Think Positive: Vegetarian Diet

Think positive
Spot, an Orange Cat: “Ears! Hey… What’s new?”
Ears, an White Dog:” Hi Spot… I’m fine and you?”
Spot: “I’m so depressed.”
Ears: “Why?”
Spot: “Actually I’m tired.”
Ears: “So, are you depressed because you’re tired? or Tired of being depressed?”
Spot: “Hum… I’m tired and it makes me depressed and I’m tired of it.”
Ears: “I hear ya now, tell me something positive.”
Spot: “I walked to the health clinic and my doctor was sick… I couldn’t get my meds and I made a new appointment.”
Ears: “I said, Tell me something positive, Spot.”
Spot: “My doctor put me on a pescetarian diet and I think I’ve gained weight and haveanemia and now I’m depressed.”
Ears: “Argh!”
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