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Bibi VS E.U. Borg

Star Trek: Original Series Intro Click to PlayStar Trek: The Next Generation Intro Click to Play Click to Enlarge Bibi VS E.U. Borg Page 1 Music playing old Star Trek theme. Bibi says, “Earl Grey tea, hot.” Frodo answers, “I thought that was Capt. Picard’s line, Sir.” “Space shows are In Frodo, the LotR is […]

Problems to face when making Aliyah

YOM HASHOAH יום שואה תשע״ג

Israeli Cat חתול ישראלי Dima Lenderman The home page of Yad Vashem The home page of shuva.net because it is happening again It is time to come home: Nefesh B’Nefesh – Aliyah: Live the dream