Positive Thinking: Psychology Says

Positive Thinking: Psychology Says
Spot, an Orange Cat: “Hey Ears! It’s me, Spot, How are you, you mainjy flea bitten?”Ears a White Dog: “Spot! you trash trailen troll… I’m fine. How ‘s about it?”
Spot: “Well, you remember that last conversation I had with you… sigh.”
Ears: “Well, let’s see it’s been quite a while.”
Spot: “I’m depressed Ears… Sigh.”
Ears: “You’re still depressed?”
Spot: “Yeah.”
Ears: “I lost my job so I joined a new study group.”
Spot: “I’m still depressed after 6 months. Psychology books say it should resolve itself after 6 months. Ah… you lost your job? Wow… gee… Can I still depend upon you to cheer me up?”
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