The Ham from ZOT: Hiring

The Hamster from ZOT: HiringAgent 36 and Agent 71 are sitting at ZOT headquarters.
Agent 36: “71, I can’t believe you’re leaving H.Q. after all these years!”
Agent 71: “Living in a cage for 2 years isn’t living.”
Agent 71 looking at her retirement envelop: “I’m going to rent an apartment in Haifa and if I like it, I’ll buy it.”
Agent 2 (The boss): “We’re going to have to find a replacement for Agent 71. All that Mr. Whiskers info is very valuable.”
Agent 36: “You’ll have to find someone who has no life, likes to eavesdrop and gossip.”
Agent 36: “And not only that, how are you going to convince the humans to take on another hamster!”
Agent 124 handing a application to Agent 36: “I’m Agent 124 and I’m applying for the job of cage spy. — I’m fully qualified with a 100% cuteness quotient.”


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