s friend and loves Israel. I noticed afterwards a few miserable wimps outside the wall kvetching and the news said they were a protest…if that’s a protest then they ought to display 4 skinny cats on a wall as a Hallelukah chorus tabernacle choir.
Handel – Messiah – Hallelujah Chorus
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One of the Hallelukah chorus tabernacle choir
Glenn Beck: Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011
Glenn Beck: Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011
The Media zoo with Satellite Dishes and all
Glenn Beck: Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011- Media Zoo
The Cameras
Glenn Beck; Restoring Courage – Jerusalem 2011, Camera
And Tight Security given the Hamas
Glenn Beck: Outside the Old City Walls
Email to friends:
We went to the Kotel (Western Wall) yesterday 8-24-2011
Hi all,
They had some kind of dancing in the Men’s section (Western wall) yesterday late afternoon there, also all these police vans were parked inside, an ambulance, lots of camera and video, satellite equipment by the sides of the road outside the walls and buses and lots of people all over the place. And the Glenn Beck gathering was there and I think the tickets were very expensive if you wanted to attend…some were gathered in the center of town as well I heard, but one kitten managed to sneak in for nothing….I kept looking around afraid to see any Arabs. Lots of curious people looking over from the entrance walls to see the back side of the Glenn Beck extravaganza. Mostly the people that hardly speak English seem to be wary of what he was doing there but I think he’s Israel’s friend. And I heard some good music. They also had a swearing in ceremony near the wall for the soldiers. Lots going on, it was exciting. take care,
SuzanneHi Suzanne,
This is the kind of news that is good and very exciting to hear. Glenn Beck is an Israel supporter and friend. He has made some good speeches calling for people to be courageous and support Israel on college campuses. I’m glad that he is there and it is good for Israel and the Jewish people. Not like Obama, who is for the Arab people. Obama told Israel to go back to the 1967 boarders.
Love, CarolSuzanne,
Good hearing from you the only way that, you could’ve gotten in. Was if you had purchased the ticket in advance. I went to Safra Square last night it was simply, amazing watching it on big screen. You felt like you were their listening to Dode Fisher he has such a forceful singing voice, the whole evening. Was extremely moving to have someone like Glenn Beck come and risk, his life. Not to mention the people who came with him from his staff and the people, from all over. The world to say that they Stand with Israel was an extremely, emotional evening for me. From the music to the showing of the segment about the Fogil family which, was heart wrenching. To Glenn’s powerful words and heartfelt message that the Bible, says. You will be blessed if you Stand with Israel or be cursed if you do not. Guess America has to make up it’s mind which side, it’s on. But to know that we have friends like him and all the people, who traveled. At their own expense to be here and the people, watching from all over was. Just a great evening. Like he said we have G-d on our side! Take care all of you! I still believe and have hopes that maybe, somehow one of these days. That we’re all be able to get together. Have a Good Shabbat. Shalom

I adore him.

Glenn Beck
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