The Ham From Zot: Mr. Cheaps

James Bond 007 Movie Theme Music 


The Ham The Ham from Zot Agent 8: “Hold!”Agent 87: “Good Morning 8.”

Agent 8: “Good Morning 87.”

Agent 2: “Morning, I have a new assignment for you both.”

Agent 2: “Please, sit down..we have made an exciting breakthrough with M.E.O.W. And we need you both to investigate further.”

Agent 2: “What we have discovered is a M.E.O.W. Operative we think is working at a store called, Mr. Cheaps Market by the Honey booth on Agripa Street. Your job is to observe and report daily activities.”

Agent 2: “I don’t have to tell you how important this is…any questions?”

Agent 8: “Ah the market…do you see anything feline?”

Agent 87: “Look!”

Agent 8: “I see it.”

page 2Agent 8: “I wonder if it’s a secret door or entrance? My tricorder doesn’t register anything beyond this.”Agent 87: “Oh, look out.”

Beauregard : Speaking with a strong Panhandle Texas accent, Beauregard offers, “May I help yoooouuuuuwww?”

Agent 8: His eyes pop,“Ah, yes just admiring your store….do you have any organic tahina?”

Beauregard : “Why yes sir, of couwwrse…this is our finest, grade A in 2 sizes.”

Agent 8: “Perhaps the smaller size.”

Agent 87: “I think we’re being watched, I got some good pictures, let’s go.”

Agent 8: “Do you think it was an entrance?”

Agent 87: “We could come back and observe, day and night, I’ll call H.Q.”

Beauregard: “Shalom yaaalll, yes this is Beauregard heeeere, I believe 2 Zot agents were in the stowwre.”

M.E.O.W. Operative Sapphire: “Yes…..thank you Beauregard, I believe they are agent 8 and 87 from Zot….seen them before…keep a watch out, they could prove dangerous, over and meowt.”

M.E.O.W. Operative Sapphire: “If those hamsters even find an agent or amulet they’ll never understand it all Ruby.

M.E.O.W. Operative Ruby: “They’re industrious yet haven’t the brain capacity. What I’m worried about is that they have discovered one of our terminals…we may have to relocate it…purrrhaps in the lady’s restroom. I don’t wish to have any undue attention drawn to our terminal. We may need to contact the (Outer Edge) for advise.”

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