The Ham from ZOT:The sheep return


The sheep return

Agent 26 is staring out the window at the hills and says to himself, “Oh I say.”

Then, “Meow!”

Mrs. Whiskers hears kitty and opens the window for Keychi and thinks to herself, “Kitty just loves that window,” while Kichi (agent 26) hops out, she flips open her cell phone, “Yes, this is 26, the sheep are back. Right they’re just eating the grass. Response from Z.O.T. Headquarters: “We’ll send a surveillance bird for now, just stay calm, over and out.”

Agent 26, “copy, Roger.”


Page 2

She thinks, “surveillance bird…my @$$.”

She starts to jump all over the room playing with her cat toys and running around the apartment.

Mrs. Whiskers drying the dishes thinks, “The cat’s so crazy, I wonder what brings on her little fits.”

Kichi goes on Skype and talks to Agent 8 (a hamster friend that works at Z.O.T.).

“Hey 8, I want some action, I’m so frustrated, just got out of the gym.”

Agent 8 responds, “Yes 26 I know what you mean, they have me on switchboard duty today, what’s a ham to do?”

 Kichi-in-the-gym Kichi-n-the-window


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