How to assemble an Israeli Succah

Start with laying the poles down

Start with laying the poles down

An example of the wall

An example of the wall. When you have the walls up rap the walls with 3 rows of rope on the bottom of the walls.


The side poles snap into the columns. Don’t forget the center beam.


The walls slide into the Top and Bottom Rows. Tie the walls to the frame tightly so that the wall will not move in the wind.

Next put the Bamboo poles on the top using plastic clips and put the schach on top of the Bamboo poles.

Next put the Bamboo poles on the top using plastic clips and put the schach on top of the Bamboo poles.

The Succah decorations

The Succah decorations. You can put up lighting and have Tables, chairs, beds ect.

Arutz Sheva tips for Sukkot

United Hatzalah emergency medics present safety guidelines for the upcoming Sukkot holiday, to prevent injuries during sukkah-building.
Arutz Sheva Staff, 20September2018

The season for building Sukkot has just begun and United Hatzalah volunteers have already treated dozens of injuries that occurred while people were building Sukkot. The Spokesperson’s department has therefore issued a series of basic safety tips for the holiday.

When building a Sukkah one should always be careful when standing or climbing in high places.

It is recommended to use proper safety gloves so as to avoid injuries to the hands.

Make sure that ladders are stable and being held by a second person.

It is strongly recommended to work in pairs if not larger groups so that one person can ground the ladder properly and call emergency services should an accident occur.

It is imperative to keep all nails, screws and tools away from the reach of small children.

>When lighting candles for Shabbat or the holidays, be sure to keep them in a safe location, not near flammable materials, out of the wind, and also out of the reach of small children.

Keep the candles on a special platform that won’t burn such as a metal or glass tray and keep them away from the walls of the Sukkah or any flammable decorations.

Eli Beer, Founder and President of United Hatzalah explained that: “In previous years United Hatzalah volunteers have treated dozens of injuries due to people falling off of ladders during the building and decorating of Sukkahs. Some of these instances, unfortunately, have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries. We ask the public to take extra care this year while building, residing in and taking down their Sukkahs. Our volunteers will be on hand at all times during the holiday to provide care for any and all who need it. We wish you and all of Israel a happy and healthy holiday.”

Isru Chag-SukkotSukkah Table

Soldier’s Guide To Staying Outdoors

Rivlin's Sukkah Guests

Charlie the Cat From Nili Architecture

Charlie the Cat From
Nili Architecture

Upon entering the Succah

Hoshana Raba; May Hashem grant you a wonderful year with all your heart’s wishes for the very best always!


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