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General: All about cats in Jerusalem and where we find them.

In the news – Inside the high court

The chief culprit is the Supreme Court The Supreme Court is today’s most harmful factor affecting the Jewish state and its values. Concerning Amona, the courts favored the petitioners over the Jewish residents, only because they are Arabs. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, 11/12/16 Last week, I dealt with the issue of clarifying the mitzvah of ‘eshet yefat […]

Birthright Israel

Birthright program contributed over $1 billion to Israeli economy, study shows NEW YORK – The Birthright Israel program, which provides free trips to Israel for young Jews across the world, has contributed $1.1 billion to the economy since it begun in 2000, according to a study by the firm Ernst & Young.The figures show that […]

iRobot Roomba at Malcha Mall

iRobot – רומבה‏ – ‪‬‎‎ השואב הרובוטי הנמכר ביותר בעולם עם תו היבואן הרשמי – קהלת יבוא בע”מ מוביל הרובוטיים הביתיים · המנקה הרובוטי הנמכר בעולם, דגמים ומחירים, בקרו אותנו בפייסבוק, צור קשר, ערוץ הוידאו Jerusalem Branch Email: Address: Malha Mall, Ground Floor Store Hours: Sunday-Thursday: 09: 30-22: 00 Fridays and holiday eves: 09: 00-14: […]

Rosh Hashanah Foods

Before Rosh Hashanah starts be sure to dip your iPhone into honey for a sweet year and after Rosh Hashanah 2nd Day go out and get a Kosher Cell phone. From Rosh Hashanah Eve Meal Rosh Hashanah Seder According to Ashkenazi Custom Kiddush Before starting the Rosh Hashanah meal, we sanctify the holiday by […]

Sefirat Ha’Omer chart for 5776

Click to enlarge Download the PDF version omer-count-5776     Count-the-omer The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot Forgot to count the Omer at night? Count the following day, but without a blessing. On subsequent nights, continue counting with a blessing as usual.The blessing is […]

How to assemble an Israeli Succah


Jewish Minarets

2 soldiers near Gaza strip border were taken by helicopter to hospital due to serious injuries from direct hit by mortars. Please pray for Mordachai Chai Ben Rachel Yehudith יהונתן שמעון בן גיטל יוני בן שרה אביעז בן סימה ארז בן שרית צור יצבק  בן סוזי רמי בן ראמונצ עובציה בן רביטל צניאול מנצס בן […]

Tzeva Adom – Jerusalem 2014-צבע אדום – ירושלים תשע״ד

What Do I Do When I Hear a Siren or A “Red Alert” (“Tzeva Adom”)?   Instructions on how to behave when the alert siren is heard: Whenthe alert siren or an explosion are heard, it is necessary to complete the process of protection, depending on the time available to you and to actaccording to […]

Bring Back Our Boys

Bring Back Our Boys- Shmueli (#BRINGBACKOURBOYS) This is a call for prayer – see Mr. Happy’s Weekly Column for other news and comments. Update:5774,ג’ בתמוז 30June2014   ברוך דיין האמת Baruch Dayan HaEmet Blessed is The True Judge Condition of the bodies It appears we can add regarding the merit the boys had for 18 […]

The Neighborly Cookbook: Cooking with the Supernatural World

The Neighborly Cookbook Cooking with the Supernatural World Authored by Suzanne Schulman/Butterfield ISBN/EAN13: 1495436284 / 9781495436284 Page Count:148 Binding Type:US Trade Paper Trim Size:8.5″ x 11″ Language:English Related Categories:Cooking / Regional & Ethnic / International  The Neighborly Cookbook, Cooking with the Supernatural World was born of money worries, culture shock, fear of hostile neighbors, […]