A sensible wish

8 Ball is a game inwhich you ask a yes/no questions
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Mrs. Whiskers is looking to see no one is around and opens a box labeled 9 Ball.

She reads the instructions, “The 9 Ball once a week.  You can make a sensible wish, see fine print below.

She thinks, “A 9 Ball, I get to make a wish …hum…”

“Better be a good one, only one sensible wish per week.”

She thinks very hard, “Such a drag it has to be actually a sensible wish, Ok, I wish to lose 60 lbs!”

The 9 Ball says, “NO.”

Mrs. Whiskers angrily says, “Poo!”

She thinks some more, “Let’s see…sensible, OK I wish to lose 18 lbs.”

The 9 Ball says, “NO.”

The 8 Ball does not answer your question
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Mrs. Whiskers finally says, “This is stupid!”  and the 9 Ball says back, “sure is.”

She says, “OK – a thoroughly clean home.”

The 9 Ball says, “NO.”

Mrs. Whiskers gets angry, “that was sensible!”

she says, “a sensible diet.”

9 Ball answers, “Just go on the internet for that.”

she thinks, “I could have done that myself what kind of 9 Ball is this, make me an appointment with Dr. Dog!”

9 Ball says, “11:00 PM, Monday, Dr. Dog.”

“Fine”, Mrs. Whiskers thinks.

Mrs. W meets with Dr. Dog and nothing worked
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-at the hospital-

Receptionist Polly Pup, “Oh yes, Mrs. Whiskers go and have a seat.  Dr. Dog will be with you soon.”

Mrs. Whiskers sits and looks at a sad wolf holding a pamphlet that says, “Hopelessness is Not Real.”

Dr. Dog comes in and says, “Ah Mrs. Vhiskers I zee you are az fat az the last time I zaw you.”

Mrs. Whiskers answers, “Hello Dr. Dog.”

Dr. Dog says, “Please, have a seat.”

“How can I help you today?”

Mrs. Whiskers, “I hate everything, I hate my life, I miss my family in the U. S. and I’m fat.  I’m scared to leave my home.  I’m depressed.  I’m stuck.”

Dr. Dog, “What would make you happy?”

Mrs. Whiskers thinks, “I don’t know.”

Dr. Dog answers, “Ah now we are making progress!”

she thinks to herself, “cow manure.”

Try personal prayer, it works
–      Mrs. Whiskers comes home from seeing Dr. Dog and looks at the 9 Ball-

she says out loud, “It’s showdown time 9 Ball.”

“I need you to explain yourself.”

9 Ball says, “sorry your wish is used up for this week.”

she sits with a book, “I’m going to pray for Hashem to help me.”

–      one hour later-

a little gold “bird” flys into the room and announces, “that’s better.”

he says, “Ask H’ (G-d) for help every day and your out look will improve and change!” he dances and flys away and leaves her in golden light.  She wakes up smiling in another rainbow dimension.

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