Glenn Beck or Everquest

The Three Weeks for 2011 page 1page 1
Blue Cat and Orange Tabby.
Blue Cat: “If I want to hear the truth it costs money.”
Orange Tabby: “How so?”
Blue Cat: “Regular TV doesn’t host Glenn Beck anymore. He’s switched to his own network which costs $6 a month.”
Orange Tabby: “You’d have to ask yourself if it’s worth the cost.”
Orange Tabby: “It could be like Club Penguin.”
Blue Cat: “No, Club Penguin has a free trial area but you can’t buy the neat stuff.”
Orange Tabby: “So, in other words you think Glenn Beck TV should have free headlines and if you subscribe, you get more, like the New York Times or Dekafiles.”
Blue Cat: “That would be great! I could live with that.”
Blue Cat: “But, He’s now a News Hog.”
Orange Tabby: “Sigh– There are other websites that are free: Steve Quayle, Coast to Coast AM, Whitley Strieber’s Unknown Country, Atlas Shrugs.”
Blue Cat: “Yeah, but Glenn Beck is cool.”
Orange Tabby: “That’s alright, they say he’s coming here to pay us a visit.”
The Three Weeks for 2011 page 2page 2
Siamese Cat walking in.
Orange Tabby: “yeah, he’s coming to visit Israel and he wants to go up to the Temple Mount.”
Siamese Cat: “You folks talking about Glenn Beck?”
Orange Tabby: “Yeah, he’s coming here around the end of August before Rosh Chodesh Elul.”
Blue Cat: ” You think the Arabs are gonna let Glenn Beck go up to the Temple Mount. he’s a Christian… You think Arabs will let him go?”
Siamese Cat: “They don’t let Jews go to their own Temple.”
Orange Tabby: “We go where the Real Temple Area was. You can’t stop the Israeli tours!”
Blue Cat: “There is this thought — Cats freely move throughout the Old City. We go everywhere..”
Orange Tabby: ” Yes, we do.”
Orange Tabby: “Sounds like that highway humans are
building from Canada, to the US, to Mexico to create the New World Order.”
Blue Cat: ” There’s already a highway from Chile to Canada.”
The Three Weeks for 2011 page 3Page 3
Blue Cat: “Rich people like Ted Turner and George Soros are moving to Latin America , New Zealand and are trying to destroy the USA!.”
Orange Tabby: ” We need John Wayne to return.”
Siamese Cat: “When we discuss these things I feel like shutting down.”
Orange Tabby: “Control over the Media such as CNN or Fox News? By one person.”
Blue Cat: “We could discuss how manufactures of jet fuel are intentionally killing off the surplus population using Chem Trails. May I add my asthma has almost gone away since I moved to Jerusalem.”
Freaked Orange Tabby: “Wow!”
Blue Cat: “We could also talk about who is behind all these things… The Billionaire Club, The U.N..”
Freaked Siamese Cat: “yeah.”
Freaked Orange Tabby: “Um!”
Freaked Orange Tabby: “We could all get subscriptions to Everquest and live like the Matrix people.”
Freaked Blue Cat: “That costs more than Glenn Beck or Club Penguin.”
Freaked Blue Cat: “I think I scared myself.”
Orange Tabby: “Ha Ha.”
The Three Weeks for 2011 page 4Page 4
Freaked Siamese Cat: “You scared yourself? You scared me!”
Orange Tabby: “Ha Ha.”
Orange Tabby: “It’s the Three Weeks of Av.”
Orange Tabby: “We could pray.”
Freaked Blue Cat: “Prayer is good.”
Siamese Cat: “Prayer is Pro-active.”
Orange Tabby: “Prayer, fasting and giving Tzedaka (Charity).”
Siamese Cat: “I shall tithe my cat food.”
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