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A response to the EU Boycott of Yesha Israel

  IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism EU Recommends Boycott Against Israelis in Yesha EU court mandates labeling of Israeli ‘settlement’ products Margaret Thatcher’s Amazing Prophecy On The EU The Arab League Boycott and WTO Accession: Can Foreign Policy Excuse Discriminatory Sanctions? EU and UNHCR Blacklisting effects on Arabs The European Union Labels Itself Biased European […]

Remembering Jonathan Pollard on His 59th Birthday

UPDATE: Jonathan Pollard lands in Israel 30December2020 Jonathan Pollard freed From TOMER DEVORAH: Remembering Jonathan Pollard on His 59th Birthday 8 Menachem Av 5773 We were born in the same year, only 35 miles apart – the distance between Houston and Galveston. But, what worlds we’ve traveled since then. For my fellow Texan, my fellow […]