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Cats at the Old City

Our family was at the Old City on Tuesday and Sugar took the photos.

Real Life Hamster Dance

An now for something completely different!   Real Life Hamster Dance Real Life Hamster Dance From: DeathKillFilms | December 10, 2010 Obligatory remix of adamcoastercrazy’s real life dancing hamster, Katie. original video found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roXjPLXOP9A Your Tax Money at work. He had a little to much to drink at the office party.  

Star Trek: Where no cat has gone before

<< Star Trek: Where no cat has gone before A group of Cats are on a Trash Dumpster. Trash or Garbage Dumpsters in Israel look like green boats or ships. Near sunset a man puts a black swivel office arm chair in the front part of the trash dumpster. The man walks away. At sunset […]

Buy locally and save.

A Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Men are studying. Somewhere in the world (China) a Siamese cat is taking an internet order: “You wish to purchase this product code # 389 269 5452 9 89… Tracking # 566 8666… And that will be $100 for extra shipping costs, insurance fees…. Taxes and currency exchange costs.” A Plane […]