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Will Grandma Make It To The Safe Room In 15 Seconds?

09July2014 Israel’s Foreign Affairs Min. Imagine that you are just trying to live your life. However, terrorists constantly fire rockets at your hometown. Now imagine that you are in your kitchen cooking dinner. When the siren goes off, you only have 15 seconds to get to the shelter. Even if the shelter is in the […]

Tzeva Adom – Jerusalem 2014-צבע אדום – ירושלים תשע״ד

What Do I Do When I Hear a Siren or A “Red Alert” (“Tzeva Adom”)? Instructions on how to behave when the alert siren is heard: When the alert siren or an explosio nare heard, it is necessary to complete the process of protection, depending on the time available to you and to act according […]