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Learn Hebrew in 10 Day at Ulpan.


The Ham from ZOT: What’s wrong Mom?

Mother to her daughter Spice: “Ever since we’ve moved I have lost my identity, I’m suffering from memory loss… I’m in a downturn.” “When I was young I’d be able to pet my cat… but I’m so allergic to them and we’re not allowed a cat or dog here.” Agent 71(Mr. Whiskers Hamster): “Suddenly I […]

Ulpan: The sign said: “Learn Hebrew in 10 Days.”

Mr. and Mrs. Whiskers are in the Hallway at Ulpan. Mrs. Whiskers is very mad. The sign said; “Learn Hebrew in 10 Days.” Mrs. Whiskers: “Here we are going to Ulpan and I’m the stupidest person in class… and a sign says learn Hebrew in 10 days.” Mr. Whiskers: “One day at a time. Yesterday […]

Ulpan; Hebrew the easy way!

Ulpan Teacher: “Yammer,yammer, Le ech bo” Mr. Whiskers: “What did she say?” Mrs. Whiskers: “I’m not sure.” Mr. Whiskers: “Write it all down. I can’t see the backboard.” Mrs. Whiskers: “I have the tape recorder going, you can listen at home.” Ulpan Teacher: “Blah blah blah yammer Yammer Lee le ech cha cha cha?” “Mr. […]