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BREAKING INEQUALITY - Why You Will Always Be Poor...

The Story Of Inequality In The US: Past, Present And Future
In this far-reaching documentary, we are first treated to a history lesson from the early 80s to the present day - a story of lust, debt, and largesse; from Reagan deficits to cell phones to day trading to real estate... and then 2008 is explained (as reality started to peek through). The clip projects the next few years - from failed bond auctions to QE9 and social unrest - "but it doesn't have to be this way," the narrator notes. Breaking Inequality is a documentary film about the corruption between Washington and Wall Street that has resulted in the largest inequality gap in the history of America. It is a film that exposes the truth behind the single event that occurred back in the early 70's that set us off on this perilous journey that we are currently on. The inequality gap is presently the worst that it has ever been and there is no solution in place to repair this crippling problem. No country in the history of the world has ever remained a super power without a middle class and the road we are currently traveling doesn't include this all-important segment of the population. The old saying "As goes the middle class... so goes the nation" holds true even more today than ever. We live in a world where governments can create as much money as they want in order to fund all kinds of wasteful projects, wars, handouts, and banker bailouts. The current system by design has transferred the wealth from average everyday Americans to an elite few who care not about the majority. We have to change our destiny or the middle class will cease to exist in the United States of America. Breaking Inequality exposes the truth behind the root of the problem and it provides a solution to help end it - starting at around 17:00 Spend 28 of your hard-earned minutes to understand how we got here, why any future predicated on the past is untenable, and what the solution could be...  

Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece – And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In America Too

Submitted by Tyler Durden

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog,

The world is heading into a horrific economic nightmare, and an inordinate amount of the suffering is going to fall on innocent children.  If you want to get an idea of what America is going to look like in the not too distant future, just check out what is happening in Greece.  At this point, Greece is experiencing a full-blown economic depression.  As I have written about previously, the unemployment rate in Greece has now risen to 27 percent, which is much higher than the peak unemployment rate that the U.S. economy experienced during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  And as you will read about below, child hunger is absolutely exploding in Greece right now.  Some families are literally trying to survive on pasta and ketchup.  But don't think for a moment that it can't happen here.

Sadly, the truth is that child hunger is already rising very rapidly in our poverty-stricken citiesNever before have we had so many Americans unable to take care of themselves.  Food stamp enrollment and child homelessness have soared to brand new all-time records, and there are actually thousands of Americans that are so poor that they live in tunnels underneath our cities.  But for millions of other Americans, the suffering is not quite so dramatic.  Instead, they just watch their hopes and their dreams slowly slip away as they struggle to find a way to make it from month to month.  There are millions of parents that lead lives that are filled with constant stress and anxiety as they try to figure out how to provide the basics for their children.  How do you tell a child that you can't give them any dinner even though you have been trying as hard as you can?  What many families go through on a regular basis is absolutely heartbreaking.

Unfortunately, more poor families slip through the cracks with each passing day, and these are supposedly times in which we are experiencing an "economic recovery".  So what are things going to look like when the next major economic downturn strikes?

A recent New York Times article detailed the horrifying child hunger that we are witnessing in Greece right now.  At some schools there are reports of children actually begging for food from their classmates...

As an elementary school principal, Leonidas Nikas is used to seeing children play, laugh and dream about the future. But recently he has seen something altogether different, something he thought was impossible in Greece: children picking through school trash cans for food; needy youngsters asking playmates for leftovers; and an 11-year-old boy, Pantelis Petrakis, bent over with hunger pains.

“He had eaten almost nothing at home,” Mr. Nikas said, sitting in his cramped school office near the port of Piraeus, a working-class suburb of Athens, as the sound of a jump rope skittered across the playground. He confronted Pantelis’s parents, who were ashamed and embarrassed but admitted that they had not been able to find work for months. Their savings were gone, and they were living on rations of pasta and ketchup.

Could you imagine that happening to your children or your grandchildren?

Don't think that it can't happen.  Just a few years ago the Greek middle class was vibrant and thriving.

And we are starting to see hunger explode in other European countries as well.  For example, in the UK the number of people receiving emergency food rations has increased by 170 percent over the past year.

This is one of the reasons why I get upset when people say that "things are getting better".  Yes, the stock market has been setting record highs lately, but things are most definitely not getting better.

Even during this false bubble of debt-fueled economic stability that we are enjoying right now, we continue to see hunger and poverty rise dramatically in America.

Since Barack Obama has been president, the number of Americans on food stamps has grown from 32 million to more than 47 million.

Will we all be on food stamps eventually?

Will we all become dependent on the government for our survival at some point?

According to the Boston Herald, even Tamerlan Tsarnaev was receiving government welfare benefits...

Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned.

State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter. The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services said those benefits ended in 2012 when the couple stopped meeting income eligibility limits.

Isn't that crazy?

And yes, there are some people out there that are abusing the system.  In fact, the cost of food stamp fraud has risen sharply to approximately $750 million in recent years.

But most of the people on these programs really need the help.  Thanks to our incredibly foolish economic policies, there are not enough good jobs for everyone and there never will be again.  The percentage of Americans that are unable to take care of themselves is going to continue to rise, and the suffering that we are witnessing right now is going to get much, much worse.

Not that things aren't really, really bad already.  Here are some signs that child hunger in America has already started to explode...

#1 Today, approximately 17 million children in the United States are facing food insecurity.  In other words, that means that "one in four children in the country is living without consistent access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life."

#2 We are told that we live in the "wealthiest nation" on the planet, and yet more than one out of every four children in the United States is enrolled in the food stamp program.

#3 The average food stamp benefit breaks down to approximately $4 per person per day.

#4 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps before they reach the age of 18.

#5 It may be hard to believe, but approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are currently living in homes that are either considered to be either "low income" or impoverished.

#6 The number of children living on $2.00 a day or less in the United States has grown to 2.8 million.  That number has increased by 130 percent since 1996.

#7 According to Feeding America, "households with children reported food insecurity at a significantly higher rate than those without children, 20.6 percent compared to 12.2 percent".

#8 According to a Feeding America hunger study, more than 37 million Americans are now being served by food pantries and soup kitchens.

#9 For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.

#10 Approximately 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

#11 One university study estimates that child poverty costs the U.S. economy 500 billion dollars each year.

#12 In Miami, 45 percent of all children are living in poverty.

#13 In Cleveland, more than 50 percent of all children are living in poverty.

#14 According to a recently released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.

For many more facts about the dramatic explosion of poverty in this country, please see my previous article entitled "21 Statistics About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Everyone Should Know".

Unfortunately, most of the time statistics don't really tell the whole story.  Numbers alone cannot really communicate the soul-crushing despair that millions of American families are enduring on a daily basis at this point.

How can numbers communicate the pain that a child feels when her grandmother does not eat because there is not enough food for everyone in the family?  But this is what some families in America actually go through because there is not enough money...

Vanyshia tells about the sacrifices her Grandmother makes so that she and her siblings can eat. “Sometimes my Grandma can’t even eat because she has to feed me and my brother and sister. Sometimes I don’t eat as much as I want to because I leave some for my Grandma because I don’t want her to sit there and starve. Sometimes she doesn’t have enough money to buy food, so she has to go to the bank and borrow money. It makes me feel sad. I don’t want her to be hungry. I just feel sad sometimes,” says Vanyshia.

Things can be particularly tough when you are a single parent.  The BBC recently profiled a single mother that is struggling to raise two young children in Iowa...

"We don't get three meals a day like breakfast, lunch and then dinner," says Kaylie. "When I feel hungry I feel sad and droopy."

Kaylie and Tyler live with their mother Barbara, who used to work in a factory. After losing her job, she was entitled to unemployment benefit and food stamps - this comes to $1,480 (£974) a month.

But they were no longer able to afford to live in their house, which along with bills cost $1,326 (£873) a month, leaving little for food or petrol.

Kaylie supplemented their income by collecting cans along the railway track near their old home - earning between two and five cents per can.

For more examples like this one, I encourage everyone to go watch a recent BBC documentary entitled "America's Poor Kids" that you can see right here.

I wonder why we don't see more stuff like this on the mainstream news in this country?

Could it be that the mainstream media does not want to admit how bad things have really gotten?

All of this is also a reminder that we need to be generous to those in need.  Times are going to get much, much harder than this, and we are all going to need one another.


The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis April 20, 2013, 4:39 PM (GMT+02:00) Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed. His brother Dzhokhar captured<

The big questions buzzing over Boston Bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev have a single answer: It emerged in the 102 tense hours between the twin Boston Marathon bombings Monday, April 15 – which left three dead, 180 injured and a police officer killed at MIT - and Dzohkhar’s capture Friday, April 19 in Watertown.

The conclusion reached by debkafile’s counterterrorism and intelligence sources is that the brothers were double agents, hired by US and Saudi intelligence to penetrate the Wahhabi jihadist networks which, helped by Saudi financial institutions, had spread across the restive Russian Caucasian.

Instead, the two former Chechens betrayed their mission and went secretly over to the radical Islamist networks.

By this tortuous path, the brothers earned the dubious distinction of being the first terrorist operatives to import al Qaeda terror to the United States through a winding route outside the Middle East – the Caucasus.

This broad region encompasses the autonomous or semi-autonomous Muslim republics of Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Chechnya, North Ossetia and Karachyevo-Cherkesiya, most of which the West has never heard of.

Moscow however keeps these republics on a tight military and intelligence leash, constantly putting down violent resistance by the Wahhabist cells, which draw support from certain Saudi sources and funds from the Riyadh government for building Wahhabist mosques and schools to disseminate the state religion of Saudi Arabia.
The Saudis feared that their convoluted involvement in the Caucasus would come embarrassingly to light when a Saudi student was questioned about his involvement in the bombng attacks while in a Boston hospital with badly burned hands.

They were concerned to enough to send Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saudi al-Faisal to Washington Wednesday, April 17, in the middle of the Boston Marathon bombing crisis, for a private conversation with President Barack Obama and his national security adviser Tom Donilon on how to handle the Saudi angle of the bombing attack.
That day too, official Saudi domestic media launched an extraordinary three-day campaign. National and religious figures stood up and maintained that authentic Saudi Wahhabism does not espouse any form of terrorism or suicide jihadism and the national Saudi religion had nothing to do with the violence in Boston.  “No matter what the nationality and religious of the perpetrators, they are terrorists and deviants who represent no one but themselves.”

Prince Saud was on a mission to clear the 30,000 Saudi students in America of suspicion of engaging in terrorism for their country or religion, a taint which still lingers twelve years after 9/11. He was concerned that exposure of the Tsarnaev brothers’ connections with Wahhabist groups in the Caucasus would revive the stigma.

The Tsarnaevs' recruitment by US intelligence as penetration agents against terrorist networks in southern Russia explains some otherwise baffling features of the event:
1.  An elite American college in Cambridge admitted younger brother Dzhokhar and granted him a $2,500 scholarship, without subjecting him to the exceptionally stiff standard conditions of admission. This may be explained by his older brother Tamerlan demanding this privilege for his kid brother in part payment for recruitment.
2.  When in 2011, a “foreign government” (Russian intelligence) asked the FBI to screen Tamerlan for suspected ties to Caucasian Wahhabist cells during a period in which they had begun pledging allegiance to al Qaeda, the agency, it was officially revealed, found nothing incriminating against him and let him go after a short interview.

He was not placed under surveillance. Neither was there any attempt to hide the fact that he paid a long visit to Russia last year and on his return began promoting radical Islam on social media.
Yet even after the Boston marathon bombings, when law enforcement agencies, heavily reinforced by federal and state personnel, desperately hunted the perpetrators, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was never mentioned as a possible suspect

3.  Friday, four days after the twin explosions at the marathon finishing line, the FBI released footage of Suspect No. 1 in a black hat and Suspect No. 2 in a white hat walking briskly away from the crime scene, and appealed to the public to help the authorities identify the pair.
We now know this was a charade. The authorities knew exactly who they were. Suddenly, during the police pursuit of their getaway car from the MIT campus on Friday, they were fully identified. The brother who was killed in the chase was named Tamerlan, aged 26, and the one who escaped, only to be hunted down Saturday night hiding in a boat, was 19-year old Dzhokhar.

Our intelligence sources say that we may never know more than we do today about the Boston terrorist outrage which shook America – and most strikingly, Washington - this week. We may not have the full story of when and how the Chechen brothers were recruited by US intelligence as penetration agents – any more than we have got to the bottom of tales of other American double agents who turned coat and bit their recruiters.

Here is just a short list of some of the Chechen brothers’ two-faced predecessors:

In the 1980s, an Egyptian called Ali Abdul Saoud Mohamed offered his services as a spy to the CIA residence in Cairo. He was hired, even though he was at the time the official interpreter of Ayman al-Zuwahiri, then Osama bin Laden’s senior lieutenant and currently his successor.

He accounted for this by posing as a defector. But then, he turned out to be feeding al Qaeda US military secrets. Later, he was charged with Al Qaeda’s 1998 bombings of US embassies in Nairobi and Dar es-Salaam.
On Dec. 30, 2009, the Jordanian physician Humam Khalil al-Balawi, having gained the trust of US intelligence in Afghanistan as an agent capable of penetrating al Qaeda’s top ranks, detonated a bomb at a prearranged rendezvous in Kost, killing the four top CIA agents in the country.
Then, there was the French Muslim Mohamed Merah. He was recruited by French intelligence to penetrate Islamist terror cells in at least eight countries, including the Caucasus. At the end of last year, he revealed his true spots in deadly attacks on a Jewish school in Toulouse and a group of French military commandoes.

The debate has begun over the interrogation of the captured Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarmayev when he is fit for questioning after surgery for two bullet wounds and loss of blood. The first was inflicted during the police chase in which his brother Tamerlan was killed.

An ordinary suspect would be read his rights (Miranda) and be permitted a lawyer. In his case, the “public safety exemption” option may be invoked, permitting him to be questioned without those rights, provided the interrogation is restricted to immediate public safety concerns. President Barack Obama is also entitled to rule him an “enemy combatant” and so refer him to a military tribunal and unrestricted grilling.

According to debkafile’s counter terror sources, four questions should top the interrogators' agenda:

a) At what date did the Tsarnaev brothers turn coat and decide to work for Caucasian Wahhabi networks?

b) Did they round up recruits for those networks in the United States - particularly, among the Caucasian and Saudi communities?
c)  What was the exact purpose of the Boston Marathon bombings and their aftermath at MIT in Watertown?
d) Are any more terrorist attacks in the works in other American cities?

See how a pressure-cooker bomb works

Great, lets just showcase this for the world to see what house-hold products you can use to make a bomb. Who needs terrorists training camps when you have CNN?  

Eve of Redemption Signs Our Sages Gave Us

Here's an article from the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe's magazine, Feb. 1943 (הקריאה והקדושה), roughly translated from Yiddish. I post it on this blog to serve as a preamble to a subsequent post wherein I'll maintain, to my utter dismay, that the gangster regime now in power, the ruler of Edom, will again triumph in the next presidential election. I will refer back to this article to remind readers what this Jewish leader of his generation forewarned his flock. I have this premonition of imminent disaster I feel compelled to share with you, later. [The highlighting is mine.]
Our sages, who foresaw that this last diaspora, called "Edom", would endure nearly two millennia, also foresaw that, as it winds down to its terminating stage, Torah will have become enfeebled among a majority of Jews, and this would therefore bring back the age-old national Jewish scourge - the FALSE PROPHETS. These false prophets would then lead Torah-empty Jews through all 49 degrees of impurity, unfortunately.
The end-stage period would then necessarily have to be a horribly bitter one. It would spell outright danger wherein multitudes of Jews will undergo waves of spiritual suicide, even conversion, G-d forbid.
Accordingly, the sages decided to foretell the signs that will usher in and constitute the Messianic era's birth pangs - in order to save at least a remnant of those being swept away; And also so that some Jews, here and there, will be able to console their distressed brethren by disclosing to them these very signs, just as this periodical has been doing for a year and a half now. We've been telling you we are in the eve of the Messianic era; That we've been foretold the tragedies that will unfold; And that we can attenuate these problems, or entirely prevent them from occurring - by tearing you away from the modern false prophets, so you return to the warm fold of Torah, back to the ways our forefathers practised.
Our sages knew saving the entire Jewish nation would be very difficult because the false prophets will not loosen their grip. On the contrary, they will exert their strongest, spiritual pogrom ever against the Jewish nation, until the very last moment when, as our sages tell us, they themselves will finally perish during physical pogroms against the Jews.
The sages took as their task to rescue the innocent victims of the false prophets, those who might even question or doubt one of two things; Either the false prophets, or, the Torah and its true prophets. It was for the benefit of these 50-50 Jews or 50-50 believers for whom the sages foretold us the many signs by which to recognize the eve of the Redemptive Era.
The many signs serve each person as however he will understand them. In truth, however, all the signs really boil down to but a single sign - for they all point to this one point, that "And against all the gods of Egypt will I avenge myself, for I am G-d" (Ex. 12, 12). And why so? In order to finally and totally discredit the false prophets, so the Jewish masses strip away their allegiance to them and from the various idols of Egypt the false prophets would have them worship.
The modern idols our false prophets energetically promoted, and succeeded in convincing a huge Jewish populace to follow them, are well known: Political Freedom, Economic Certainty, and Godless Zionism. These are the 3 primary false idols. These extend to other such "isms", like Bolshevism, Bundism, Yiddishism, and dozens others.
The signs of the Era of Redemption our sages depict start out as follows: "The son of David will not come until …" such and such happens. These signs portend the utter destruction of the above 3 "isms", for which the false prophets should be dishonored.
Our sages tell us that after the known, bloody wars, the entire world will be ruled by the kingdom of Edom, the one Ovadiah the Prophet refers to as "You are greatly despised" (Ov. 1, 2). This means many nations will be ruled over by unabashed tyrants and oppressors who will put an end to all hope for Political Freedom, Economic Certainty or whatever other culture!
"Moshiach will not come," our sages say, "until the following signs will manifest":
1) "All cheap dominion will disappear" from Jewish notion. This means to say, until all new systems of rule most Jews place their hope in, will reveal themselves as being cheap and worthless, as was evident with Bolshevism in Russia, and other such unavailing systems. 2) "Mankind will lose hope in any redemptive process." Note the exact words of the sages; They did not say, "Until the Jews", but rather all "mankind" will lose their faith in any redemptive process. 3) "All judges or police (protectors of Jews) pass into oblivion." 4) "All conceit passes from among Jews", because all will become poor and enslaved.
The 4 above signs indicate that the false prophecy of Political Freedom will be shattered. Not only Jews but the other nations too will be robbed of freedom. No longer will hope be held out for redemption, or for returning to previous times.
"Moshiach will not come," continue our sages, "until ...":
5) "The last penny of savings will disappear." 6) "When they seek a sliver of herring for an invalid but can't find one". We can thus imagine what smidgen of better foods healthy people will be able to find, who command less mercy than sick people.
From the latter 2 signs we easily note how the idol of Economic Certainty will also be shattered. And our sages offer several more signs that will convince everyone that the idol of Culture will also lie in a shambles.
They say, "Moshiach will not come until,"
7) "All governments in the world are under the control of G-d-deniers." 8) "The number of students will diminish." 9) "Every event will have several interpretations". This implies strong censorship; When nobody knows the truth, and everyone has a different version of what happened. 10) "All souls will leave their bodies", which could mean all mankind will be obsessed with hunger, when their only concern will be to to hold on to dear life, where, like animals, no thought is given to nourish the soul with spirituality.
Under a reign of avowed G-d-deniers who will abolish education for the masses, except for a privileged segment, entire populations will slave for the state, eking out enough only to survive. With a press akin to that of Nazi Minister of Propaganda Goebbels, the idol of Culture will obviously be smashed, just like its two other "idol friends", Political Freedom and Economic Certainty.
All these 10 signs of impending redemption our sages show us actually constitute one sole general sign regarding G-d's claim, "And against all the gods of Egypt will I avenge myself", where these signs merely indicate the many ways one can be poked in the eye, in that generation.

Al-Qaeda's 22 tips for dodging drone attacks

1. It is possible to know the intention and the mission of the drone by using the Russianmade “sky grabber” device to infiltrate the drone’s waves and the frequencies. The device is available in the market for $2,595 and the one who operates it should be a computer know-how.

2. Using devices that broadcast frequencies or pack of frequencies to disconnect the contacts and confuse the frequencies used to control the drone. The Mujahideen have had successful experiments using the Russian-made “Racal.”

3. Spreading the reflective pieces of glass on a car or on the roof of the building.

4. Placing a group of skilled snipers to hunt the drone, especially the reconnaissance ones because they fly low, about six kilometres or less.

5. Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using the ordinary water-lifting dynamo fitted with a 30-metre copper pole.

6. Jamming of and confusing of electronic communication using old equipment and keeping them 24-hour running because of their strong frequencies and it is possible using simple ideas of deception of equipment to attract the electronic waves devices similar to that used by the Yugoslav army when they used the microwave (oven) in attracting and confusing the Nato missiles fitted with electromagnetic searching devices.

7. Using general confusion methods and not to use permanent headquarters.

8. Discovering the presence of a drone through well-placed reconnaissance networks and to warn all the formations to halt any movement in the area.

9. To hide from being directly or indirectly spotted, especially at night.

10. To hide under thick trees because they are the best cover against the planes.

11. To stay in places unlit by the sun such as the shadows of the buildings or the trees.

12. Maintain complete silence of all wireless contacts.

13. Disembark of vehicles and keep away from them especially when being chased or during combat.

14. To deceive the drone by entering places of multiple entrances and exits.

15. Using underground shelters because the missiles fired by these planes are usually of the fragmented anti-personnel and not anti-buildings type.

16. To avoid gathering in open areas and in urgent cases, use building of multiple doors or exits.

17. Forming anti-spies groups to look for spies and agents.

18. Formation of fake gatherings such as using dolls and statutes to be placed outside false ditches to mislead the enemy.

19. When discovering that a drone is after a car, leave the car immediately and everyone should go in different direction because the planes are unable to get after everyone.

20. Using natural barricades like forests and caves when there is an urgent need for training or gathering.

21. In frequently targeted areas, use smoke as cover by burning tires.

22. As for the leaders or those sought after, they should not use communications equipment because the enemy usually keeps a voice tag through which they can identify the speaking person and then locate him.

Aisav hates Ya’akovParashat Vayishlach 5773 19 Kislev 5773

Our parasha lays down the schematic plans for the future of Am Yisrael, as quoted in the name of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai in Sifrei Bamidbar chapter 69 so plainly and without extravagance or embellishment:

הלכה בידוע עשו שונא את יעקב

It is a well-known halacha (immutable fact) that Aisav hates Ya’akovAisav or Edom - or the evil Rome as he is sometimes called - retains an immutable, ageless, constant, enduring, perpetual, unalterable, inoperable, terminal disease diagnosed as "hatred towards Ya’akov," which is transferred to his descendants as a dominant gene.

And what we see in the parasha has been and is still being played out now and into the future.

The parasha records the names of the heads of the major clans which descended from Aisav: Timna, Alvah, Jetheth, Oholivamah, Elah, Pinon, Kenaz, Teman, Mivzar, Magdiel (identified as Germany) and Iram.
In the years that Ya’akov and the Jewish people were enslaved in Egypt, the descendants of Aisav expanded in numbers and in territory. Over the centuries, according to our tradition, the clans of Aisav relocated from the Middle East to Europe, and from there to the Americas, as they accepted Christianity and developed western civilization. 

Aisav and his third wife Basmat (daughter of his uncle Yishmael) had four sons named Nachat, Zerach, Shama and Mizzah.

The schematic plan that HaShem had postulated for the Jewish nation is as simple as it is tragic. We, as HaShem’s chosen people, were destined to fall into the jaws of foreign nations, and each time HaShem would miraculously save us. HaShem’s intervention with the Egyptians brought us Pessach; the salvation from certain death in Babylon and Persia brought us Purim; the victory over the Greeks brought us Chanuka; the destruction of the Third Reich brought us Yom Ha’azmaut; and what is transpiring in these years, when we are being threatened by the descendants of Aisav and of Yishmael - each one alone and at times together - will bring us the Mashiach.

In our own time, we witnessed the most agonizing chillul HaShem that ever transpired in our long history - the Shoah - and then we witnessed the most moving and dramatic kiddush HaShem - the return of Am Yisrael to our promised land with the establishment of Medinat Yisrael.

At the beginning of the Medina, we were forced to fight the descendants of Yishmael in the War of Independence. Then we fought the combined forces of Aisav and Yishmael when the Soviet Union sent troops and material to the Arabs in the Six Day War. At its close, Jewish soldiers reached within 100 kilometers from Cairo and 35 kilometers of Damascus.

Indeed, HaShem demonstrates to us and to the world - whoever is listening - His personal, intimate relationship with the Jewish nation. 

In September 2011, Mahmoud Abbas, the chairman of the Palestinian Authority and the PLO, sought full member-state status at the UN based on pre-1967 frontiers. But the bid was effectively stalled two months later after Security Council members were unable to make a unanimous recommendation. Abbas has submitted a request to the General Assembly - where there is no veto power - for international recognition as a "non-member observer state" status. 

Last night, an overwhelming majority of the member nations in the General Assembly voted to bestow this status on the no-people, no-nation, ragtag entity that the newspapers created and called Palestine. But facts are irrelevant with goyim when they deal with the Jewish people, as an honest Christian once said, "I don’t believe that J. ever lived, but I believe the Jews killed him".

What is transpiring today is in keeping with HaShem’s two-stage master plan: 1) to permit the various forms of evil a free hand in the world; 2) to have these evil forces victimize the Jewish people as a vicarious substitute for their ultimate but unobtainable goal of killing the God of the Jews, the Jews who have condemned them to be consciously aware of right and wrong.

If anyone has any doubt regarding the affinity that exists between Aisav and Yishmael, one need not look further than what happened last night in the UN’s General Assembly.

There are only two entities in the world which are not national states, but the member states of the UN has granted them "non-member observer state" status: the Vatican Aisavists of Rome, and the Yishmaelites now squatting on the holy land of Yehuda, Shomrom, Azza and East Yerushalayim. They are the willing hirelings of the anti-Jewish world to make battle against HaShem’s chosen people.

Yeshayahu 54:17
כל כלי יוצר עליך לא יצלח וכל לשון תקום אתך למשפט תרשיעי זאת נחלת עבדיה' וצדקתם מאתי נאם ה'

" 'No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.  This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,' declares the Lord."

In parashat Vayishlach, the brothers Shimon and Levi annihilate the entire population of the city of Shechem. 
What was HaShem’s intention in bringing about this seemingly over-aggressive, unbalanced, asymmetric, excessive, disproportionate Goldstonian reaction by nice Jewish boys?

I suggest:
Avraham Aveinu arrived in Eretz Yisrael at a time when the land was occupied by the pagan descendants of Cham, son of Noach. There were cultures and sub-cultures of avoda zara (idolatry), each according to the family breakdown into the ten "nations" of Canaani, Chieti, Emori, etc.

Avraham was very successful in advancing the teachings of monotheism. He established a yeshiva and a hotel-restaurant where many people gathered to hear the word of God.

This was obviously not to the liking of the religious and political establishment, for Avraham was undermining the core beliefs of the people by introducing God and morality which touched on matters such as family, law, treatment of slaves, and much more.

But now the charismatic Avraham and his wife Sarah are long gone. Yitzchak is old and unable to see. Ya’akov, the ben Torah, has not been seen in Eretz Yisrael for over twenty years. The only relevant descendant of Avraham is Aisav, with whom the idolators can get along fabulously, since Aisav is one of their own.

So for all intents and purposes, Yiddishkeit is no longer present in the holy land; and the natives can return to their old ways, uninterrupted by pangs of conscious brought about by those "holier-than-thou" Jews.

Then one day, Ya’akov reappears in Eretz Yisrael with his family and possessions. His arrival could have been like that of the early chalutzim 100 and 200 years ago, when they bought "a dunam here and a dunam there," a house here and a house there, with no great message signaling their arrival.

However, HaShem speaks to people in the language that they understand. To us HaShem speaks as a father teaching Torah to his children; to gentiles He speaks in the language that they appreciate - the language of strength and war.

Ya’akov and Judaism have returned home, and the occupiers have to learn that it is no longer "business as usual". HaShem, as the ultimate playwright, brings about Ya’akov’s return on the stage of history in an explosive manner. The city of Shechem is decimated. Ya’akov explosive reappearance is what gentiles understand.

When Ya’akov and his 69 relatives leave the holy land to join with Yosef in Egypt, the land is once again devoid of Judaism. Four hundred years later, under the leadership of Moshe and Yehoshua, Jewish sovereignty is restored. Moshe defeats the two super-powers of Og King of Bashan and Sichon King of Emori, and Yehoshua continues to destroy 31 city states in Eretz Yisrael.

We again entered the land not by "dunam here and dunam there," but in the way that the gentiles understand - strength and conquest.

For two thousand years, the main body of the Jewish nation was in exile with only a small number of Jews remaining in the land. Judaism was not the dominant force here.

Then came the Holocaust. The enemies of our people were certain that it was only a matter of time until the world would be "free" from the shackles of Judaism and the dwindling and vanishing Jewish people.

Then in 1948, we again leaped onto the platform of history with an explosion that has caught the attention of the world until this very day. We drove back seven standing armies of Arab states in the War of Independence, and we have been dramatically victorious in all of our other wars, whenever the political level refrained from imposing restraints on the fighters.

Indeed, HaShem speaks to all in the language that they understand. We understand the kol demama daka (the soft gentle voice of HaShem), but the Aisavs of the world are impressed only by strength - with which Ya’akov is endowed when necessary.

...Nachman Kahana

Retribution has come to pass in the form of wind, rain and ocean surges 

15 Kislev 5773

The following is
Rabbi Nachman Kahana's parshah commentary for Parshat Toldot. Although it's late, its message is timeless. Enjoy the pure and unadulterated truth.

BS"D Parashat Toldot 5773

A: Our parasha relates (26:2-5):

וירא אליו ה' ויאמר אל תרד מצרימה שכן בארץ אשר אמר אליך: גור בארץ הזאת ואהיה עמך ואברכך כי לך ולזרעך אתן את כל הארצת האל והקמתי את השבעה אשר נשבעתי לאברהם אביך: והרביתי את זרעך ככוכבי השמים ונתתי לזרעך את כל הארצת האל והתברכו בזרעך כל גויי הארץ: עקב אשר שמע אברהם בקלי וישמר משמרתי מצותי חקותי ותורתי:

2 The Lord appeared to Isaac and said, "Do not go down to Egypt; live in the land where I tell you to live. 3 Stay in this land, and I will be with you and will bless you. For to you and your descendants I will give all these lands and will uphold the oath I swore to your father Abraham. 4 I will make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and will give them all these lands, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, 5 because Abraham obeyed me and did all I required of him, keeping my commands, my decrees and my instructions.

A highly-respected rabbi whose congregation is in an area that was hard hit by Sandy sent the following message to his congregants. I will quote the major portions of his message.

Dear Friends,

As we begin our new week almost two weeks since Sandy paid us an unwelcome visit, I can see a crack of light in the tunnel of murky deluge that enveloped us. More homes have had power restored, gasoline has begin to flow in more liberal quantities, the weather has gotten warmer, and we are now slowly entering the rebuilding phase. There are still many communal and individual problems to be resolved; but with time, they will be resolved. Yes, the tide is turning (please excuse the metaphor).A major factor in the positive turn of events has been the communal leadership of the local Shuls, the local JCCs, Achiezer, the help of other volunteer agencies, the help of some local politicians, and the incredible work of dedicated individuals who have tirelessly devoted themselves to the afflicted communities, families, and individuals. This leads me to a simple point--the power of communal responsibility. We are so fortunate to be a part of a great community that services its members through good times and challenging times.

This past Shabbos we read that Avraham was blessed in his old age 'bakol',which translates to "everything". The commentaries debate what 'bakol' means in a deeper sense.... I would like to suggest that 'bakol', everything, describes a state of mind that Avraham was blessed with in life. He was always happy with his lot. He always felt that he had 'kol' everything. I think that that is exactly the way we should think. We have everything! We are alive, we survived Sandy, no one was seriously hurt in our community, we have our families, our friends, and we live in a great community! I grew up in a small Shul and never had a real sense of community in a holistic way until I moved to... We have Shuls, Minyanim, an Eruv, a Mikvah, a Vaad Hakashrus, a Chevra Kadisha, Bikur Cholim, Chesed Committees, and charity funds.And now we have SANDY relief efforts. We really have everything. Just like Avraham, we are blessed 'bakol', with everything...

This weekend we put up a poster board of... letters of solidarity sent to us from Jewish children in Eli and Elkanah in Israel. What a blessing it is to get a bracha from pure and innocent Jewish children (even if their common message was that it is time for all of us to move to Israel). We are so blessed, and we should feel so empowered by the privilege to be a part of the oldest nation on this earth,'am Yisrael'.

It is to the rabbi, who I personally know and respect, and his congregants and to the 99% of Jews in America that I dedicate this week’s message.

C: Rambam in the section of Ta’ani’ot (fast days) deals with the way we should respond to disasters. Chapter one states:

מצות עשה מן התורה לזעוק ולהריע בחצוצרות על כל צרה שתבא על הצבור...
ודבר זה מדרכי התשובה הוא, שבזמן שתבוא צרה ויזעקו עליה ויריעו ידעו הכל שבגלל מעשיהם הרעים הורע להן... אבל אם לא יזעקו ולא יריעו אלא יאמרו דבר זה ממנהג העולם אירע לנו וצרה זו נקרה נקרית, הרי זו דרך אכזריות וגורמת להם להדבק במעשיהם הרעים, ותוסיף הצרה צרות אחרות...

It is a positive Torah commandment to cry out and to sound trumpets in the event of any disaster that affects the community... This practice is one of the paths of repentance, for when a disaster befalls, and the people cry out to God and sound the trumpets, all will realize that it occurred because of their evil conduct...

However, should the people fail to cry out and sound the trumpets, and instead say, "What has happened to us is merely a natural phenomenon and this difficulty is merely a chance occurrence", this is a cruel conception of things, which causes them to remain attached to their wicked deeds. Thus, this time of distress will lead to further disasters.

Two distressing matters have occupied our thoughts these last two weeks: Hurricane Sandy and the re-election of Barak Obama to the US Presidency.

It is my firm belief (and that of many others) that the overriding obligation of our generation is the return to Eretz Yisrael. So much so that everything that transpires in the lands of the galut is intended by the Almighty to uproot the Jews from there and direct them to return home.

Hurricane Sandy
In parashat Devarim 5772, I wrote regarding the approaching siyum haShas:

"Religious communities in the galut, under the leadership of their spiritual guides, are about to commit a sin of unprecedented proportions.

The Gemara in Yuma, and quoted in the Rambam, states: ... A sin which has an adjunct of chillul HaShem is so severe that remorse, resolution, Yom Kippur and difficulties in life will together withhold punishment, but pardon will be possible only upon the death of the transgressor.

There are many examples of chillul HaShem, but the classic definition is when a well-known rabbinic personality acts in a way that brings shame to God’s Holy Name or distorts HaShem’s holy Torah. The chillul HaShem increases incrementally when two rabbis perform the transgression, and ever more so when it is done by 100,000 religious Jews together.

Next week, in a stadium in New Jersey, it is estimated that this will be the number of participants in the mass siyum (conclusion) of the last 7-year daf hayomi cycle.
It will be a worldwide production of many rabbis, roshei yeshiva, and grand rabbis who will draw good and innocent Jews into the most publicized chillul HaShem ever undertaken.

Close to one hundred thousand observant Jews declaring before the world that God did not give us the Holy Land, because if He did they would be there.
They will make a travesty of tractate Ketubot in which the Talmud declares that a Jew who willingly lives in the galut is as if he has no God.

They will make a mockery of the Gemara (abid. 112b) which relates that Rabbi Chiya ben Gamda would roll in and caress the ground of Eretz Yisrael in keeping with the verse in (Tehilim 102) "For her servants desired its stones; and they shall treasure its soil."

One’s very presence at this chillul HaShem conveys to the United States, to the United Nations, to the Arab League, to Hamas, to Hizbollah, to the engineers now producing the Iranian bomb, to the world that Eretz Yisrael is some far-off dreamland to be realized only when the Mashiach comes; but in the meantime it is Arab Palestine. This is no exaggeration. This is real life.

If you value your Judaism, celebrate the new daf hayomi cycle privately, modestly and even shamefully in the place where you reside.

Compare the lack of ideals and lack of religious passion of the nearly one million observant Jews living a pseudo-Jewish life in the United States, with the words of Yehuda Halevi: "Who can provide me with wings? I would fly to you; I would cause my shattered heart to reside amidst your shattered ruins."

And: "Yerushalayim will be rebuilt when the Children of Israel will yearn in earnest (for the holy city), and then (HaShem) will have compassion even on its stones and dust"

The soul of the saintly Rav Meir Shapiro of Lublin, who initiated the daf hayomi study, will not be in New Jersey. It will be here in Eretz Yisrael hovering over the authentic, sincere part of our nation; the part which is of one mind and heart with Yehuda Halevi.

For the Jews in the United States, I say: Be proud of your Judaism. Stay away from the colossal chillul HaShem - desecration of the Holy Name - about to be perpetrated in front of the eyes of the world. Be able to tell your grandchildren that you were not there.

My voice is but a small, shrill call compared to the cacophony of the religious leaders in the galut who are calling out to good Jews to show up in force and sanctify the Holy Name.

I leave it to you, dear reader, to decide who is sanctifying the Holy Name and who is defiling the Holy name?

On the night of Tish’a Be’av, as you sit and weep for the destruction of the Temples and the exile of our fathers and mothers to foreign lands, think. Today there are six million Jews in Eretz Yisrael and the gates are open for all Jews to return home. Is this the sanctification of the Holy Name? Or is the Holy Name being sanctified by those who refuse to recognize their religious responsibilities and cling to their lives in the galut?

I recall telling my close friends that I fear HaShem will not overlook this desecration of His Holy Name, and retribution will come to the areas and to those who partook in that public denunciation of HaShem’s gift of Eretz Yisrael.

Retribution has come to pass in the form of wind, rain and ocean surges - HaShem’s trusted messengers. And if the necessary conclusions are not drawn and the steps towards returning home are not taken, then the Jews in the galut can expect more disasters.

Many will deny this and say, as in the words of Rambam, "What has happened to us is merely a natural phenomenon and this difficulty is merely a chance occurrence."
But Rambam also writes: "This is a cruel conception of things, which causes them to remain attached to their wicked deeds. Thus, this time of distress will lead to further disasters."

This should be the message of religious leaders in the galut today. Anything less than the call to return home will cause them to be judged by Jewish history together with the religious leaders in the 1920s and 30s, who encouraged their people to remain in Europe rather than return to Eretz Yisrael.

Obama’s Victory
There are many religious leaders in the galut who preach that one need not go to Eretz Yisrael, because the government does not follow the laws of the Torah. Of course, it is immaterial that, by law, Shabbat and all the yamim tovim are national days of rest; that all marriages and divorces must be performed and approved by the rabbinate; that the army, hospitals and public institutions must be kosher; that conversions can be performed only by the rabbinate; that the State spends hundreds of millions of shekels a year in support of yeshivot, and 50-60 thousand young men are deferred from army service because of their yeshiva studies; or the fact that the government builds the shuls and pays the rabbis’ salaries and supports free religious education.

And all this by a State which was founded by people who were not observant, while we the observant remained in the galut of Europe rather than dirty our hands in preparing the land or become infected with malaria and other diseases that developed here over the 2000 years of our galut.

But let’s leave all that aside. What does it have to do with Obama? The Obama victory revealed the hypocrisy of many of the religious leaders in the galut and the hollowness of their claims against the Jewish State.

Obama won because the demographic makeup of the United States changed by the mass immigration of Hispanics and the big numbers of black births. The America that I knew as a youth will never return. Now, if even half the religious Jews in the USA would come on aliyah, there would be a government here based on the Torah.

These religious leaders will have to find a more durable excuse for not coming home. One that will be able to stand before the onslaught of honesty and truth. If the above-mentioned highly-respected rabbi wrote what he did in order to bring comfort and consolation to his suffering community at their time of desperation, then that is commendable. But, if he really believes that they have everything - Shuls, Minyanim, an Eruv, a Mikvah, a Vaad Hakashrus, a Chevra Kadisha, Bikur Cholim, Chesed Committees, charity funds, and now SANDY relief efforts; just like Avraham who was blessed with 'bakol', with everything - then that community is being misled, as stated by the Rambam, "What has happened to us is merely a natural phenomenon and this difficulty is merely a chance occurrence."

The rabbi went on to write about what a blessing it is to get a bracha from pure and innocent Jewish children (even if their common message was that it is time for all of us to move to Israel) and that we should feel so empowered by the privilege to be a part of the oldest nation on this earth,'am Yisrael'. His reaction to the "pure and innocent" children’s message to return to Eretz Yisrael is disappointing, discouraging and even disparaging. For he appreciates the children’s letters of encouragement despite their call to come home to Eretz Yisrael. This is a staggering statement.

I pray that the Jews there, those who were spared and those who were harmed by the hurricane will be successful in rebuilding their homes, just beautiful enough to sell them to American gentiles who belong there, while the Jews come home to where they belong.

...Nachman Kahana


Hello Devash I can’t seem to post up comments, but I would you to see my comment on your blog post called better late than never. In light of the words of the great rabbi, here something interesting. Three things he mentioned, Retribution has come to pass in the form of wind, rain and ocean surges - HaShem’s trusted messengers. Look what it says in Pereq Shira (the song of creation) The wind says I will Say to the north, relinquish and to the south do not withhold bring my sons from afar and My daughters form the ends of the earth (A clear call for aliyah from Hashem). The rains says You shall spray a rain of generosity, O Lord to strengthen your Heritage when it falters. The sea Say “More than the voices of many waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea Hashem is mighty on high. (The Sea witch flooded homes is praising Hashem, which make sense because of the Hilul Hashem by remaining in the exile.) Please comment on this if you can. thanks Alex

Al Taqiyya - Islam Muslims and Lies


What does Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi have in common with Elmo, besides wearing Red?

  Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Vatican Council for Culture, commenting on the war between Israel and Hamas, delivered a severe attack on the Jewish people: “I think of the ‘massacre of the innocents’. Children are dying in Gaza, their mothers’ shouts is a perennial cry, a universal cry”.The Catholic Church high official equated Israel’s operation in Gaza against terror groups with the New Testament story of Herod’s slaughter of Jewish babies in his effort to kill Jesus.

Ravasi, who is one of the most popular Catholic cardinals and the director of the Church’s policy on culture, called Israelis baby-killers in a shameless form of anti-Semitism which subtly accuses the Jewish State of trying to murder the new Jesus, symbolized by the Palestinian people.

The Vatican official’s modern blood libel against Israel was delivered during the presentation of Pope Benedict’s new book about the life of Jesus. However, Ravasi’s theme – the Jews as Herod, who killed all the innocent babies because his heart was set on killing Jesus – was much beloved by Medieval organizers of pogroms.

The vicar-general of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, William Shomali, said on Vatican Radio that “what is happening in Gaza now is a vicious circle of violence”. The auxiliary bishop then declared that “it’s difficult to know who started it”. How difficult?

A few weeks ago, in an interview with the Catholic magazine Famiglia Cristiana, Shomali claimed that “hatred of Christians” is the Talmud itself. “The Talmud, the holy book studied by the ultra-orthodox, more highly venerated than the Bible itself, invites religious hatred, speaks badly of Jesus, and even worse of Mary and, in general, of Christians,” the bishop said, adding that “in Israeli schools, love for the other is not taught, but rather the destruction of the other”.

Talking to the Vatican News Agency, Michel Sabbah, Patriarch Emeritus of Jerusalem, said that the Gaza Strip for many years “has been living under the weight of an absurd embargo, which makes the daily lives of a million and a half of people inumane”.

Sabbah signed the recent appeal by more than one hundred Christian leaders who have asked the international community to support the recognition of the Palestinian State as a full member of the United Nations. Among the signers is the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Atallah Hanna, a self professed anti-Semite who blessed the suicide attacks against Israeli civilians.

As yet, no condemnation has come from the Pope of the barrages of rockets fired by terror groups on southern Israeli cities before Operation Pillar of Defense. The Church authorities, and Benedict XVI himself, raised their voices in condemnation of the violence that has broken out in the Gaza Strip only after Israel began bombing the installations of the terrorist movements in that territory. Not a word was heard before that.

During the Cast Lead operation in 2009, the Vatican officials called Gaza “a concentration camp”. After the Nazi comparison did its work, the Jesus-killer motif has now returned to the Catholic Church.

The writer, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book “A New Shoah”, that researched the personal stories of Israel’s terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.

Catholic sex abuse cases

Main article: Child sexual abuse

The Catholic sex abuse cases are a series of convictions, trials and investigations into allegations of child sexual abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders against children as young as 3 years old with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.[1][2][3] These cases included anal sex, and oral penetration, and there have been criminal prosecutions of the abusers and civil lawsuits against the church's dioceses and parishes. Many of the cases span several decades and are brought forward years after the abuse occurred. Cases have also been brought against members of the Catholic hierarchy who did not report sex abuse allegations to the legal authorities. It has been shown they deliberately moved sexually abusive priests to other parishes where the abuse sometimes continued.[4] This has led to a number of fraud cases where the Church has been accused of misleading victims by deliberately relocating priests accused of abuse instead of removing them from their positions.[5]

In the 1950s, Gerald Fitzgerald, the founder of a religious order that treats Roman Catholic priests who molest children, concluded "(such) offenders were unlikely to change and should not be returned to ministry," and this was discussed with Pope Paul VI (1897 – 1978) and "in correspondence with several bishops."[6] In 2001, sex abuse cases were first required to be reported to Rome.[7] The Dallas Morning News did a year-long investigation, after the 2002 revelation that cases of abuse were widespread in the Church.[1] The results made public in 2004 showed that even after the public outcry, priests were moved out of the countries where they had been accused and were still in "settings that bring them into contact with children, despite church claims to the contrary."[1] Among the investigation's findings is that nearly half of 200 cases "involved clergy who tried to elude law enforcement."[1] In July 2010, the Vatican doubled the length of time after the 18th birthday of the victim that clergymen can be tried in a church court and streamlined the processes for removing "pedophile priests."[8][9][10]

The cases received significant media and public attention in Canada, Ireland, and the United States, and throughout the world.[7] In response to the attention, members of the church hierarchy have argued that media coverage has been excessive and disproportionate.[11] According to a Pew Research Center study, media coverage mostly emanated from the United States in 2002, when a Boston Globe series began a critical mass of news reports; by contrast, in 2010 much of the reporting focused on child abuse in Europe.[12][13] From 2001-2010 the Holy See, the central governing body of the Catholic Church, has "considered sex abuse allegations concerning about 3,000 priests dating back up to 50 years" according to the Vatican's Promoter of Justice.[14] Cases worldwide reflect patterns of long-term abuse and covering up reports.[note 1] Church officials and academics knowledgeable about the Third World Roman Catholic Church, say that sexual abuse by clergy is generally not discussed, and thus is difficult to measure.[15][7] In the Philippines where as of 2002 at least 85% of the population is Catholic, the revelations of child sexual abuse by priests followed the United States' reporting in 2002.[16]

In the United States, which has been the lead focus of much of the scandals and subsequent reforms,[17], an "online archive established by lay Catholics," reports that over 3,000 civil lawsuits have been filed against the church,[18] some of these cases have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements with many claimants. In 1998 the Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas paid $30.9 million to twelve victims of one priest ($44.1 million in present-day terms).[19][20] From 2003 to 2009 nine other major settlements involving over 375 cases with 1551 claimants/victims, resulted in payments of over $1.1 billion USD.[note 2] The Associated Press estimated the settlements of sex abuse cases from 1950 to 2007 totaled more than $2 billion.[21] BishopAccountability puts the figure at more than $3 billion in 2012.[6][18] Addressing "a flood of abuse claims" five dioceses (Tucson, Arizona; Spokane, Washington; Portland, Oregon; Davenport, Iowa, and San Diego) got bankruptcy protection.[21] Eight Catholic dioceses have declared bankruptcy due to sex abuse cases from 2004-2011.[22]

Elmo actor resigns amid underage-sex allegations

Posted:   11/20/2012 09:36:04 AM MST
Updated:   11/20/2012 04:38:14 PM MST
By FRAZIER MOORE AP Television Writer
FILE - In this Jan. 24, 2011 file photo, Elmo puppeteer Kevin... ((AP Photo/Victoria Will, File))
NEW YORK—Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash resigned from "Sesame Street" on Tuesday amid allegations he sexually abused underage boys, bringing an end to a 28-year career in which he turned the furry red monster into one of the most beloved—and lucrative—characters on TV and in toy stores.

"Personal matters have diverted attention away from the important work 'Sesame Street' is doing and I cannot allow it to go on any longer," the 52-year-old performer said in a statement. "I am deeply sorry to be leaving and am looking forward to resolving these personal matters privately."

His departure came as a 24-year-old college student, Cecil Singleton, sued Clash for more than $5 million Tuesday, accusing the actor of engaging in sexual behavior with him when he was 15. Singleton charged that Clash made a habit of trolling gay chat lines for underage boys and meeting them for sex.

It was the second such allegation in just over a week. On Nov. 12, a man in his 20s said he had sex with Clash at age 16. A day later, though, the young man recanted, saying their relationship was adult and consensual.

Clash was a young puppeteer at "Sesame Street" in the mid-1980s when he was assigned a little-used puppet now known as Elmo and turned him into a star, creating his high-pitched voice and child-like personality. Clash also served as the show's senior Muppet coordinator and Muppet captain, winning 23 daytime Emmy awards and one prime-time Emmy.

In a statement, Sesame Workshop said that "the controversy surrounding Kevin's personal life has become a distraction that none of us want" and that Clash had concluded "he can no longer be effective in his job."

"This is a sad day for Sesame Street," the company said.

Clash did not address the new allegations. He said previously that he had an adult and consensual relationship with the first accuser. The divorced father of a grown daughter, he acknowledged that he is gay.

At a news conference Tuesday, Singleton said he and Clash met on a gay chat line when he was 15, and for a two-week period, they had sexual contact but not intercourse. He said he didn't know what Clash did for a living until he was 19 and Googled his name.

"I was shocked when I found out what he did for a living," said Singleton, a student in criminal psychology who lives in New York but would not say where he goes to school.

He said he didn't consider speaking up until he heard about last week's accusation.

"I thought I was a unique circumstance," Singleton said. "I did not know that it was something he had done habitually."

Singleton's lawyer, Jeff Herman, said he had been contacted by two other potential victims and expects additional legal action. Sex with a person under 17 is a felony in New York if the perpetrator is 21 or older.

Elmo has been a major moneymaker for Sesame Workshop. By one estimate, Elmo toys, such as the giggling Tickle Me Elmo doll, account for one-half to two-thirds of the $75 million in annual sales the Sesame Street toy line generates for Hasbro.

Clash became something of a star himself. In 2006, he published an autobiography, "My Life as a Furry Red Monster," and he was the subject of the 2011 documentary "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey."

Episodes with Clash performing as Elmo will presumably continue well into 2014. Taping of season No. 44 will wrap by mid-December and will begin airing next September, according to someone close to the show who spoke on condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to publicly discuss details of its production.

As for who might take over as Elmo, other "Sesame Street" puppeteers have been trained to serve as Clash's stand-in, Sesame Workshop said.

"Elmo is bigger than any one person," the company said last week.

On Tuesday, Hasbro echoed that sentiment with its own statement: "We are confident that Elmo will remain an integral part of Sesame Street and that Sesame Street toys will continue to delight children for years to come."


AP Television Writer David Bauder and AP Retail Writer Mae Anderson contributed to this report.

                                                                                     THE VATICAN'S  NAZI SAINT
                                                                                             by Barry Chamish

          The Vatican just called a gathering of church higher-ups to approve the promotion of Pope Paul the Sixth to sainthood. Of course, he had to do something miraculous to earn the title, and
a cockamamie crock was found to fit the bill. Apparently, before he died a pregnant woman sought his undivided wisdom in a worldly dilemma. Her fetus was found to be defective and her
baby would be born severely retarded. Her doctors recommended an abortion and thus she sought papal advice. Since the church is opposed to all abortion no matter what the circumstances, he told
her to have the child. And miracle of saintly miracles, she had the baby and today he is a mentally unchallenged teenager.
          And for that you get to be Saint Paul? How many mothers got the same advice, took it, and gave birth to much more unhappy stories? For whatever reasons I don't comprehend, whether
philosophical or personal, the Vatican's bishops are deeply divided over uplifting Paul to sainthood.
         So who better to provide answers was chief counsel of the Holocaust Victims Group, suing the Vatican for compensation, Dr. Jonathan Levy? What he told me was a far more disturbing reason for the schism than being reported. We all know of the Papal-nazi history beginning with war pope Pius and I had hoped ending with Pope Benedict who enjoyed Hitler Youth so much, he volunteered for the Wermacht. Being a nazi was no impediment to a papal post. It was practically a qualification.
         Then why is the Vatican covering up one little known historical fact about Pope Paul the 6th. He was in charge of the Vatican ratlines which saved the lives of tens of thousands of middle to
upper ranking Nazis after the war. After speaking with Dr. Levy by phone, I had him on my radio show. You MUST hear what he reveals. You have only a week to hear us at:

         Here is the thrust of  Dr. Levy's allegations:                                             

Pope Paul VI Beatification Overshadowed by Involvement in Nazi Ratline

Rome: On October 19, 2014, Paul VI (Monsignor Montini) in a solemn ceremony at the Vatican is to be beatified which is the first step to sainthood  A miracle, the curing of an unborn baby’s illness, has been attributed to Paul VI.  However, Holocaust Victims and their families from Eastern Europe who are locked in a decade’s long legal dispute with the Vatican over looted assets from the Second World War, question the saintliness of the man who as Vatican Secretary of State supervised the infamous Vatican ratline funded with Holocaust era loot.

The Vatican Ratline was a post war system of escape routes for Nazis fleeing Europe at the end of the Second World War. The Vatican version was centered at the Croatian Confraternity of Saint Jerome located in Rome at Via Tomacelli 132 just a block away from the Tiber River bridge and next to the sprawling Tomb of Augustus. 

The so called “Golden Priest” Fr. Krunoslav Draganovic, the Apostolic Vistator for Croatian matters, was the chief conductor of the Vatican ratline whose beneficiaries included major war criminals like Croatian mass murderer Ante Pavelic who escaped to Argentina in 1947 despite being responsible for the deaths of 500,000 Serbs, Jews, and Roma. Other ratline escapees included the Nazi war criminals Klaus Barbie, Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichman.

The funds that ran the Vatican ratline were obtained from the treasuries of defeated Axis allies like Croatia, Hungary, and Romania and often contained victim loot transformed into Church property through a complex scheme involving deposits at the Vatican Bank.  Since 1998, the Holocaust victims have been seeking an accounting from the Vatican which has so far successfully resisted on grounds of sovereign immunity a long running lawsuit in the United States, a more recent EU Commission inquiry and direct claims lodged with the Vatican Secretariat for the Economy.

Declassified documents obtained by Holocaust Victims’ attorneys link Paul VI, then Vatican Secretary of State, to Draganovic and Pavelic. Former US Special Agent, William Gowen, who investigated the Vatican ratline in Rome 1946-1947, testified that Draganovic was supervised by Montini and that Draganovic boasted of a clandestine ten truck convoy of looted gold and valuables that pulled into St. Peter’s Square in 1946 right under the nose of the Allied authorities. The Holocaust Victim group is seeking an accounting and restitution of the looted assets used to fund the ratline. 

The Holocaust Victims’ lawyers have now released the transcripts of the entire Gowen deposition in hopes of bringing attention to the case. According to lead counsel, Dr. Jonathan Levy: “The real miracle is how the Vatican made countless millions in victim loot and major Nazi war criminals disappear with apparent impunity.  The Vatican must open its archives once for all.”

William Gowen who as a young Army CIC Special Agent fluent in Italian infiltrated the ratline and almost captured Pavelic at San Girolamo in 1947, endured four days of cross examination by Vatican attorneys in 2005 and 2006 and never wavered from his position.  The deposition in its entirety is now available.

William E W Gowen, Deposition December 12, 2005 Volume I Alperin v. Vatican Bank

Declassified Document on Montini’s Meetings with Pavelic

For more information contact:


Dr. Jonathan Levy, Legal Representative for Holocaust Victims Group

+1 202-318-2406


      While I had attorney Jonathan Levy on the phone, I sought his advice for Eric Phelps who had just been legally threatened for having the audacity to put a decade plus old
article of mine on his website. I read the threat to him, part of which stated:

Dr. Gabriel Lansky, Vienna, Austria;
We hereby inform you that we represent the legal interests of Dr. Grigory Luchansky. Your article available on    contains false allegations against our client ie he "appears on a CIA list of members of the Russian mafia."
...Your assertions, from a legal point of view, can be qualified as serious damage to reputation and simultaneous defamation of character...
should you not immediately remove the content at issue (you) provide us with many possibilities to initiate criminal, civil and well as
media-related proceedings against you...The Media Act provides for the legally enforceable right of reply, with which media owners can be ordered by the court to retract untrue
statements and pay a fine to those affected.

     Levy reacted quickly. "There is no Media Act in America, but Austria has one. In America writers and publishers are protected on two fronts. The first is Sullivan vs The New York Times
which, in 1964, ruled that all media are immune from liability claims unless proven to be intentionally reckless. This ruling backs the First Amendment which protects free speech. If after over ten years Luchansky is attacking Eric's site, something you don't know about is going on. By using thuggish deceit to scare him, he's doing Eric a big favor. And you too. I know your work and would assume
you were responsibly reporting."
    I assured Levy that every fact, quote and reference was accurate. And the writing would hold up in court.
    "Good. I'd love to see Luchansky waste his time proving your article is negligent in an American court. Whatever his real motives are, I don't think that would benefit them."
    Here's the relevant section of my suddenly rediscovered article:   


Appeal To The Attorney General, Babel et al:

In the courtroom Sharansky categorically denied receiving $100,000 from Grigory Luchansky, while the latter confirmed under oath to giving Sharansky the money and gave the bank account number Sharansky asked the money be transferred to.

Affidavit of Grigori Luchansky, Presented To Jerusalem District Court

I have met Israeli Minister Natan Sharansky about five times in Israel and abroad. Mr. Sharansky asked me for a contribution and I agreed to contribute the sum to an association whose account was in Bank Hapoalim.

Haaretz, Akiva Eldar, 14/3/02

Kutzenov added that Luchansky complained to him that, "Sharansky promised to help get him a passport, got money, but did nothing. Later in 1996, I asked Sharansky why he didn't help Luchansky. Sharansky said he can't help him since Luchansky appears in first place on a CIA list of members of the Russian mafia."

Either Luchansky signed a false affidavit or Sharansky committed perjury.

Haaretz 12.3/04

Gavriella's car was discovered after he went to Grigori Lerner's office where he met with Sofa Landver, formerly a Labor Party member of the Knesset. Lerner was convicted on three attempts to bribe elected officials...His arrest in 1997 dragged a parade of politicians to the National Unit For Serious And International Crime Investigations including Natan Sharansky, who received a $100,000 contribution from Lerner, and Labour MK Shimon Peres, who had promoted the career of Sofa Landver from being his Russian teacher to being a Knesset member...

From, How The Russian Mob Has Invaded America, Robert I. Friedman, Liberty Books

One politician already ensnared in the web of organized crime is Russian-born Natan Sharansky...Sharansky has publicly admitted that his party has accepted contributions from NORDEX president Grigori Luchansky. Officials from the US Congress, the State Department, and the CIA pleaded with Sharansky to sever his ties to Luchansky. Says Winer, "We told him about Luchansky's MO: bribery, influence peddling and that he was a bridge between governments and organized crime."
Sharansky simply refused.

In March, 2004, Sharansky took personal responsibility for securing the release of Jonathan Pollard, and wangled a law giving him 4.5 million shekels a year until Pollard's release. Pollard was not amused. On March 11.04 Pollard wrote Sharansky:

I am stunned that you have authored a bill that legislates political lassitude and financial corruption. As head of the committee to secure my release, it was your job to know about this law and do exactly that - secure my release - not provide additional funds for your office.

Jerusalem Post 12/5/04 - Zelda Harris

I was in Moscow in 1977 when Sharansky was arrested and was partly responsible for bringing out legal documents to be used in his campaign for freedom. Now I feel it is time to say it like it is: I do not believe Sharansky was a sincere human rights activist. He used the platform to gain stardom at a time when Western eyes were focused on the Soviet Union. Once he got here, his lack of support from olim who had been his former compatriots showed what he really was: a self-seeker.



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Labor Zionist-NAZI Collaboration

by Barry Chamish Please differentiate me from the Jew haters spreading the story on the Internet that because Israel parked an old Boeing 777 in its territory that it, naturally, was behind the still-to-be-explained disappearance of an Air Malaysia passenger jet. A very pro-Israel writer sent me the text of Lenni Brenner's book, Lenni Brenner 51 Documents Zionist Collaboration with the Nazi, and I pass it on to you. I have known about Brenner for years but I chose not to publicize him, doubting his motivation. In simpler terms, I believed he was driven by Jewish anti-semitism, a version of the Israel-Behind-Air Malaysia mentality. The problem is, whatever motivates him, his basic facts are not wrong. Only his conclusions are, and they lead to deceptive reasoning. For instance, he cites the murder of Chaim Arlozorov in 1933 at length, as a crime of the righteous opposition to Labor Zionism, the Herut. Here is my accurate history: In 1932, there were three branches of Zionism; Labor, Herut and the Orthodox. In the same year, over 250 organizations represented the Jews of Germany. That same year, Labor presented a deal to the Nazis that by 1934, would see the Herut and Orthodox removed from the Zionist shadow government of Israel, and reduce the number of organizations representing German Jews to one: Labor Zionism. The deal became The Transfer Agreement. The Labor Zionists promised the Nazis to end worldwide sanctions and boycotts against their regime, in return for making life impossible for German Jews, forcing them to emigrate to Palestine. Herut got wind of the atrociously immoral agreement and fought it tooth and nail. To nip revolt in the bud, the Labor negotiator of the agreement, Chaim Arlozorov was murdered in Tel Aviv, and Herut was blamed for long enough to provide an excuse to remove them from power. This misconception led to the very misguided deduction that all Jews were working with their soon-to-be murderers. Allow me to elaborate: Those who have read Perfidy by Ben Hecht know that Kastner was the Jewish Agency employee sent to Hungary to "save" Jews. Working hand in hand with Adolph Eichmann, Kastner saved 3,000 friends and family and aided the Nazis in the extermination of the other 400,000. As Eichman proudly acknowleged: In 1955, hiding in Argentina, Eichmann discussed Palestine and Kasztner on tape. After his capture in 1960, Life magazine published excerpts. On the kibbutz in 1937, he; "did see enough to be very impressed by the way the Jewish colonists were building up their land. I admired their desperate will to live, the more so since I was myself an idealist. In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that, had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist. I could not imagine being anything else. In fact, I would have been the most ardent Zionist imaginable." ("Eichmann Tells His Own Damning Story," Life [28 November 1960], p. 22) He described Kasztner as; "a fanatical Zionist. He agreed to help keep the Jews from resisting deportation -- and even keep order in the collection camps -- if I would close my eyes and let a few hundred or a few thousand young Jews emigrate illegally to Palestine. It was a good bargain. For keeping order in the camps, the price of 15,000 or 20,000 Jews -- in the end there may have been more -- was not too high for me. And because Kastner rendered us a great service by helping keep the deportation camps peaceful, I would let his groups escape." ("I Transported Them to the Butcher," Life [5 Dec. 1960], p. 146) And within that observation is the reason Adolph Eichman, locked in a sound-proof box, was the only Nazi ever convicted by an Israel court. Yes, the peace-loving Labor Zionists who brought Israel the suicidal Oslo Accord with the PLO in 1994, were up to same tricks that murdered the "useless" religious and right-wing Jews in the '40s. I am not alone is this reaching this sad conclusion. There exists a school of proud Jews that won't let this determination disappear from our history, and as unlikely as it seems, are fighting to save us from the next massacre. Read my book, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, or Rabbi Marvin Antelman's, To Eliminate The Opiate, add the newest contribution to the disaster reportage in David Livingstone's, Black Terror White Soldiers, and never forget the classic tragedy as movingly told in Perfidy by Ben Hecht, for more awful details. In the meantime, here is the Brenner misreading that all Zionists conspired with the Nazis to utterly and cruelly destruct those Jews who disagreed with their dastardly scheme, including most of my family. I will never forgive Labor Zionism. Ever. Below is Lenni Brenner. Learn from the raw facts and not from the unprofessional conclusions: Lenni Brenner 51 Documents Zionist Collaboration with the Nazi

"Agreement for Transferring Property from Germany to Palestine: Details of the Three Million Mark Agreement", The Zionist Record, South Africa, September 20, 1933

The World Zionist Organization's collaborationist policy came to full frail in its Ha Avara or Transfer agreement with the Nazis. The conditions of the pact changed over the "30s, always in favor of the Hitlerites, Berlin, August 31stThe Ministry of Economic Affairs has today published the full text of the decree providing for the transfer of Jewish property from Germany to Palestine. The decree, which is numbered 54, and is dared August 28th, states that an agreement was concluded "with the Jewish bodies concerned," for "promoting Jewish emigration to Palestine by releasing the necessary sums without putting excessive strain upon the foreign currency funds of the Reichsbank, and at the same time for increasing German exports to Palestine." The Reichsbank is for this purpose opening two special accounts for the Bank of Temple Society, it states, in favor of the Anglo-Palestine Bank. Special account No. 1, which is limited to three million marks, may be used for paying in investment sums of more than fifteen thousand marks for buying German goods, and the amount paid in will be credited to the emigrants in Palestine pounds by the Anglo-Pales tine Bank. Special account No. 2 is designed for payments by German Jews who wish to invest in Palestine now, but are not intending to emigrace there until later. Anyone is allowed to pay in up to fifty thousand marks, also for the purpose of buying German goods, the amount being payable in Palestine. It is explicitly emphasized that these accounts cannot be used for other purposes than for investment in Palestine. A special Trustee Corporation has been founded for advising prospective emigrants.

Text of The Agreement

Berlin, September 1st - The full text of the decree issued by the federal Minister of Economic Affairs setting outthe terms of the agreement said to have been concluded "with interested Jewish quarters" to make possible the Transfer abroad of property belonging to German Jews, mainly to Palestine, is published here by the Boersen Courier and reads as follows: (1) Transfer of property to Palestine. (a) Transfer of amounts exceeding 15,000 marks necessary for establishing a means of existence. In order to promote the emigration of German Jews to Palestine by allocating the requisite sums, without unduly straining the exchange reserves of the Reichsbank, and at the same time to increase German exports to Palestine, an arrangement has been concluded with the participating Jewish bodies on the following lines: Emigrants who have obtained the sanctions of the Emigration Advisory Office that they require sums in excess of the minimum amount of £1,000 necessary for the admission to Palestine to enable them to establish themselves in Palestine may within the limits of this sanction obtain permits to pay an amount in excess of this sum of 15,000 marks into a Special Account No. I to be opened by the Reichshaupthank in the Bank of Temple Society, Ltd., in favor of the Jewish Trust Corporation to he established in Palestine (andpending the establishment of this Trust Corporation, in favor of the Anglo-Palestine Bank,Ltd.). This Special Account No. 1 for which, together with a second Special Account No. 2 a total amount of three million marks is envisaged, will be administered by the Temple Bank as a trust account for the Jewish Trust Corporation referred to. The account will be used for the purpose of paying for exports of German goods to Palestine.

"The New Jewish Statesmanship", Labor Palestine, February 1934

Labor Zionist Moshe Beilinson had previously represented Italian Zionism in pledging loyalty in the '20s to Mussolini's new Fascist regime. Now the editor of the daily Davar could soar to new heights, defending the pact with the head devil... The meaning of the new policy is: the transfer of the Jews of Germany to Palestine. It is only for the sake of this that all those painful renunciations were made; it is only for the sake of this that the delegates to the Eighteenth Congress repressed their natural feelings.

"Between the Lines", The Daily Bulletin, March 8, 1935

Many Zionists opposed the ZVfD/WZO collaborationists. Boris Smolar, chief European correspondent for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the Zionist news service, spoke for them.

Zionist Overtures to Nazism

Die Juedische Rundschau, official organ of the Zionist Organization in Germany, has more than once been criticized for its overtures to the Nazi government. It has been pointed out more than once that this organ, while expressing the views of the Zionists in Germany, acts in contradiction with the interests of the general Jewish population in the Reich and with the attitude of world Jewry towards the Nazi regime. The overture, which this official organ of the Zionists in Germany has just made, demanding from the Nazi government economic equality only, at a time when world Jewry demands the restoration of full rights for German Jews, will again give ground for anew criticism of the German Zionist Organization, which is responsible for the views expressed in the Juedische Rundschau...The Zionist organ in Berlin has long been criticized for its overtures to the Nazi regime. It has been suspected that these overtures are made merely in order to prevent any persecution of Zionism in Germany. Whether this suspicion is correct or not is actually not of importance. The important thing is that the Nazi government takes the Zionist overtures quite seriously, especially since the barter agreements were concluded between Palestine and Germany...

Tel Aviv, 1936

Gustav Krojanker, an editor at the oldest European Zionist publisher, emigrated to Palestine in 1932, and continued to advocate full collaboration with Nazism for the Hitachduth Olei Germania, the German Immigrant Association. What is the process achieved through "Haavara"? (Transfer) Jewish property-houses, factories, shops-takes the form of possessions which cannot readily be packed up and brought to Palestine. It is essential to realize them in cash, and in turn to convert the cash into movables, e.g., merchandise. A Jew owning a house may exchange its value for the purchase of machinery so as to establish a factory in Palestine. That is the only method of transferring property and, as explained above, the sole possibility at a time when transfer of assets is proceeding on a larger scale. But the individual cannot always choose this method. The house may belong to a widow who needs no machinery, or the owner may be unable to predetermine a safe economic pursuit in Palestine, and so forth. That is where "Haavara" steps in. It is the intermediary which takes Jewish funds paid over in Germany and purchases for cash the merchandise anybody needs in Palestine. The proceeds are then paid over to the recipients who went to Palestine and they invest the money in Palestinian enterprise. In effect, "Haavara" arranges for the conversion of Jewish houses, factories, and shops in Germany into new Jewish property in Palestine: not necessarily in the form of houses, factories, and shops once more, but as Jewish land, Jewish settlements, Jewish labor...To include oneself within the transfer process, to open new possibilities, to guide that transfer to Palestine, are political tasks of first-class magnitude. It is the political task of Zionism today...Under these circumstances there would be no sacrifice of honor in securing an agreement between Germany and Jewish institutions whereby opportunities would be created for transferring capital and a large- scale immigration enabling a practicable and speedy liquidation of the Jewish problem in Germany. Moreover, Zionism can approach Germany as a claimant, since contrary to other countries Palestine is proposing a mass migration in which there are numbers of people without means, and establish a healthy proportion between capital and human material..Under these circumstances there would be no sacrifice of honor in securing an agreement between Germany and Jewish institutions whereby opportunities would be created for transferring capital and a large-scale immigration enabling a practicable and speedy liquidation of the Jewish problem in Germany. Moreover, Zionism can approach Germany as a claimant, since contrary to other countries Palestine is proposing a mass migration in which there are numbers of people without means, and establish a healthy proportion between capital and human material.... The choice lies within our grasp: Destruction in Germany, and hard abnegation for Palestine; that is what they call "honor"-or redemption from Germany and a flourishing Jewish homeland-the "national treachery" of which we are being accused...

Call of Youth, January 1936

The Havorah has thus established a credit with the Reichsbank. It then obtains orders for the German merchandise in Palestine and arranges to pay for these orders with its Reichsbank credit, thus obtaining cash in Palestine and satisfying the merchandise clause of the agreement. The Transfer Agreement prevents the country from being flooded with German merchandise, since goods come in only as there is need for them. It is the only method whereby a German Jew can withdraw more than £1000 of his fortune. Besides, it provides (through Account I) moneys which are invested in the national funds of Palestine... There is still another aspect to the question. Because so many German products enter Palestine the market is flooded. New markets are needed. So the German consul in Egypt is approached by the "Havorah" to help sell "Havorah" goods to the Egyptians and is thereby promised especially low prices. The same is done in other countries neighboring to Palestine. Palestine thus becomes the official scab-agent against the boycott in the Near-East.

Palestine Post, January 15, 1936

Berlin. Tuesday-A bold demand that the German Zionist Federation be given recognition by the Government as the only instrument for the exclusive control of German Jewish life was made by the Executive of that body in a proclamation today. All German Jewish organizations, it was declared, should be dominated by the Zionist spirit...

The Congress Bulletin, January 24, 1936

American Jewish Congress, a leading pro-Zionist organization. Once a leading Zionist, and President of the Berlin Jewish Community, Kareski discovered the "compatibility" between Hitlerism and Zionism and then voluntarily joined the Secret Service of the Reich. He became the Jew who made Hitlerism his Jewish nationalist faith. He openly declared-in Goebbels' "Angriff"-the Nuremberg Laws to be a "blessing to the Jews." Who but Kaieski was to be entrusted with implementing the Nazi-made cultural autonomy for Jews?

The New Palestine, September 17, 1937

It should be known that during the last four and a half years, not even one Jew was seen or received by any member of the Nazi Government to consider a political question. We dealt only with the officials of the ministries and the police, with the Gestapo, the Jewish department of Goebbel's ministry or with the ministry for economic affairs (on the problems of transfer)... It was very difficult for the Zionists to operate. It was morally disturbing to seem to be considered as the favored children of the Nazi Government, particularly when it dissolved the anti-Zionist youth groups, and seemed in other ways to prefer the Zionists. The Nazis asked for a "more Zionist behavior." Prinz (1902-1988)head of the AmericanJewish Congress, definitely thought that Zionism could and should come to an accommodation with Nazism. Prinz: Oh, we thought, in our discussions with intellectuals in the SS movement, that the time would come when they would say, "Yes, you live in Germany, you are Jewish people, you are different from us, but we will not kill you, we will permit you to live your own cultural life, and develop your own national capacities and dreams." We thought, at the beginning of the Hitler regime that such a very frank discussion was possible. We found among the SS intellectuals, some people were ready for such a talk.

David Yisraeli, The Palestinian Problem in German Politics 1889-1945 (Hebrew), Bar-Ilan University, Appendix (German):

The Zionists were always more eager to extend their relationship than the Nazis. It was therefore the Haganah, the military arm of the Jewish Agency (de facto the Labor Zionist militia), that obtained permission to negotiate directly with the SS. A Haganah agent, Feivel Polkes arrived in Berlin on February 26, 1937 and was assigned Adolf Eichrnann as his negotiating partner. Their conversations were recorded in a report by Eichmann's superior, Franz-Albert Six, found in files captured by the Americans after World War 11. In 1983, I met Yoav Gelber, a scholar at Jerusalem's Yad Vashem Holocaust center. I asked what he knew of Polkes: "The Haganah archives refuses to let me see his file." On October 3, I went there and asked custodian Chaim Zamir to see the file: "There is no file." "But Yoav Gelber says that you would not let him see the file." "There is no file because it would be too embarrassing..." The above-mentioned Jew, Feivel Polkes, who is active as a central figure in the Jewish intelligence service, Haganah, was known here while visiting Berlin between February 26 and March 2, 1937, as referred by DNB correspondent Dr. Reichart. In connection with the contact made with him at that time, it was found that Polkes is well acquainted with all important matters occurring in the Jewish world. A plan, in coordination with Gestapo (II/B 94), was formulated to enlist Polkes as a steady source of information for the Security Service. He stated that he is ready to serve Germany and supply information as long as this does not oppose his political goal. Among other things, he is ready to stand by the interests of German foreign policy in the Middle East. He will try to find the German Reich the oil sources without affecting British spheres of influence, all on the condition that Germany will assist Jewish immigration to Palestine, and on condition that Germany also ease the monetary regulations for these Jewish emigrants. In connection with other queries, he let it be know that he knew the men and the background of the Gustloff murder... For the work of contacting him, we especially suggest SS Group Leader Eichmann of Department 11/112, who was in charge of the previous discussion with Polkes in Berlin, and was invited by the latter to visit the Jewish colonies in Palestine as his guest...Polkes can be given the following assurances.
  1. Pressure can be put on the Reich Representation of the Jews in Germany in such a way that those Jews emigrating from Germany will go exclusively to Palestine and nowhere else. Such a measure lies entirely in the German interest and is already prepared thru measures of the Gestapo. At the same time, Polkes' plans to create a Jewish majority in Palestine would be aided through this measure.
  2. Those Jews arrested under suspicion of working for the Haganah would be freed.
  3. Additionally, money could be made available to Polkes for his services.
After talking with Assessor Wilmanns of the Reich Economic Ministry, who is an expert on Palestine Transfer affairs, 1,000 Reichmarks for 3/4th of a year would be available thru the Transfer service, so that the Gestapo Security Service would not have any further costs...

The Holocaust, John Mendelsohn (Ed.)

On October 2, 1937, the liner Romania arrived in Haifa with two "journalists," aboard, Herbert Hagen and his junior colleague, Eichmann. They met Feivel Polkes, who showed them Haifa from Mount Carmel and took them to visit a kibbutz.

Jewish Frontier, March 1942

Labor Zionist Greenberg details the development of Zionist internalized anti-semitism. The fashion for Zionist speakers (including the writer) is to declare from the platform that "to be a good Zionist one must first be somewhat of an anti-Semite." One can sense this attitude in some of Pinsker's writings: there is a great deal of it in Syrkin and in Borochow, the two main theoreticians of the Labor Zionist movement; A. D. Gordon, the author of the idea of the Religion of Labor (Dat Ha-Avoda) wrote, in a spirit of extreme contrition, about the national sins of the Jews which must be atoned for by manual labor; I. H.Brenner, the nearest to Dostoyevsky in Hebrew literature, indulged in a masochistic self-flagellation. To this day Labor Zionist circles are under the influence of the idea that the Return to Zion involves a process of purification from our economic uncleanliness. Whosoever does not engage in so-called "productive" manual labor, is believed to be a sinner against Israel and against mankind.

Der Angriff (The Attack), Berlin, September 27, 1934 - LEOPOLD VON MILDENSTEIN

A Zionist convinced the Baron, to write a pro-Zionist piece for the Nazi press. He visited Palestine as the six months guest of the WZO and wrote a 12-part series for Der Angriff, the Nazis' chief party organ. To commemorate his expedition, Propaganda Minister Goebbels had a medal struck: on one side the swastika, on the other the Zionist star...

Jewish Chronicle, London, January 3, 1936

Georg Kareski joined the German Revisionists after Hitler came to power, seeing them as the potential equivalent of the successful Nazis. Indeed the Nazis allowed only the "State Zionists" the right to wear uniforms, indoors.

The American Hebrew , February 21, 1936

The ZVfD bitterly fought the Revisionists for the Nazis' patronage. The Nazi Commissioner for Jewish Cultural Affairs, Herr Hinkel, has given an important interview to the official Nazi newspaper, Rote Erde. Herr Hinkel began by enumerating the many "favors" which the Nazi regime has done for the Jews by establishing the special Jewish "Kulturbund" to look after their cultural interest. He then explained that owing to the shortage of special Jewish dramas, the Kulturbund was obliged to produce also non- Jewish dramas. It was unfortunate that this was necessary, but the Nazis were "generous" and did not make unnecessary difficulties for the Jews. The most important part of the interview, however, dealt not with the Kulturbund, but with Zionism. Towards the end of the interview, Herr Hinkel said: "I have consciously allowed the Zionist movement to exert the strongest influence upon the cultural and spiritual activities of the Kulturbund because the Zionists as the 'Racial Jews' have at least given us formal guarantees of cooperation in acceptable form." ###

Anonymous - The Plan is now Live


Our World: Lessons from the embassy takeover
09/12/2011 22:39

Until last weekend, both the Israeli Left and the US foreign policy establishment believed the situation in Egypt was not significantly worse than it had been under deposed president Hosni Mubarak
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We are able to consider the lessons of the weekend’s mob assault on the Israeli embassy in Cairo because the six Israeli security officers who were on the brink of being slaughtered were rescued at the last moment and spirited out of the country. If the Egyptian commandos hadn’t arrived on the scene at the last moment, the situation would have been too explosive for a sober-minded assessment of the rapidly deteriorating situation with our neighbor to the south.

Any assessment of the weekend’s events must begin by recounting a few key aspects of the assault. First, this was the second mob attack on the embassy in so many weeks. During the first assault, an Egyptian rioter scaled the 20-story building where the embassy is housed, tore down the Israeli flag, and threw it to the frenzied mob below which swiftly burned it. Rather than being arrested for the crime of assaulting a foreign embassy, the rioter was embraced as a hero by Egypt’s military regime. The governor of Giza awarded him an apartment and a job.

Second, for six hours after the assault on the embassy began on Friday evening, Israel’s leaders tried desperately to contact the leaders of the Egyptian military junta to request their intercession on behalf of the trapped security officers.

Field Marshal Muhammad Tantawi refused to speak with either Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu or Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

Third, Egyptians authorities refused to intervene to save the lives of the Israeli security officers until after the Americans intervened directly on their behalf.

That is, Israel’s entreaties, and Egypt’s international legal obligations were insufficient to move the Egyptian authorities to act to save the embassy personnel from the mob. Only the apparent threat of direct US action against Egypt convinced them to act.

The behavior of the Egyptian mob and military junta alike served as a wake-up call for two key constituencies.

Until last weekend, both the Israeli Left and the US foreign policy establishment believed the situation in Egypt was not significantly worse than it had been under deposed president Hosni Mubarak.

Most Israelis awoke to the fact that Israel’s border with Egypt is no longer a peaceful one three weeks ago. After the Egyptian-Palestinian terror cell infiltrated Israel from Sinai on August 18 and massacred eight Israelis on the highway to Eilat, most Israelis recognized that relations with Egypt had been ruptured.

But until the weekend, Israel’s Left insisted there was a distinction between the lawless Sinai and the more orderly situation in Cairo. They argued that all that was needed to calm the situation in Sinai was for the military junta to assert its authority in Sinai as it does in the rest of Egypt. Hence, the Left argued that it is in Israel’s interest to amend the peace treaty and allow the Egyptian military to remilitarize the Sinai.

Since the weekend, these claims have been notably absent from the discourse. After the Egyptian military allowed the mob to take over the embassy, residual leftist faith in the junta’s moderation and commitment to the peace with Israel is swiftly evaporating.

As for the Americans, unlike Israel, American foreign policy hands from across the conservative- liberal divide supported the mob in Tahrir Square that called for Mubarak’s overthrow. The Americans hailed Mubarak’s demise as a triumph of liberal democratic forces in the Arab world. But in the aftermath of the weekend’s assault on the embassy, voices from across the political spectrum in the US are calling for a reassessment of US relations with Egypt.

For his part, Obama’s willingness to intervene on behalf of the besieged security guards at the embassy was probably not divorced from his assessment of the political fallout likely to ensue from the slaughter of Israeli embassy guards by the Egyptian mob.

In such an event, the American public would immediately equate Obama’s support for the “democratic, revolutionary” mob against longstanding US ally Mubarak with his predecessor Jimmy Carter’s support for the “democratic, revolutionary” Iranian mob against the US-allied Shah of Iran in 1979.

The fact that Obama recognizes the political significance of the developments in Egypt signals that he too may be willing to consider adopting a different policy towards Egypt in the months to come.

All of this is important.

In the absence of a reassessment of the situation in Egypt by the Israeli Left and the American policy establishment alike, the chance of anyone adopting rational policies towards the strongest Arab state would remain small.

Any rational policy must be based on an accurate assessment of the dynamics of the post- Mubarak political situation. Specifically, is the junta part of the mob or is it simply unable or unwilling to manage it? Apparently it is a bit of both.

Like its treatment of the rioter who tore the Israeli flag from the embassy building two weeks ago, the regime’s arrest in June of Ilan Grapel, the dual Israeli-American citizen, on trumped-up espionage charges is an example of the junta acting as part of the mob.

On the other hand, the regime’s decision to try Mubarak and his sons in contravention of Tantawi’s solemn pledge to Mubarak is an indication that Tantawi and his generals are led by the mob.

As for Grapel – and to a lesser degree Mubarak – the US’s ultimate success in forcing the junta to rescue the Israelis trapped at the embassy demonstrates that the US still has significant leverage against Egypt. When it is sufficiently adamant, Washington can force the junta change its behavior.

It is not clear how much this leverage is dependent on continued US financial and military assistance to Egypt. Obviously, an assessment of its significance should guide any US consideration of reducing or cutting off that aid.

As for Israel, the mob’s ability to determine the course of events in Egypt and the junta’s refusal to stand up to the mob on Israel’s behalf is a strong indication that the peace treaty is doomed. After the junta stood back and allowed the mob to storm the embassy, it is impossible to believe the junta will defy the mob’s demand to abrogate the treaty.

The fact that the treaty is doomed doesn’t mean that Israel will immediately find itself at war with Egypt – although the prospect can no longer be ruled out. The US’s continued leverage against the regime – like NATO’s leverage against Turkey – may very well convince the Egyptians to maintain a ceasefire with Israel.

On the other hand, US leverage may end after November’s elections. The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies are expected to win a parliamentary majority and the presidency.

Given the explosiveness of the situation, it is imperative that the US not repeat its rush to action from January where without considering the consequences of its actions, Washington hurriedly sided with the Tahrir Square mob against Mubarak. The US shouldn’t support elections or oppose them. It shouldn’t cut off aid or increase it. It shouldn’t condemn the junta or embrace it.

The Americans should simply monitor the situation and prepare for all contingencies.

As for Israel, it must prepare for the possibility of war. It must increase the size of the IDF by adding a division to the Southern Command. It must train for desert warfare. It must expand the Navy.

Thankfully, all Israeli personnel were safely evacuated from Cairo. But this happy circumstance must not blind anyone to the dangers mounting in Egypt.

Egypt Overturned, But Israel's Existence Still Questioned

A story of an Island and a Whale by Rabbi YY Jacobson

Art: Jacek Yerka

Two old Jewish men are standing in front of the Czar's firing squad.

The officer asks them if they would like a final cigarette.

One of them says, "No, I don't smoke, and you can drop dead."

The other whispers in his ear, "Shhh, Yankle, don't make trouble."

The Whale The latest developments in Egypt have become a source of concern in Israel. The Jewish State is in doubt whether the new emerging powers in Egypt will honor the cold peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, signed three decades ago. This only underscores yet once again the vulnerable position of Israel, and how its very existence is still questioned. A revolution so inspiring and uplifting in the land of the Pharaohs, but Israel's right of existence is still not a simple matter.
Let us reflect a bit on this.
One of the great Talmudic sages related the following episode:
Once, while on a ship, we came to what we assumed was a large island, since we saw on it sand and growing grass. We disembarked the ship, went on to the island, built a fire, and cooked our meal. Yet what we assumed to be an island was really a fish. When the fish felt the heat, he rolled over and we were plunged into the water. Had the ship not been nearby, we would have drowned. -- Talmud Bava Basra 73b.
What is the meaning behind this absurd Talmudic tale, related by one of its great sages, Rabba the son of Bar Chana?
According to some of the great Talmudic commentators, this tale captures, in intriguing metaphor, one of the most essential truths about Jewish history, particularly one relating to the holiday of Purim, which will be celebrated in a few weeks.
The Journey From the moment they stood at Mt. Sinai more than three millennia ago, the Jewish people have been traveling on a lone and long journey. Their destination is a world healed, redeemed and reunified with its Creator; a society cleansed from ego-centricity, hatred and bloodshed; a universe permeated with moral and spiritual awareness, filled with "the knowledge of the Divine as the waters cover the sea" (in the words of the prophet Isaiah chapter 11). The Torah and its Mitzvos serve as their blueprint for this courageous voyage in a vast and seemingly endless sea.
Yet the waters have often become increasingly tumultuous and the voyage discouraging, if not apparently futile. So when in the midst of their journey they observed what seemed to be an island of serenity, an oasis of tranquility, a respite from a miserable fate, many of them abandoned the "ship" of Jewish consciousness and commitment for the perceived blessings of freedom and happiness.
The era in which the Purim story occurred was a classical example of this pattern. The king was married to a Jewish woman; large segments of Jewish society assimilated into Persian culture; the Jewish establishment played a pivotal role in the economical and political structures of the Persian Empire. The community had been invited to the royal feast and given status as equal citizens. In reciprocity, the Jews learned how to "behave;" how to become integrated and law abiding citizens. They did not demand kosher food or kosher wine at the feast, nor did they create any other waves that would disturb the equilibrium and make them stand out as Jews.
Seventy years after being expelled from their ancient homeland, their Temple being burnt to the ground, many of them had abandoned the old ship, secure in their belief that they have reached an island of serenity; they finally "made it."
Identity Crisis Throughout history, the struggle of Jewish identity and our relationships with the world around us has become so challenging, that it often caused us to redefine ourselves from within. Jean-Paul Sartre claimed in his Sur le Question Juif that the only thing Jews had in common was that they were the victims of hate. It is not Jews who create anti-Semitism, he said, but anti-Semitism that creates Jews. Arthur Koestler wrote: "Self-hatred is the Jews patriotism." Franz Kafka said: "What do I have in common with the Jews? I don't even have anything in common with myself."
Time and time again we have been lured into the faith that if we abandon the "ship" of Judaism-of Torah and Mitzvos-we would gain acceptance among the brotherhood of mankind. "Be a man in the street and a Jew at home," was the 19th century slogan by the Enlightened Jews in Western Europe. If only Jews weren't so Jewish we would have less anti-Semitism, so went the theory.
The past three centuries have produced a dazzling variety of movements, ideals and solutions to the age-old "Jewish problem," offering islands of hope for a people tormented by persecution and targeted for abuse. The Enlightenment (Haskalah) came to "civilize" us and allow us free entry into European society; the Marxists and Socialists promised to create a utopia for us and all of mankind; Zionism's goal was to grant us a State, a national identity, and thus cure anti-Semitism once and for all; Reform came to make us acceptable to the non-Jewish society and to inculcate us with humanistic values; secularism came to free us from the burdens of tradition which have supposedly hindered our progress and happiness.
All of these attempts have been brilliantly captured in that ancient Talmudic tale: Once, while on a ship, we came to what we assumed was a large island, since we saw on it sand and growing grass. We disembarked the ship, went on to the island, built a fire, and cooked our meal.
Disillusionment Yet, ironically, the end of the Talmudic tale also came to be:
What we assumed to be an island was really a fish. When the fish felt the heat, he rolled over and we were plunged into the water. Had the ship not been nearby, we would have drowned.
Each time we came to feel comfortable on the island, and we began at last to live out our latent dreams, the "fish" turned over and threw us back into the raging waters. In the days of Purim, when the Jews felt that they had successfully integrated into mainstream culture, under the very nose of a Jewish queen-the king was persuaded to issue forth a plan of genocide for the Jewish people.
Assimilation never cured prejudice. Not in the days of Purim, nor at any time in the future. It didn't even in 15th century Spain, where Jews converted to Christianity and yet still suffered from persecution under the vicious doctrine of limpieza de sangre ("purity of blood"), the forerunner of modern racial anti-Semitism. It didn't in 20th century Germany where Jews were often "more German" than the Germans. It didn't in the Modern State of Israel constructed as a secular democracy.
The historical truth remains that none of the above movements achieved their stated goals. The Holocaust made mockery of Jewish integration in the general humanistic world; Zionism created the State of Israel, which we cherish deeply, but only exacerbated the problems of anti-Semitism and still struggles to provide security for its citizens. Israel still needs to fight for its "right" to exist. Stalin "cured" us of the "paradise" of Marxism and Socialism; the Enlightenment apparently did not sufficiently civilize us; secularism has deprived generations of direction and meaning, leaving our youth thirsty for identity and purpose (1).
Our Hope "Had the ship not been nearby, we would have drowned," is how the Talmudic sage concludes the episode. What saved us during the time of Purim - and what has guaranteed our existence throughout our long and difficult history - was not forfeiting our identity and surrendering our truth; it was our animated relationship with the living G-d, the creator of heaven and earth, and our dedication to His Torah and Mitzvos that has allowed us to survive and thrive, till we reach the culmination of the voyage, speedily in our days (2).
1) Interestingly, the metaphor employed in the Talmudic tale is the fish. What the travelers felt was an island was really a fish waiting to plunge them into the waters. The zodiac sign for the month of Adar is Pisces, fish (mazal dogim.) As the book of Esther relates, the Persian Minister Haman chose a day in the month of Adar (the 13th) to exterminate the Jewish people (Maharsah to Bava Basra 73b). Conversely, what is unique about fish? They must remain submerged in their natural element of water to survive. So too, the Jewish people must remain in their habitat of Torah and Mitzvos for their continued existence (see Talmud Berechos 61a).
2) This essay is based on the commentary of the Maharsah (Rabbi Shmuel Eliezer Eidels) to Talmud Bava Basra 73b and on other sources.

Israel Palestinian Conflict The Truth About the Peace Process


RFID chips and Privacy

ScienceDaily (Nov. 25, 2008) — A research article published in the current issue of the International Journal of Intellectual Property Management suggests that Big Brother could be opening a privacy and security Pandora's Box if human rights, particularly regarding data protection are not addressed in the design of new RFID applications.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips can be found tagging everything from groceries and clothing to the experimental swipe-free credit cards used to pay for those goods. In library cards, warehouse inventories, and under-skin pet tags. They are also used for prisoner and parole tags, in hospital patient wristbands, and in smart passports.

According to Eleni Kosta and Jos Dumortier of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, the benefits of RFID technology in innovation are beyond question. However, the threats posed to personal privacy should be taken into account at the design phase of the applications. Their increasingly widespread deployment means individuals do not necessarily know when, how and what kind of information about them is being transmitted at any given time from an RFID in a passport, in their shopping bags, or even when they visit the library.

RFID tags are powerful devices for use in a wide array of applications: stock inventory, logistics, security finance, buildings, and across international borders. However, they provide a seemingly innocuous medium for the collection and transmission of personal data, as well as the ability to track the movements of people.

The European Union has already recognized some of the concerns being raised. A recent European Commission report, "Communication on RFID" emphasized that privacy and security should be built into RFID information systems before their widespread deployment. Moreover,

European legislation on data protection applies to RFID technology when it entails the processing of personal data, Kosta and Dumortier point out. However, it is not always clear whether or not information stored on or transmitted via an RFID tag is personal data.

"In order to achieve a common approach towards RFID technology at the

European level, a unified interpretation of what is perceived as personal data is necessary," the team explains. "When information about an individual, such as name, age and nationality, is directly stored in an RFID tag, it is beyond doubt that it qualifies as personal data."

However, there are many instances when the information seemingly cannot be directly linked to an individual, but by linking the RFID tag number to a back-end database can be correlated with a credit card payment, for instance, and so provide indirect identification of the individual. "In this case, even if the data seem anonymous at first sight, the processing falls under the scope of application of the Data Protection

Directive, as the data can be easily linked to the credit card data", the team explains. Even vaguer are the cases when the information on the RFID tag cannot be linked to an actual person, or at least significant effort is needed for a link to be made.

The team counter the argument that honest citizens have nothing to fear from RFID. "A surveillance society where RFID tags reveal personal information and enable the tracking and tracing of the individuals, shall be contested, as every law-abiding citizen should be free from any kind of monitoring," they say.

An immigrant family shops at the local Supermarket.

Did you know that your bank, credit card company, insurance company, brokerage, and other companies you do business with can legally sell the personal information they collect from you to telemarketers, direct mailers, retailers, and others? Is it okay with you if these companies sell your social security number, credit card spending habits, account balances, or monthly income information to companies that want to use the information to target the people who are most likely to purchase their products or services?

The privacy notices you've no doubt been receiving in the mail from financial institutions you do business with probably ended up in your trash can, a move that you may come to regret unless you act quickly. These notices were NOT junk mail. Federal law now requires companies that collect personal information about you to give you the option to refuse to allow them to sell your personal information. But if you don't "opt-out" by responding to the notices or contacting these companies directly, your personal information can be sold to anybody willing to pay the price.

In some cases, those willing to pay the price have been criminals who illegally used the information to run scams where millions of dollars of bogus charges were charged to credit cards.

Your right to opt-out is limited, due to flaws in the law that do not protect consumers, but it is still worthwhile to opt-out. It's also worthwhile to write to your Congressional representatives to let them know that you expect them to pass legislation that will better protect the privacy of consumers.

If you're among the millions of Americans that tossed these privacy notices in the trash, you can still protect your personal financial information by contacting each of the financial institutions you do business with and instructing them NOT to disclose information about you to non-affiliated companies. Privacy Rights Now offers a sample form letter on their site that you can use or adapt.

When you open new accounts at financial institutions, or when a financial institution you do business with changes its privacy policies, you'll receive privacy notices in the mail. To protect your privacy, follow the instructions in the notices (you may have to complete a form or call a toll-free number).

Nuclear Tokyo


The Message of the Japan Disaster- And It’s Not Sushi

rav-shmuel-brazil-1By Rav Shmuel Brazil

When cataclysmic occurrences happen in the world the Yid must take careful note and do teshuvah. When they happen back to back then taking note is insufficient. We need to speedily make changes in our lives for time is of essence. What transpired in Japan is just mind boggling. First they experienced a deadly earthquake, then a massive destructive tsunami, followed by a nuclear disaster and contaminative fall out, climaxing with volcanic eruptions. Each one of these catastrophes by itself would have been enough to send a message to Am Yisrael. How much more so when compounded like this! If you are not thinking and doing teshuva you must be living on another planet for there cannot be any other excuse for one’s procrastination. Let us see if we can help the teshuva process along with an explanation of these current incredible devastations.

There are four elements in creation: fire, wind, water and earth אש רוח מים עפר . Although these elements take on physical dimensions, their source is very high with spiritual roots. The sefarim explain that the gematriah of אש רוח מים עפר is identical to the four angels מיכאל גבריאל רפאל נוריאל. These four elements are rooted in the four letters of Hashem’s name. Adam Harishon when he ate from the Aitz Hadaas lowered the spiritual level and dimensions of these four elements causing to evolve from each one the four exiles as explained in detail in the Shem Mishmuel Teruma 76.

These four elementsl might seem for a while a fixed component of nature. However, our emunah is that they are all being constantly controlled by Hashem and can be altered at any given moment. When Hashem makes war He can utilize all of these elements to do His will and command. This is hinted in the passuk איש מלחמה ה’ the word איש is gematriah 311 which is the same gematriah as the first letter of each of the four elements ארמע. What we have witnessed in the last few days is the fulfillment Hashem eesh milchama. First an earthquake which corresponds to the element of earth, then a tsunami which parallels the water element, then a meltdown whose radiation is carried by the wind and finally a volcanic eruption which corresponds to fire.. Hashem’s revenge on the Japanese people, whether because they were allies with the Nazis in WW2 or because they incarcerated and cruelly treated three innocent Yiddishe neshamos whose innocence is clear to all except for their kangaroo court, was all enveloping utilizing all the elements to demonstrate His decisive omnipotence. No man made advanced technology could stop or even slow the earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown and volcano. Everyone stood helpless, stunned and paralyzed as Hashem with one swift blow used His elements to demonstrate as He did to Pharaoh in Mitzrayim that in merely seconds what seems to be one’s reality is no longer. One’s past present and future literally went down the drain in seconds right in front of one’s eyes.

If you saw any of the videos of just the tsunami alone, one would be awestruck as everything appeared so make believe as mere toy houses, cars and boats being tossed and swirling in a muddy bathtub and then totally disappearing from sight. Unfortunately the devastation, every part of it, was real leaving in its path despair, hopelessness, grief, irreparable damage and loss. The 9.0 magnitude quake also shifted Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet. Thirteen is gematriah echad referrring to Hashem who is the one and only. His signature and seal were imprinted on these cataclysmic events.

Every action must pass through a judgment. Shlomo Hamelech says in Koheles כי את כל מעשה האלקים יבא במשפט על כל נעלם אם טוב ואם רע . Even deeds that only Hashem knows the doer’s intentions also pass before a judgment. If for good then there will be reward. If for bad then there will be punishment and retribution using the four elements. This is hinted in the words of the passuk אם רע which is the acronym of the four elements אש מים רוח עפר . Forget about the world waking up and learning the lesson that Hashem is sending them. More is expected from Klal Yisrael who must wake up and pay close attention to this ongoing ” mussar shiur” of Hashem. At this point of time we must ascertain that we channel our fears to the One who is causing them - Hashem. What a tragic and wasted opportunity to have presently a misplaced fear like this following article posted: “While Japan continues to deal with the aftermath of last Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, and has yet to recover from one of the greatest disasters in its history, Israelis fear a shortage in the ingredients of one of their favorite dishes: Sushi.”

As we read this Shabbos parshas Zachor, the Torah describes them as ולא ירא אלקים they did not fear Hashem. They heard of Hashem’s manipulation of nature in the ten plagues followed by the splitting of the Red Sea and they remained unaffected. It is therefore that they received the eternal punishment of total annihilation. Yisrael because they were ירא אלקים were able to defeat the לא ירא אלקים. In the aftermath of these disasters everyone must honestly ask himself to which camp does he fall into.

Each of the four elements symbolizes a galus,. The horrific destruction brought on by these four elements symbolizes a vicarious undergoing of all four destructive exiles. Daily we witness the kingdoms of the Middle East toppling one after another. Moshiach is past being on his way. He is here standing at our doorstep. The only question is are we going to let him in now. That door of entry is the door of teshuva. Don’t let us wait even another second. Last week we have seen that it only takes one second for one’s realities to completely disappear.

Gut Shabbos
Rav Brazil

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Chernobyl Cleanup Survivor's Message for Japan: 'Run Away as Quickly as Possible'

Dana Kennedy Contributor

Natalia Manzurova, one of the few survivors among those directly involved in the long cleanup of Chernobyl, was a 35-year-old engineer at a nuclear plant in Ozersk, Russia, in April 1986 when she and 13 other scientists were told to report to the wrecked, burning plant in the northern Ukraine.

It was just four days after the world's biggest nuclear disaster spewed enormous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and forced the evacuation of 100,000 people.

Manzurova and her colleagues were among the roughly 800,000 "cleaners" or "liquidators" in charge of the removal and burial of all the contamination in what's still called the dead zone.

Natalia Manzurova Courtesy of Natalia Manzurova Natalia Manzurova, shown here in 1988 in the "dead zone" of the Pripyat, is one of the relatively few survivors among those directly involved in the cleanup of Chernobyl.She spent 4 1/2 years helping clean the abandoned town of Pripyat, which was less than two miles from the Chernobyl reactors. The plant workers lived there before they were abruptly evacuated.

Manzurova, now 59 and an advocate for radiation victims worldwide, has the "Chernobyl necklace" -- a scar on her throat from the removal of her thyroid -- and myriad health problems. But unlike the rest of her team members, who she said have all died from the results of radiation poisoning, and many other liquidators, she's alive.

AOL News spoke with Manzurova about the nuclear disaster in Japan with the help of a translator on the telephone Monday from Vermont. Manzurova, who still lives in Ozersk, was beginning a one-week informational tour of the U.S. organized by the Beyond Nuclear watchdog group.

AOL News: What was your first reaction when you heard about Fukushima?
Manzurova: It felt like déjà vu. I felt so worried for the people of Japan and the children especially. I know the experience that awaits them.

But experts say Fukushima is not as bad as Chernobyl.
Every nuclear accident is different, and the impact cannot be truly measured for years. The government does not always tell the truth. Many will never return to their homes. Their lives will be divided into two parts: before and after Fukushima. They'll worry about their health and their children's health. The government will probably say there was not that much radiation and that it didn't harm them. And the government will probably not compensate them for all that they've lost. What they lost can't be calculated.

What message do you have for Japan?
Run away as quickly as possible. Don't wait. Save yourself and don't rely on the government because the government lies. They don't want you to know the truth because the nuclear industry is so powerful.

Natalia Manzurova Courtesy of Natalia Manzurova Natalia Manzurova, now 59, has suffered a variety of ailments since she worked at Chernobyl, but she says she is the only member of her team still alive.When you were called to go to Chernobyl, did you know how bad it was there?
I had no idea and never knew the true scope until much later. It was all covered in secrecy. I went there as a professional because I was told to -- but if I was asked to liquidate such an accident today, I'd never agree. The sacrifices the Fukushima workers are making are too high because the nuclear industry was developed in such a way that the executives don't hold themselves accountable to the human beings who have to clean up a disaster. It's like nuclear slavery.

What was your first impression of Chernobyl?
It was like a war zone where a neutron bomb had gone off. I always felt I was in the middle of a war where the enemy was invisible. All the houses and buildings were intact with all the furniture, but there wasn't a single person left. Just deep silence everywhere. Sometimes I felt I was the only person alive on a strange planet. There are really no words to describe it.

What did your work as a liquidator entail?
First, we measured radiation levels and got vegetation samples to see how high the contamination was. Then bulldozers dug holes in the ground and we buried everything -- houses, animals, everything. There were some wild animals that were still alive, and we had to kill them and put them in the holes.

Were any pets left in the houses?
The people had only a few hours to leave, and they weren't allowed to take their dogs or cats with them. The radiation stays in animals' fur and they can't be cleaned, so they had to be abandoned. That's why people were crying when they left. All the animals left behind in the houses were like dried-out mummies. But we found one dog that was still alive.

Where did you find the dog and how did he survive?
We moved into a former kindergarten to use as a laboratory and we found her lying in one of the children's cots there. Her legs were all burned from the radiation and she was half blind. Her eyes were all clouded from the radiation. She was slowly dying.

Were you able to rescue her?
No. Right after we moved in, she disappeared. And this is the amazing part. A month later we found her in the children's ward of the (abandoned) hospital. She was dead. She was lying in a child's bed, the same size bed we found her in the kindergarten. Later we found out that she loved children very much and was always around them.

How did working in the dead zone begin to affect your health?
I started to feel as if I had the flu. I would get a high temperature and start to shiver. What happens during first contact with radiation is that your good flora is depleted and the bad flora starts to flourish. I suddenly wanted to sleep all the time and eat a lot. It was the organism getting all the energy out.

How much radiation were you subjected to?
We were never told. We wore dosimeters which measured radiation and we submitted them to the bosses, but they never gave us the results.

But didn't you realize the danger and want to leave?
Yes, I knew the danger. All sorts of things happened. One colleague stepped into a rainwater pool and the soles of his feet burned off inside his boots. But I felt it was my duty to stay. I was like a firefighter. Imagine if your house was burning and the firemen came and then left because they thought it was too dangerous.

When did you discover the thyroid tumor?
They found it during a routine medical inspection after I had worked there several years. It turned out to be benign. I don't know when it started to develop. I had an operation to remove half the thyroid gland. The tumor grew back, and last year I had the other half removed. I live on (thyroid) hormones now.

Why did you go back to Chernobyl after getting a thyroid tumor?
Right around the time of my operation, the government passed a law saying the liquidators had to work for exactly 4 1/2 years to get our pension and retire. If you left even one day early, you would not get any benefits.

Really? That seems beyond cruel.
It's why the nuclear industry is dangerous. They want to deny the dangers. They kept changing the law about what benefits we'd get because if they admitted how much we were affected, it would look bad for the industry. Now we hardly get any benefits.

Did your health worsen after you finally finished work at Chernobyl?
I was basically disabled at 43. I was having fits similar to epileptic fits. My blood pressure was sky high. It was hard to work for more than six months a year. The doctors didn't know what to do with me. They wanted to put me in a psychiatric ward and call me crazy. Finally they admitted it was because of the radiation.

Will a Notorious Anti-Semite Become The Pope?

by Alan M. Dershowitz February 19, 2013 at 1:15 pm Among those being considered to succeed Pope Benedict XVI is a notorious anti-Semite, Cardinal Andres Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras. His name has appeared on various media short lists and his photograph was featured, along with other possible candidates, on the front page of the Miami Herald. He was also under consideration the last time around, and his Latin American heritage is considered a plus this time. He is very charismatic and popular in his home country and was recently invited to speak to Latino Catholics in the United States. To put it most simply, Rodriguez Maradiaga is an out and out Jew-hater. He has said that "the Jews" are to blame for the scandal surrounding the sexual misconduct of priests toward young parishioners! The Jews? How did Rodriguez Maradiaga ever come up with this hair-brained idea? Here is his "logic." He begins by asserting that the Vatican is anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian (as he says it should be). It follows, therefore, that "the Jews" had to get even with the Catholic Church, while at the same time deflecting attention away from Israeli injustices against the Palestinians. The Jews managed to do this by arranging for the media—which he says they control—to give disproportionate attention on the Vatican sex scandal. Listen to Rodriguez Maradiaga's own words:
"It certainly makes me think that in a moment in which all the attention of the mass media was focused on the Middle East, all the many injustices done against the Palestinian people, the print media and the TV in the United States became obsessed with sexual scandals that happened 40 years ago, 30 years ago. Why? I think it's also for these motives: What is the church that has received Arafat the most times and has most often confirmed the necessity of the creation of a Palestinian state? What is the church that does not accept that Jerusalem should be the indivisible capital of the State of Israel, but that it should be the capital of the three great monotheistic religions?"
Rodriguez Maradiaga then goes on to compare the Jewish controlled media with "Hitler," because they are "protagonists of what I do not hesitate to define as a persecution against The Church." The prime media culprit in Rodriguez Maradiaga's bizarro world is the Boston Globe, which has won numerous journalistic awards for its exposure of the sex scandal and cover up. The Globe is owned by The New York Times, which is controlled by the Sulzberger family. Hence the Jewish conspiracy. The problem (among so many) with this cockamamie theory is that the Jewish community of Boston was very close to, and admiring of, Cardinal Bernard Law, who presided over the archdiocese during the scandal. Cardinal Law had built bridges between the Catholic and Jewish communities of Boston, and when the scandal was exposed by the very un-Jewish Boston Globe, the Jewish community remained largely supportive of Law. None of the leading media critics, lawyers or politicians who railed against the church were Jewish. Most were Catholic. But that didn't matter to the bigoted cardinal, who -- along with other classic anti-Semites -- believes that if there is a problem, "the Jews" must be to blame for it. As James Carrol, the distinguished columnist for the Boston Globe who is himself a Catholic, has characterized Rodriguez Maradiaga's "crackpot" mindset: "when the church has a problem—here is the oldest move of all—blame the Jews." When asked whether he wanted to reconsider his attack, Rodriguez Maradiaga replied: "I don't repent... sometimes it is necessary to shake things up." He later promised Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League that he wouldn't repeat his conspiratorial nonsense, but he has refused to publicly apologize or "repent." The Vatican has rightly called anti-Semitism a "sin," and yet an unrepentant sinner is on the short list to become the leader of the Catholic Church. Is it because the other cardinals are unaware of Rodriguez Maradiaga's anti-Semitism? Unlikely, because he has made no secret of his bigotry against the Jews. Or is it because not enough of them care as much as they should? As a Jew, I have no standing to, or stake in, whether the new pope is conservative or liberal on Catholic doctrine, but I and all other people who care about Catholic-Jewish relations do have standing and a major stake in assuring that an anti-Semite is never considered for such a high calling. Just as there was a universal outcry when the former Nazi Kurt Waldheim was elected to the presidency of Austria, so too should there be a universal outcry if this cardinal, whose rants could comfortably have been published by Der Stürmer, were to be elected head of the Catholic Church. If Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga were to be elected pope, much of the good work done by recent popes in building bridges between the Catholic Church and the Jews would be endangered. This should not be allowed to happen. The campaign against this bigot must begin now before his candidacy develops more traction.
Alan Dershowitz is a professor of law at Harvard.

The Holocaust was Caused by the Church, not Just Hitler

From Ted Belman, Israpundit

The Holocaust didn’t occur because of Hitler but because of the Church. Hitler merely built upon the policies of the Church and drove them to their logical conclusion. Of course I am familiar with the idea that but for Christianity, the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened, but wasn’t fully aware of the debt owed by Hitler to precedents set by the Church for the details of his policies, including the final solution. R. Hilberg’s classic The Destruction of European Jews provides the link. Hiberg begins his introduction with these words:
  1. The German destruction of the European Jews was a tour de force; the Jewish collapse under the German assault was a manifestation of failure. Both of these phenomena were the final product of an earlier age.
  1. Anti-Jewish policies and anti-Jewish actions did not have their beginning in 1933. For many centuries, and in many countries, the Jews have been victims of destructive action. What was the object of these activities? What were the aims of those who persisted in anti-Jewish deeds? Throughout Western history, three consecutive policies have been applied against Jewry in its dispersion.
The policies referred to included 1) conversion, 2) expulsion and 3) extermination. The first and second were often accompanied by the threat of execution; all of which were sanctioned by the Church. Hilberg explains:
  1. The first anti-Jewish policy started in the fourth century after Christ in Rome. In the early 300’s, during the reign of Constantine, the Christian Church gained power in Rome, and Christianity became the state religion. From this period, the state carried out Church policy. For the next twelve centuries, the Catholic Church prescribed the measures that were to be taken with respect to the Jews. Unlike the pre-Christian Romans, who claimed no monopoly on religion and faith, the Christian Church insisted upon acceptance of Christian doctrine.
  1. For an understanding of Christian policy toward Jewry, it is essential to realize that the Church pursued conversion not so much for the sake of aggrandizing its power (the Jews have always been few in number), but because of the conviction that it was the duty of true believers to save unbelievers from the doom of eternal hellfire. Zealousness in the pursuit of conversion was an indication of the depth of faith. The Christian religion was not one of many religions, like other religions. It was the true religion, the only religion. Those who were not in its fold were either ignorant or in error.
The Jews could not accept Christianity. The same might be said of Islam, though it allowed Jews and Christians, “peoples of the book”, to be dhimmis and pay a tax, Jizya”, for the privilege. The Church also imposed a similar tax on Jews.
  1. In the very early stages of the Christian faith, many Jews regarded Christians as members of a Jewish sect. The first Christians, after all, still observed the Jewish law. They had merely added a few non-essential practices, such as baptism, to their religious life. But this view was changed abruptly when Christ was elevated to godhood. The Jews have only one G-d. That G-d is indivisible. He is a jealous G-d and admits of no other G-ds. He is not Christ, and Christ is not He. Christianity and Judaism have since been irreconcilable. An acceptance of Christianity has since signified an abandonment of Judaism.
  1. With patience and persistence, the Church attempted to convert obstinate Jewry, and for twelve hundred years, the theological argument was fought without interruption. The Jews were not convinced. Gradually the Church began to back its words with force. The Papacy did not permit pressure to be put on individual Jews; Rome never permitted forceful conversions.
  1. However, the clergy did use pressure on the whole. Step by step, but with ever widening effect, the Church adopted “defensive” measures against its passive victims. Christians were “protected” from the “harmful” consequences of intercourse with Jews by rigid laws against intermarriage, by prohibitions of discussions about religious issues, by laws against domicile in common abodes. The Church “protected” its Christians from the “harmful” Jewish teachings by burning the Talmud and by barring Jews from public office.
And yet it is the Jews who are always attacked for their separateness.
  1. The clergy was not sure of its success – hence the widespread practice, in the Middle Ages, of identifying proselytes as former Jews, hence the inquisition of new Christians suspected of heresy, hence the issuance in Spain of certificates of “purity” (limpieza) signifying purely Christian ancestry, and the specification of half new Christians, quarter new Christians, one-eighth new Christians, etc.
Hitler’s racial purity laws found their antecedent and precedent in these laws. And so did his order that Jews identify themselves by wearing a yellow Star of David. Efforts to convert the Jews were spectacularly unsucessful, even aided by all the restrictions placed on the Jews.
  1. Too much had been invested in twelve hundred years of conversion policy. Too little had been gained. From the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, the Jews of England, France, Germany, Spain, Bohemia and Italy were presented with ultimatums which gave them no choice but one: conversion or expulsion.
In 1542 Martin Luther rejected the authority of Rome and started the Lutheran Church. He, too, hated the Jews. He and others who broke away from Rome became known as Protestants. There followed hundreds of years of war between Catholics and Protestants. At the end of the Eighteenth Century, the French Revolution took place, a by-product of which was the liberation of the French Jews, who thereafter enjoyed equal rights. The armies of the revolution, headed by Napoleon, spread the values of “liberte, fraternite and egalite” to the east, including in Germany and Italy. With the defeat of Napoleon in 1815, the Bourbons in France kept the liberating legislation, but the monarchs in Germany and Italy cancelled it. Nevertheless, Jews embraced the belief, after a taste of liberation, that full equality was the inevitable corollary of the emerging secular-political order throughout Europe. In Germany, Reform Judaism was founded and in Russia and Poland, Jews flocked to the Communist banner. But many segments of society remained deeply anti-Semitic, leaving many Jews to conclude that the promise of “liberte, fraternite and egalite” was a pipe dream even though the society was now secular. And so was born the the movement for the Auto-Emancipation of the Jews, which became known as Zionism. Jews had to reconstitute themselves as a nation in their own land. In Christian Europe, the Jews had only to convert to be accepted. The Christians were against the practise of Judaism. In secular Europe, the Jews themselves were rejected as a race. Thus, conversion was not open to them. But expulsion or emigration was still available. Thus millions of Jews the Pale of Settlement beginning in 1880 emigrated well into the nineteen thirties. Hitler searched in vain for a country to which to expel Germany’s Jews, but no one wanted them. In 1942 he instituted the final solution, extermination. R. Hiberg in his masterful study, argues:
  1. if we analyze that singular massive upheaval, we discover that most of what happened in those 12 years, 1933 to 1945, had already happened before. The Nazi destruction process did not come out of a void, it was the culmination of a cyclical trend beginning in the Fourth Century in Rome.
During the conversion era, the Church said, “you have no right to live among us as Jews”. Then in the segregation/expulsion process, “you have no right to live among us” and finally in the extermination process, “you have no right to live”.
  1. These progressively more drastic goals brought in their wake a slow and steady growth of anti Jewish action and anti-Jewish thinking…. The German Nazis then, did not discard the past, they built upon it. They did not begin a development, they completed it. In the deep recesses of anti-Jewish history we shall find many of the administrative and psychological tools with which the Nazis implemented their destruction process. In the hollows of the past we shall also discover the roots of the characteristic Jewish response to an outside attack.
To better understand this statement, Hilberg presents a table of Canonical Law restricting the Jews beginning in the Fourth Century opposite which he places similar Nazi measures. Then writes:
  1. No summation of Canonical Law can be as revealing as a description of the Rome ghetto, maintained by the Papal State until the occupation of the city by the Royal Italian Army in 1870. A German journalist who visited the city in its closing days, published such an account:
  1. “To rent any house or business establishment outside the ghetto boundaries, the Jews needed the permission of Cardinal Vicar. Acquisition of real estate outside the ghetto was prohibited. Trade or industrial products or goods were prohibited. Higher schooling was prohibited.. The professions of lawyer, druggist, notary, painter and architect were prohibited. A Jew could be a doctor provided he confined his practice to Jewish patients. No Jew could hold office. Jews were required to pay taxes like everyone else and, in addition, the following: 1) A yearly stipend for the upkeep of the Catholic officials who supervised the Ghetto Finance Administration and the Jewish Community Organization, 2) A yearly sum of 5250 lira for Casa Pia for missionary work among Jews, 3) A yearly sum of 5250 lira to the Cloister of the Converted for the same purpose. In return the Papal State expended a yearly sum of 1500 lira for welfare work. But no state money was paid for education or the care of the sick.”
Hiberg also provided a table of Pre-Nazi and Nazi Anti-Jewish Measures. As can be seen, the destructive process was at work in Germany long before the Nazis came to power. But all this in no way is meant to excuse Hitler. After the Holocaust, the manifestations of anti-Semitism became very subdued. It was not "cool" to express such feelings in any way. Unfortunately, the haters began expressing the anti-Semitism as anti-Zionism. These expression are now commonplace and the hatred of Israel is growing exponentially. As a result, the movement to exterminate Israel has become very strong. But we Jews will survive that too  

10 Perspectives Into The Slow, Agonizing Death Of The American Worker

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/16/2013 20:38 -0400

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog,

The middle class American worker is in danger of becoming an endangered species.  The politicians are not telling you the truth, and the mainstream media is certainly not telling you the truth, but the reality is that there is nothing but bad news on the horizon for workers in the United States.  In the old days, when the big corporations that dominate our society did well, that also meant good things for American workers since those corporations would need more of us to work for them.  But in the emerging one world economic system that our economy is being merged into, those corporations have other choices now.

For instance, the big corporations can now choose to limit the number of "expensive" American workers that they employ by shipping millions of jobs to the other side of the world.  And from their perspective, it makes perfect sense.  They can make much bigger profits by hiring people on the other side of the planet to work for them for less than a dollar an hour.  If they can get good production out of those people, then why should they hire Americans for ten to twenty times as much, plus have to give those Americans health insurance and other benefits? 

Another major factor in the slow, agonizing death of the American worker is technology.  We live during a period when technology is advancing at a pace that is almost unimaginable at the same time that it is steadily becoming cheaper and cheaper.  That means that it is going to become easier and easier for companies to replace workers with robots and computers.  As I have written about previously, it is being projected that our economy will lose millions of jobs to technology in the coming years.  Yes, some of us will still be needed to help build the robots and the computers, but not all of us will.  And of course the overall general weakness of the economy is not helping matters either. 

The American people inherited the greatest economic machine in the history of the world, and we have wrecked it.  Decades of very foolish decisions have resulted in the period of steady economic decline that we are experiencing now.

America is simply not the economic powerhouse that it once was.  Back in 2001, the U.S. economy accounted for 31.8 percent of global GDP.  By 2011, the U.S. economy only accounted for 21.6 percent of global GDP.  That is a collapse any way that you want to look at it.

Today, American workers are living in an economy that is rapidly declining, and their jobs are steadily being stolen by robots, computers and foreign workers that live in countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.  Politicians from both political parties refuse to do anything to stop the bleeding because they think that the status quo is working just great.

So don't expect things to get better any time soon.

The following are 10 amazing charts that demonstrate the slow, agonizing death of the American worker...

#1 Wages And Salaries As A Percentage Of GDP

Wages And Salaries As A Percentage Of GDP

As you can see, wages as a percentage of GDP are hovering near an all-time record low.  That means that American workers are bringing home a smaller share of the economic pie than ever before.

#2 Average Annual Hours Worked Per Employed Person In The United States

Average Annual Hours Worked per Employed Person in the United States

We are an economy that is rapidly trading good paying full-time jobs for low paying part-time jobs.  The decline in average annual hours worked that we have witnessed represents the equivalent of losing millions of jobs.  There has been an explosion of "the working poor" in the United States, and this trend is probably only going to accelerate in the years to come.

#3 Manufacturing Employment

Manufacturing Employment

As you can see, there are less Americans working in manufacturing today than there was in 1950 even though the population of the country has more than doubled since then.  The United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001, and yet our politicians stand around and do nothing about it.

#4 Employment-Population Ratio

Employment-Population Ratio 2013

This is one of my favorite charts.  It shows that there has been absolutely no employment recovery at all since the end of the last recession.  The percentage of working age Americans that have a job has stayed under 59 percent for 44 months in a row.  How much worse will things get when the next major economic downturn strikes?

#5 Labor Force Participation Rate

Labor Force Participation Rate

This is how the Obama administration is getting the "unemployment rate" to magically go down.  They are pretending that millions upon millions of Americans simply do not want to work anymore.  As you will notice, the decline of the labor force participation rate has accelerated greatly since Barack Obama entered the White House.

#6 Duration Of Unemployment

Duration Of Unemployment

The average amount of time that it takes an unemployed worker to find a new job has declined slightly, but it is still far above normal historical levels.  It is a crying shame that it takes the average unemployed worker two-thirds of a year to find a new job, but this is the new economic reality that we are all living in.

#7 Delinquency Rate On Residential Mortgages

Delinquency Rate On Residential Mortgages

Since there are not enough jobs for all of us, and since our wages are not rising as rapidly as the cost of living is, a whole bunch of us are falling behind on our mortgages.  As you can see, the mortgage delinquency rate has only dropped slightly and is still way, way above typical levels.

#8 New Homes Sold

New Homes Sold

American workers also don't have enough money to go out and buy new homes either.  Yes, new home sales have rebounded slightly this year, but we are nowhere near where we used to be.

#9 Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit

Millions of American families continue to resort to going into debt in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  After a slight interruption during the last recession, consumer credit once again is growing at a frightening pace.

#10 Self-Employment At A Record Low

Self-Employed As A Share Of Non-Farm Employment

Since there aren't enough jobs for everyone, why aren't more Americans trying to start their own businesses?  Well, the reality of the matter is that the government has made it exceedingly difficult to start your own business today.  Taxes, rules, regulations and red tape are choking the life out of millions of small businesses in the United States.  As a result, the percentage of self-employed Americans is at a record low.

As all of these long-term trends continue, the middle class will continue to shrink, poverty in America will continue to explode and government dependence will continue to rise.

The numbers don't lie.  Today, the number of Americans on Social Security Disability now exceeds the entire population of Greece, and the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of Spain.

We are in the midst of a horrifying economic collapse, and the next major wave of that collapse is rapidly approaching.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monsanto Company is a publicly traded American multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation headquartered in Creve Coeur, Missouri.[3][4] It is a leading producer of genetically engineered (GE) seed and of the herbicide glyphosate, which it markets under the Roundup brand.[5] Founded in 1901 by John Francis Queeny, by the 1940s it was a major producer of plastics, including polystyrene and synthetic fibers. Notable achievements by Monsanto and its scientists as a chemical company included breakthrough research on catalytic asymmetric hydrogenation and being the first company to mass-produce light emitting diodes (LEDs). The company also formerly manufactured controversial products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange, and recombinant bovine somatotropin.

Monsanto was among the first to genetically modify a plant cell, along with three academic teams, which was announced in 1983,[6] and was among the first to conduct field trials of genetically modified crops, which it did in 1987. It remained one of the top 10 U.S. chemical companies until it divested most of its chemical businesses between 1997 and 2002, through a process of mergers and spin-offs that focused the company on biotechnology.

Monsanto was a pioneer in applying the biotechnology industry business model to agriculture, using techniques developed by Genentech and other biotech drug companies in the late 1970s in California.[7] In this business model, companies invest heavily in research and development, and recoup the expenses through the use and enforcement of biological patents.[8][9][10][11] Monsanto's application of this model to agriculture, along with a growing movement to create a global, uniform system of plant breeders' rights in the 1980s, came into direct conflict with customary practices of farmers to save, reuse, share and develop plant varieties.[12] Its seed patenting model has also been criticized as biopiracy and a threat to biodiversity.[13][14][15] Monsanto's role in these changes in agriculture (which include its litigation and its seed commercialization practices[16]), its current and former agbiotech products, its lobbying of government agencies, and its history as a chemical company, have made Monsanto controversial.

Products and associated issues

Current products

Glyphosate herbicides

See also: Glyphosate

Monsanto chemist John E. Franz invented glyphosate in 1970.[63] Monsanto is the largest producer of glyphosate herbicides in the United States through its Roundup product line, which is used to kill weeds, especially annual broadleaf weeds and grasses that compete with commercial crops. Monsanto's last commercially relevant United States patent on glyphosate expired in 2000, and glyphosate is now produced by many companies in the US and around the world. As of 2009, sales of Roundup herbicides represent about 10% of Monsanto's yearly revenue.[64]

In 2007, glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the US agricultural sector, with 180 to 185 million pounds (82,000 to 84,000 tonnes) applied, and the 2nd most used in home and garden market where users applied 5 to 8 million pounds (2,300 to 3,600 tonnes); additionally industry, commerce and government applied 13 to 15 million pounds (5,900 to 6,800 tonnes).[65] While glyphosate has been approved by regulatory bodies worldwide and is less toxic than all the herbicides it replaced,[66] concerns about its effects on humans and the environment persist.[67][68]


Main articles: Genetically modified organisms, Genetically modified crops, Genetically modified food, and Genetically modified food controversies

As of 2012, Monsanto's line of seed products includes agricultural seeds and vegetable seeds.

Many of Monsanto's agricultural seed products are genetically modified for resistance to herbicides, such as glyphosate. Monsanto sells glyphosate under the brand, "Roundup" – Monsanto calls these seeds "Roundup Ready". Monsanto's introduction of this system (planting glyphosate-resistant seed and then applying glyphosate once plants emerged) provided farmers with an opportunity to dramatically increase the yield from a given plot of land, since this allowed them to plant rows closer together.[69] Without it, farmers had to plant rows far enough apart to control post-emergent weeds with mechanical tillage.[69] Farmers have widely adopted the technology – for example over 90% of maize (Mon 832), soybean (MON-Ø4Ø32-6), cotton, sugar beet, and canola planted in the United States are glyphosate-resistant, as described in the GM crops article. Monsanto has also developed a Roundup Ready wheat (MON 71800) but it ceased development in 2004 due to concerns from wheat exporters about rejection of GM wheat by foreign markets.[70]

As of 2009, the overall Roundup line of products including the GM seeds represented about 50% of Monsanto's business.[71] The patent on the first type of Roundup Ready crop that Monsanto produced (soybeans) expires in 2014.[72] Monsanto has broadly licensed the patent to other seed companies that include the glyphosate resistance trait in their seed products.[73] About 150 companies have licensed the technology,[74] including Syngenta[75] and Dupont/Pioneer.[76]

In addition, Monsanto invented and sells agricultural seeds that are genetically modified to make a crystalline insecticidal protein from Bacillus thuringiensis, known as Bt. In 1995 Monsanto's potato plants producing Bt toxin were approved for sale by the Environmental Protection Agency, after having approved by the U.S. FDA, making it the first pesticide-producing crop to be approved in the United States.[77] Monsanto has subsequently developed Bt maize (MON 802, MON 809, MON 863, MON 810), Bt soybean,[78] and Bt cotton.

Monsanto also produces seed that has multiple modifications, also known as "stacked traits" —for instance, cotton that make one or more Bt proteins and is resistant to glyphosate. One of these, created in collaboration with Dow, is called SmartStax. In 2011 Monsanto launched the Genuity brand for its stacked-trait products.[79]

As of 2012, the agricultural seed lineup included Roundup Ready alfalfa; Roundup Ready canola; cotton with Bt, Roundup Ready, or both traits; sorghum hybrids; soybeans with various oil profiles, most with the Roundup Ready trait; Roundup Ready sugarbeet; and a wide range of wheat products, many of which incorporate the nontransgenic "clearfield" imazamox-tolerant[80] trait from BASF.[81]

Two patents have been especially important to Monsanto's GM soybean business; one expired in 2011 and another reissued patent expires in 2014.[82] The expiration of the second patent will mean that glyphosate resistant soybeans will be "generic", which has generated a great deal of discussion in the soybean industry.[83][84][85][86]

In 2012 Monsanto was the world's largest supplier of vegetable seeds by value, selling $800m of seed. 95% of the research and development for vegetable seed is in conventional breeding and the company is concentrating on improving the taste of several vegetables.[55] According to their website they sell "4,000 distinct seed varieties representing more than 20 species".[87]

Former products

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Until it stopped production in 1977, Monsanto was the source of 99% of the polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) used by U.S. industry.[26] The PCBs were sold under trade names such as Aroclor and Santotherm; the name Santotherm is still used for non-cholorinated products.[88]:396 PCBs are a persistent organic pollutant, and cause cancer in animals and likely in humans as well, among other health effects;[89] PCBs were initially widely welcomed due to the electrical industry's need for durable, safer (than flammable mineral oil) cooling and insulating fluid for industrial transformers and capacitors. PCBs were also commonly used as stabilizing additives in the manufacture of flexible PVC coatings for electrical wiring, and in electronic components to enhance the heat and fire resistance of the PVC.[90] They were known to be highly toxic from the beginning, but it was assumed that they would be contained in the products in which they were used. However, as leaks of transformers occurred, and toxicity problems arose near factories, their durability and toxicity became widely recognized as serious problems. PCB production was banned by the U.S. Congress in 1979 and by the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants in 2001.[26][91][92]

United States

In the late 1960s, the Monsanto plant in Sauget, IL. was the nation's largest producer of PCBs, which remain in the water along Dead Creek in Sauget. An EPA official referred to Sauget as "one of the most polluted communities in the region" and "a soup of different chemicals"[93]

In 2002, the Washington Post carried a front page report on Monsanto's legacy of environmental damage in Anniston, Alabama, related to its legal production of PCBs. Plaintiffs in a lawsuit pending at that time provided documentation showing that the local Monsanto factory knowingly discharged both mercury and PCB-laden waste into local creeks for over 40 years.[94] In another story published in 2002, the New York Times reported that during 1969 alone Monsanto had dumped 45 tons of PCBs into Snow Creek, a feeder for Choccolocco Creek which supplies much of the area's drinking water, and that the company buried millions of pounds of PCB in open-pit landfills located on hillsides above the plant and surrounding neighborhoods.[95] In August 2003, Solutia and Monsanto agreed to pay plaintiffs $700 million to settle claims by over 20,000 Anniston residents related to PCB contamination.[96]

As of 2012, Monsanto is associated with 11 "active" Superfund sites and 20 "archived" sites in the US, in the EPA's Superfund database.[97] Monsanto has been sued, and has settled, multiple times for damaging the health of its employees or residents near its Superfund sites through pollution and poisoning.[98][99]

United Kingdom

A UK government report showed that 67 chemicals, including Agent Orange derivatives, dioxins and PCBs exclusively made by Monsanto, are leaking from the Brofiscin quarry, near Groesfaen in Wales, an unlined porous quarry that was not authorized to take chemical wastes. It emerged that the groundwater had been polluted since the 1970s.[100][101] The government was criticised for failing to publish information about the scale and exact nature of this contamination. The UK Environment Agency estimated that it would cost £100m to clean up the site, called "one of the most contaminated" in the UK.[102]

rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)

Main article: Bovine somatotropin

Monsanto developed and sold recombinant bovine somatotropin (also known as rBST and rBGH), a synthetic hormone that increases milk production by 11–16% when injected into cows.[103][104] In October 2008, Monsanto sold this business, in full, to Eli Lilly for a price of $300 million plus additional consideration.[105]

The use of rBST has been controversial, with respect to its effects on cows to which it is administered and with respect to the milk produced by those cows.[106]

In some markets, milk from cows that are not treated with rBST is sold with labels indicating it is rBST-free; this milk has proved popular with consumers.[107] In reaction to this, in early 2008 a pro-rBST advocacy group called "American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology" (AFACT),[108] made up of dairies and originally affiliated with Monsanto, formed and began lobbying to ban such labels. AFACT stated that "absence" labels can be misleading and imply that milk from cows treated with rBST is inferior.[107] The organization was dissolved in 2011 but its website is still accessible.[109]

Pipeline products

Along with other ag-biotech companies, Monsanto has been working on developing drought-resistant GM crops.[110]

As of 2013, Monsanto's new product line, the "Xtend Crop System" was undergoing regulatory review.[111] The system includes seed genetically modified to be resistant to glyphoase and dicamba, and an herbicide product including those two active ingredients.[111] In May 2013 the US Department of Agriculture announced that additional reviews of the Xtend soybean would be conducted due to issues of possible environmental damage and effects on public health not presented by glyphosate alone.[112]

Pipeline products - cancelled

Terminator seeds

Main article: Genetic use restriction technology

Genetic use restriction technology, colloquially known as "terminator technology", produces plants that have sterile seeds. If put into use, it would prevent the spread of those seeds into the wild. It also would prevent farmers from planting seeds they harvest, requiring them to repurchase seed for every planting, although they also need to do this for hybrid seeds, because second-generation seeds are inferior, and in cases of patented transgenic seeds, where patent-holders like Monsanto enter into contracts with farmers who agree not to plant harvested seeds as a condition of purchase.

Terminator technology has been developed by governmental labs, university researchers, and companies, sometimes in collaboration and sometimes independently.[113][114][115] The technology has never been known to have been used commercially.[116][117] Rumors that Monsanto and other companies intended to introduce terminator technology have caused protests, for example in India.[118][119]

In 1999, Monsanto pledged not to commercialize terminator technology, and has kept that pledge on its website to the present day.[116][120] The Delta and Pine Land Company intended to commercialize the technology,[115] but D&PL was acquired by Monsanto in 2007.[121]

Animal genetics

In the 2000s Monsanto entered into the pig breeding business via a subsidiary, Monsanto Choice Genetics. It exited the business in 2009 when it sold that business to Newsham Genetics LC in November, divesting itself of "any and all swine-related patents, patent applications, and all other intellectual property".[58]

Legal actions and controversies

See also: Monsanto Canada Inc. v. Schmeiser, Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms, and Bowman v. Monsanto Co.

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Why Does the Government Need Guillotines?

by Dave Hodges -

June 29, 2013 - Featured, Main, Martial Law - 14 comments
Sherrie Wilcox standing by FEMA coffins outside of Atlanta

Sherrie Wilcox photo of FEMA coffins outside of Atlanta

When retired FBI agent, the now deceased Ted Gunderson, reportedly told a gathering of militia members that the federal government had set up 1,000 internment camps across the country, I had no trouble believing his statement because there is ample documentation to support his statement (e.g. REX 84, Operation Garden Plot and now the NDAA). However, when Gunderson reported that the federal government was storing over 500,000 caskets outside of Atlanta, I also knew he was accurate on this point because Sherrie Wilcox found the evidence in the adjacent photo. However, when I heard that Gunderson was accusing the government of storing 30,000 guillotines, I thought he had lost his mind.

Why Would the Government Want to Store Guillotines?

Gunderson told various patriot groups that the guillotines were being stored for the day that the government declares martial law and moves in to round up and execute American dissenters. Gunderson prophetically told patriot groups that the federal government was going to keep track of all of us. The last statement has indeed proven accurate given the recent Snowden/NSA scandal.

Can somebody please explain to me why the government would need to order 30,000 guillotines? For what legitimate purpose could these tools of execution be utilized?

Off With Their Heads

guillotine 1The guillotine was invented by a Frenchman named Dr. Guillotine. The guillotine reached the height of its popularity when it was mainly used in the French Revolution to eliminate any potential opposition from people with “dangerous ideas.” 

The guillotine has never been used inside of the United States. The United States has executed people by firing squad, hanging, the electric chair and lethal injection. The US has never executed a convicted criminal through the use of the guillotine.

Given these facts, then why in God’s good name would this government import 30,000 guillotines as Gunderson claimed? Oh, I know that some of the sheep are now looking up from the ground and have just said “there aren’t are any guillotines in the United States.”  Then please tell me, sheep of America, why did Representative Doug Teper, of the Georgia Legislative Assembly (Democrat) introduced a bill which will supplant the method of execution, the electric chair, with the guillotine?

Organ Harvesting?

Doug Teper (D)

Doug Teper (D)

Have you ever heard the allegations which accuse some doctors, primarily in China, of killing patients in order to sell their organs on the black market? After you read the following paragraphs, you may conclude that those rumors are true.  When Representative Teper was asked about his motivation to exclusively use the guillotine to execute death row inmates, he said, it would allow for death-row inmates as organ donors. The very spooky Teper further reasoned that the “Blade makes a clean cut and leaves vital organs intact.”  I will be happy to let this statement speak for itself. Below is a draft of the legislation.

HB 1274 – Death penalty; guillotine provisions


  1- 8  The General Assembly finds that while prisoners condemned to
1- 9  death may wish to donate one or more of their organs for
1-10  transplant, any such desire is thwarted by the fact that
1-11  electrocution makes all such organs unsuitable for
1-12  transplant. The intent of the General Assembly in enacting
1-13  this legislation is to provide for a method of execution
1-14  which is compatible with the donation of organs by a
1-15  condemned prisoner.

                         SECTION 2.

  1-16  Article 2 of Chapter 10 of Title 17 of the Official Code of
1-17  Georgia Annotated, relating to the death penalty generally,
1-18  is amended by striking in its entirety Code Section
1-19  17-10-38, relating to death sentences generally, and
1-20  inserting in lieu thereof the following:

  1-21    “17-10-38. (Index)

  1-22    (a) All persons who have been convicted of a capital
1-23    offense and have had imposed upon them a sentence of death
1-24    shall, at the election of the condemned, suffer such
1-25    punishment either by electrocution or by guillotine.  If
1-26    the condemned fails to make an election by the thirtieth
1-27    day preceding the date scheduled for execution, punishment
1-28    shall be by electrocution.

  1-29    (b) In all cases in which the defendant is sentenced to be
1-30    electrocuted executed, it shall be the duty of the trial
1-31    judge in passing sentence to direct that the defendant be
-1- (Index)

                                                  LC 21 3643

  2- 1    delivered to the Department of Corrections for
2- 2    electrocution execution at a state correctional
2- 3    institution designated by the department.”

                         SECTION 3.

  2- 4  Said article is further amended by striking in its entirety
2- 5  Code Section 17-10-44, relating to death chamber apparatus
2- 6  and related matters, and inserting in lieu thereof the
2- 7  following:

  2- 8    “17-10-44. (Index)

  2- 9    The Department of Corrections shall provide a death
2-10    chamber and all necessary apparatus, machinery, and
2-11    appliances for inflicting the penalty of death by
2-12    electrocution or by guillotine.”


Where would the proposed Georgia Legislature guillotines have come from unless Gunderson was correct in that 15,000 are being stored in Montana and 15,000 are being stored in Georgia?

An Efficient Killing Machine

Has anyone bothered to do the math? A single guillotine reportedly can chop off the heads of about 100 people per hour. In one hour, the federal government has the capacity to execute as many as three million people. In one ten hour day, 30 million people could be executed by way of the guillotine.

Other Alphabet Soup Agents Speak Out

Annie DeRiso and Bill Pawelec

Annie DeRiso and Bill Pawelec

Ted Gunderson is not the only former alphabet soup agent  to tell all about guillotines. The late Bill Pawelec, ex-CIA, was a close friend of mine and eventually became the significant other of the News Director for The Common Sense Show, Annie DeRiso. Pawelec told both Annie and I on several occasions that guillotines were being stored on several military bases. The late A.C. Griffith, ex-NSA, said the same on more than one occasion on my talk show. In light of these confirmations from known and from public sources, as well as the proposed legislation of Rep. Teper to introduce the use of guillotines on American soil, I believe that there is no question that the story is true.


dhs vehicle  We already know that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition to go with their purchase of  2700 armored personnel carriers. Do you realize that this is enough ammo to fight  a war for about seven years and that there are enough DHS personnel carriers to allocate over 50 per state? Can you imagine if they were concentrated in their distribution patterns? This would be the equivalent of an invading army as DHS goes from house to house and seizes dissidents by the millions and America will soon have their own version of the French Revolution

Since this story broke, I have asked the question why guillotines? I have talked to several of my off-the-record sources and the consensus is frightening.  Everyone that I have spoken to agrees that the guillotine is highly efficient.  Most everyone I have talked with stated that organ harvesting will indeed be even a bigger business and the guillotine is the most efficient killing machine to that end. Some of my sources stated that the next phase of the transhumanism experiments and developments requires a severed human head to facilitate the mixing of humans and animals into one sentient being. Further, futuristic DARPA robots will have human heads after the initial purge and subsequent executions (see photo below).  This makes sense because after the head is severed, the eyes blink and signs of life continue for up to a minute. This would allow a team to “freeze”and to preserve the head for whatever purpose. And just as frightening, I was told that some of Satanic rituals require severed human heads and we know the global elite, in large part, are indeed Satanists.

Can you tell the real person from the DARPA produced robot? Will human looking robots replace human slaves?

Can you tell the real person from the DARPA produced robot? Will human looking robots replace interim human slaves?

I can understand people being skeptical about the guillotines because my first reaction was to reject the notion under my personal veil of cognitive dissonance. Yet, the emerging facts speak for themselves.

Although I did not know Gunderson personally, I did know Bill Pawelec as a close friend and I was well acquainted with Griffith. And even if Pawelec and Griffith were jointly mistaken on this issue, how would one explain away Teper’s efforts to introduce the guillotine into the Georgia justice system?

The end game implications are frightening. When we add the topic of guillotines to what we already know about 2.2 billion rounds of DHS ammo and 2700 armored DHS personnel carriers, why should this be so hard to believe? How can take the fact that DHS has armed to the teeth against Americans and are planning to murder us in horrific ways as anything but a declaration of war?

Be prepared to be shocked as you watch the following chilling report on the possession and intent of the military with regard to the use of guillotines.

The 64 million dollar question is who is the government planning to use these guillotines on? Perhaps the following scripture from Revelations speaks to this point.

And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.”Revelation 20:4

Are We Next?

Greenwald: "The US Government Should Be On Its Knees Every Day Praying That Nothing Happens To Snowden"

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/13/2013 19:43 -0400

Edward Snowden may be America's persona most non grata in the entire world, but he has an insurance policy against "accidents": a treasure trove of supposedly damaging secrets about the US that will hit the public domain if something were to happen to the 30 year old whistleblower. A trove is so damaging that according to Glenn Greenwald, Snowden "poses more of a threat to the U.S. than anyone in the country’s history." Well, maybe a threat to the "government" which now only represents the interests of various corporations and Wall Street, but certainly not to what the US was supposed to be before it was hijacked by special interests, lobbies and the creature from Jekyll Island.

In an interview with Argentinian newspaper La Nacion, The Guardian's journalist who first broke the Snowden story, said that "Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States.

Asked if he was afraid that Snowden might be killed, Greenwald said: “If something were to happen, those documents would be made public. This is your insurance policy," according to The Hill.

"The U.S. government should be on your knees every day praying that nothing happens to Snowden, because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare," Greenwald added.

As noted earlier, it is Latin America, China and Russia that is the model "axis" for Greenwald, as only those countries are not afraid to stand up to US bullying and intimidation. That this bipolar distribution of world powers will likely define world events for the years to come is certainly something to keep in mind.

Greenwald said the asylum offers from Latin America showed that the U.S. was less intimidating to certain countries around the world.

“Only a few countries, including several in Latin America, China and Russia, have challenged the U.S., have realized that America is no longer in a position of strength as it did before with the rest of the world, and that the rest of the countries do not have to obey their demands as if it were an imperial order,” Greenwald said.

Of course, resolving the Snowden "situation" does not have to be terminal: the 30 year old would likely survive some 40-50 years in maximum security penitentiary if preserving his life was of tantamount importance: something the US legal system, responsible for such smash hits as Eric Holder, would have no problem with.

Still, the consistent critic of U.S. intelligence policies also said that Snowden’s position was dicey, and that the leaker needed to stay out of U.S. custody – given how “extremely vindictive” American officials have proven.

The American judicial system, Greenwald said, "cannot be trusted when it comes to people accused of endangering the national security. The judges do everything they can to secure convictions in these cases."

* * *

The full interview with a rough English translation as recommended by Greenwald himself, is below:

"Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States," said the NATION Greenwald, 46, and since these latitudes write regularly on international security issues have made him famous, winner of several distinguished awards.

Today, the New Yorker, a former lawyer, is in the eye of the storm. Lawmakers in Washington want to put him on trial, spies of various countries seek Snowden secret information shared with him last month in Hong Kong and he still sent from Moscow through an encrypted email system. He knows he's being watched and that their conversations are monitored. They even steal the laptop from her boyfriend Rio, of your own home.

Three men wait in the lobby of the hotel Royal Tulip with credentials of a congress of osteoporosis which the custodian has no idea. Are they really doctors or are following Greenwald? Appearances are deceptive.

- Does Snowden's decision to stay in Russia while achieving come to Latin America?

-Yes, the most important thing is not to end in U.S. custody, which proved extremely vindictive government to punish those who reveal uncomfortable truths, and in whose judicial system can not be trusted when it comes to people accused of endangering the national security, the judges do everything they can to secure convictions in these cases. It would be immediately put in prison to cover the debate that helped generate, and end the rest of his days behind bars.

- Russia gives security guarantees?

-Not many countries in the world that have the ability and willingness to defy U.S. demands. But Russia is one of those countries and it has been good so far.

- Beyond the revelations about the spying system performance in general, what extra information has Snowden?

-Snowden has enough information to cause more damage to the U.S. government in a minute alone than anyone else has ever had in the history of the United States. But that's not his goal. Its objective is to expose software that people around the world use without knowing what they are exposing themselves without consciously agreeing to surrender their rights to privacy. It has a huge number of documents that would be very harmful to the U.S. government if they were made public.

- Are you afraid that someone will try to kill him?

It's a possibility, although I do not bring many benefits to anyone at this point. Already distributed thousands of documents and made sure that several people around the world have their entire file. If something were to happen, those documents would be made public. This is your insurance policy. The U.S. government should be on your knees every day praying that nothing happens to Snowden, because if something happens, all information will be revealed and that would be their worst nightmare.

- Can Latin America be a good shelter for Snowden?

-Only a few countries, including several in Latin America, China and Russia, have challenged the U.S., have realized that America is no longer in a position of strength as it did before with the rest of the world, and that the rest of the countries do not have to obey their demands as if it were an imperial order. In Latin America feels a natural sympathy for the United States, yet there is a great resentment for specific historical policies of Washington toward the region. What happened to the plane of Evo Morales in Europe caused a strong reaction, was treated as if Bolivia was a colony and not a sovereign state.

-From Snowden shared documents with you, there is much more information related to Latin America?

Yes For each country that has an advanced communications system, such as from Mexico to Argentina, there are documents that detail how the United States collects the traffic information, the programs that are used to capture the transmissions, the number of interceptions are performed per day, and more. One way to intercept communications is through a telephone corporation in the United States that has contracts with telecommunications companies in most Latin American countries. The important thing will be to see what the reaction of the various governments. I do not think that the governments of Mexico and Colombia do much about it. But maybe those of Argentina and Venezuela itself willing to take action.

Five Months Away From the Biggest Depopulation Event in US History

July 16, 2013

obamacare lines

At the time of this writing, the US sits upon the edge of the biggest depopulation event in US history. No, I am not talking about the roll out of martial law, mass incarceration into detention centers under the NDAA, nor am I speaking about the commencement of WWIII. The biggest threat the largest amount of Americans comes in the form of a Trojan Horse. What should be helping Americans to thrive and prosper into old age, is already beginning to be used as a weapon of mass destruction against the American people.

On January 1, 2014, Obamacare takes effect and the death curve among certain populations is going to skyrocket over the next several years. The coming healthcare cataclysm has been deliberately planned with you as their intended victim.

A Small Taste of What’s Coming

Soon, government appointed stooges, such as the director of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, will be making all of our important healthcare decisions. It might behoove us to ask what kind of person and professional is Kathleen Sebelius since she will soon have the complete power of life and death over every American citizen.  

To better examine the fine character of Sebelius, let’s take a look at a healthcare case of a ten year old girl, Sara Murnaghan, who is dying of cystic fibrosis. Sebelius gives America a preview of what lies ahead for many of us.

Ten-year-old Sara needs an adult/adolescent lung transplant and this is her only chance of survival. However, Sara is prohibited from being put on the transplant list because the qualifying age to be put on the list is 12 years of age. Several doctors have proclaimed that if she were be put on the list, she would survive.

Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebelius

Kathleen Sebilius has the authority to issue a waiver and permit Sara to be added to the list. Sebilius has the power of life over death over young Sara’s life and she said “no” in what has become a one person death panel for Sara.

Even former US Attorney and current Congressman from Pennsylvania, Patrick Meehan has said that Sebelius has the authority to grant the exemption. Yet, Sebilius has issued other such exemptions. It seems that Sarah is just not the right 10 year old. Of course health care exemptions are made every day for friends and supporters of the President. However, Sara just does not carry enough political weight to sway Sebelius.

America, Kathleen Sebelius is the woman who will be making many administrative decisions about the future of your health care. I think most of agree that her handling of this transplant case does not inspire confidence. But wait, it gets worse, far worse.  

You Are A Marked Person

You have an assassin that has the proverbial bullet which displays your name. How many of you have ever heard of the IPAB? I would be willing to bet that 99% of the country will never have heard to the IPAB. It stands for the Independent Payment Advisory Board and they are going to be behind the demise of many Americans in the near future.

The IPAB is an unelected panel which will determine who gets treated and what age. Sebelius is serving as the director has been quoted as stating that the majority of IPAB membership cannot consist of medical practitioners.In other words, unqualified, non-medical professionals will be making health care decisions which could determine your fate and the fate of your loved ones.

At a time when many Americans have been angered by the abuses at the Internal Revenue Service, the National Security Agency and the Justice Department, the introduction of a powerful and largely unaccountable board into health care merits special scrutiny. It is important to note that the IPAB is accountable to nobody. Smells like Sebelius is attempting to pull a fast one over on the American people. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Another reprehensible element in the plethora of unaccountable, dictatorial organizations which will ration our health care is the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF).  This is an unelected independent group of national experts in prevention and evidence-based medicine. The term “treatment denied because it has been declared to be experimental” will soon become a much more popular refrain from health care providers.

Under national healthcare, the USPSTF will determine whether your doctor will be able to diagnose you with what diseases and what treatments are allowable and will be made available to your as well as what age patients are still eligible for treatment.

Rationing Enrollment in Obamacare for Pre-Existing Conditions

Didn’t Obama campaign on not permitting treatment to be denied based upon pre-existing conditions? You bet he did and like so many other things coming out of his mouth, he was lying.

A pre-existing condition health insurance program established by Obamacare is already in financial trouble and is seeking to control costs even before the program is unveiled. The Health and Human Services Department, there is Sebelius rearing her ugly head again, has stopped enrolling any new people in the program, according to an audit by the General Accountability Office.  In addition, to further control spending, Sebelius has directed the program to shift more of the costs onto the current participants. We are now witnessing just how free is Obamacare as the pre-existing conditions group is having its out of pocket costs increased even before the program commences. 

Rationing of healthcare is also occurring in 16 states which have set a limit on the number of prescription drugs that they will cover for Medicaid patients. Seven of those states, according to Kaiser Health News, have already enacted these limits in just the last two years in anticipation of the roll out of Obamacare..

Death Panels

It turns out that Palin was correct, there really are death panels, who will possess the power of life and death. Those with chronic illnesses and the elderly will be the first set of victims. The IPAB has accurately been identified as a death panel because so many have called for it to have health care rationing powers and because its decisions could result in cost-cutting measures that deny lifesaving medical treatment.  

The IPAB will decide, for example, whether a 55-year-old cancer patient will get chemotherapy treatment, or will they be given a pain pill and sent home to die. Under Obamacare, younger patients take precedent over older people. Obama czar, Cass Sunstein has said as much. Sunstein is also in favor of various eugenics policies through such unspeakable policies as embracing, as policy, post-birth “abortions” (i.e. murder) of “defective” children up to the age of three.

Even the Nazi’s were not as inhumane as Sunstein. The Nazis were publicly forthcoming for their perceived need to ration healthcare when it came to what they called “useless mouths.” Kissinger used the term “useless eaters” to describe those that should be done away with under this draconian form of Fabian Socialism. Under Hitler, 300,000 people were exterminated in German hospitals through lethal injection. Under Obama’s plan, this number will seem miniscule by comparison. 

In recent remarks to the Accuracy In Media conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” Betsy McCaughey stated that the regulations and cuts in Obamacare law would directly cause the deaths of 35,000 hospital patients who otherwise might have survived. Many think that this number might climb ten-fold per year. And we are  just beginning to learn about specific age-related exemptions for treatment. You see, there is the version of the law that Obama managed to get through both houses which uses very nebulous language. Then there is the administration of the same law and manifestation of these policies.  

And please remember that many doctors are leaving the profession because of this thinly veiled flavor of Obama based eugenics. By 2020, the US is projected to have a shortage of 80,000 doctors. By 2025, that number is expected to grow to a national shortage of 130,000 doctors. And with specialists and general practitioners being paid the same under Obamacare, why would any doctor spend the extra money to become trained in various healthcare specialties if they will not make any more money? So, even if Obamacare was not about creating treatment exclusions, finding a doctor and managing the wait time could prove to be an insurmountable challenge.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and, yet, the sheep continue to march on to their final resting place.

Think Sheep or Else



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