The Bird Cage Liner Gazette – Chem Trails

The Bird Cage Liner GazetteThe Bird Cage Liner Gazette – Chem Trails
Southern California may succeed from North California… It’s the War of Southern Aggression that’s upon America–
The end of California as we know it?
Is this a premier for “Mexifornia”?
Will their new flag have an eagle holding a Black Bear in its very talons?Chem Trails pollute our air. (Picture of a jet flying overhead releasing chem trails)
Fibers, fungus, Air death clouds are being dispersed in our sky throughout America while the government and media moguls play golf… This has a reminiscence of Marie Antoinette. “Ze people have no air? So, let them die and remove the surplus population!” Who will come and save our Air and Water supplies before it’s too late?Where have all the Real Reporters gone?
The media doesn’t report the news anymore — The media has become propaganda — Twisted messages to tranquilize the people worldwide. Go on alternative web sites to actually get the news and read between the lines for the Truth.

Cold Fusion: The alternative energy resource originally discovered 22 years ago and was discredited by the Mafia Sacred Cows has reemerged with provable results. We must ask ourselves why would this great discovery be ignored when it could solve the world’s energy needs. Why indeed?

Giant four legged chicken — The new natural Vehicle — fertilize the earth while flying to work.

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Weather Modification History

Weather Modification

Aerospace Engineers as Whistleblowers Verify Global Geoengineering Operation with Chemtrails

Government admits Geoengineering and chemtrails

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