Buy locally and save.

There may be an alternative locallyA Yeshiva in Jerusalem, Men are studying.
Somewhere in the world (China) a Siamese cat is taking an internet order: “You wish to purchase this product code # 389 269 5452 9 89… Tracking # 566 8666… And that will be $100 for extra shipping costs, insurance fees…. Taxes and currency exchange costs.”
A Plane flies overhead.
Supervisor Postal Cat: “We received this package via Deer mail… Please take this to Mr. Paws on Straus St. Via #3 bus in Jerusalem.. In Back of the secret home of Rav Baker.”
Postal Cat thinking: ‘ I wonder what’s inside. It says fragile.’
Supervisor Postal Cat: “We shall expect you back at 22:00.”
Postal Cat: ” Yes, Sir.”
Supervisor Postal Cat: “Once we finish, I want you to come stay for Shabbat.”
Alien looking at the 2 Cats: “Woow!” Beep
The Alien Spacecraft: “Shabbat! wow Beep.”
Postal Cat walking on the rooftops.
Postal Cat with his iPad to Mr. Paws: “Plesae put your paw print on the recept.”
Mr. Paws with the Mystical Crystal iPhone. He tries and tries to turn it on. It does not work,”Dead on Arrival”.
Mr. Paws puts it back in the box: “Err Grrrr Oh!”
Mr. Paws to his wife: “I tried to save money buying on E-Bay… but it’s too expensive to ship it back… It’s broken. I guess I need to buy it local.”
His Wife: ‘Oh, Expensive.”
Buy locally and save. You may find a equivalent product locally at a cheaper price and with less stress and worry if something goes wrong. Remember to include the cost of Shipping, Insurance, Customs, and the cost of shipping the product back if something goes wrong. Also it may take a month to get your product from America. It may have to be examined by customs, both here and in the States.
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