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Hanukkah With The Duke

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The Ten Lost Tribes
“We have not taken foreign territory or any alien property, but have occupied our ancestral heritage, for some time unjustly wrested from us by our enemies; now that we have a favorable opportunity, we are merely recovering our ancestral heritage” (Maccabees 1, 15:33-34).

We weathered the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Persians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazis and the Communists. We’re still here and they’ve all disappeared. It seems that the oppressors of today want to join them. They’ll never learn. Meanwhile, we’re not budging.

IM Tirtzu- Building the Zionist dream

The only hope we have is Hashem with Emunah and by listening to the Gedolim.

Emuna, OK... Monday, 12 December 2011

When things turn out OK, that’s no sign of emuna.

When we’re OK with whatever way things turn out, that’s emuna.

The Maccabeats – Home (Medley) – Israel

Arutz Sheva

‘Academia is Greek culture in disguise’

Rosh Yeshiva of Or Yisrael says academic studies are Greek culture in disguise and must be avoided.

Arutz Sheva Staff, 26/12/16
Rabbi Yigal Rosen, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Or Yisrael Yeshiva in Petah Tikva, slammed the academic study of haredi students, calling academic studies ‘pagan’ and ‘Greek’ on the second day of Hanukkah, when the Jewish people celebrate their victory over the Syrian Greek invaders who wished to supplant Jewish culture with the culture of ancient Greece.

“Greek culture causes a man to constantly reach for another degree and another degree, whether it be called doctor or whether it be called professor. The idea is greater than the person. Greek culture is a forgery of the Torah of Israel. It takes the hidden things and makes them external.” Rabbi Rosen told his students.

Rabbi Rosen stated that the economic motive is not a factor in matters related to spirituality. “The ones who began [academia] were the Greeks. It is Greek culture. The word ‘Akademos’ is a Greek word which belongs to their culture [and means] to elevate the idolatry of wisdom – ‘you become greater with a degree.’ This forgery began to penetrate our culture by appearing in the guise of livelihood, but in truth it is Greek culture.”

While Rabbi Rosen stated that the need to make a living cannot be discounted, he compared learning in academia to make a living to ringing church bells to make a living.

A special conference on setting up seminars for the haredi community was held last week at the Pais Arena in Jerusalem. Sveral speakers from the conference said that contact with the secualr world through academic study was lowering the spiritual level of haredi women.

Calls were made at the conference to establish seminars for haredi women which would be free of the influence of academia.

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#CHANGE Time for an Israeli victory

January 01, 2017

Netanyahu and Pope Francis with Hanukah Menorah asking for the Beit Hamikdash Menorah back

Netanyahu and Pope Francis with Hanukah Menorah asking for the Beit Hamikdash Menorah back

Some 2,300 years after the Hasmonean’s Chanuka military victory (caused by some miracles from God), Daniel Pipes argues it’s time for another Jewish victory.
I propose an Israeli victory and a Palestinian defeat. That is to say, Washington should encourage Israelis to take steps that cause Mahmoud Abbas, Khaled Mashal, Saed Erekat, Hanan Ashrawi, and the rest of that crew to realize that the gig is up, that no matter how many U.N. resolutions are passed, their foul dream of eliminating the Jewish state is defunct, that Israel is permanent, strong, and tough. After the leadership recognizes this reality, the Palestinian population at large will follow, as will eventually other Arab and Muslim states, leading to a resolution of the conflict. Palestinians will gain by finally being released from a cult of death to focus instead on building their own policy, society, economy, and culture.

While the incoming Trump administration’s Middle East policies remain obscure, President-elect Trump himself vociferously opposed Resolution 2334 and has signaled (for example, by his choice of David M. Friedman as ambassador to Israel) that he is open to a dramatically new approach to the conflict, one far more favorable to Israel than Barack Obama’s. With his lifelong pursuit of winning (“We will have so much winning if I get elected that you may get bored with winning”), Trump would probably be drawn to an approach that has our side win and the other side lose.

Victory also suits the current mood of Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. He’s not just furious at being abandoned in the United Nations, he has an ambitious vision of Israel’s global importance. Further, his being photographed recently carrying a copy of historian John David Lewis’s Nothing Less than Victory: Decisive Wars and the Lessons of History signals that he is explicitly thinking in terms of victory in war: Lewis in his book looks at six case studies, concluding that in each of them “the tide of war turned when one side tasted defeat and its will to continue, rather than stiffening, collapsed.”

Finally, the moment is right in terms of the larger trends of regional politics. That the Obama administration effectively became an ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran scared Sunni Arab states, Saudi Arabia at the fore, into being far more realistic than ever before; needing Israel for the first time, the “Palestine” issue has lost some of its salience, and Arab conceits about Israel as the arch enemy have been to some extent abandoned, creating an unprecedented potential flexibility.
Sounds like a plan.

Arutz Sheva

Netanyahu: “Enough with the exile mentality”

The Prime Minister defended Israel’s response to the UN Security Council resolution, calling it “rational, resolute, and responsible.”
Nitzan Kedar, 26/12/16 18:58
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Monday afternoon responded to criticism of his response to the UN Security Council resolution.

“This morning I read in several newspapers that the aggressive stand I took with the countries that voted against us has been accepted. Israel is a country with national pride, and we do not turn the other cheek. Our response was rational, resolute, and responsible. It was the natural response of a healthy country which makes clear that the United Nation’s action is not acceptable to us.”

“There is an ongoing importance to our response, even if there’s another attempt or two to hurt us in the coming month. But there is no substitute for a resolute response since it creates the basis for different treatment later. To describe our protest as a world war is ridiculous.”

“Enough of this exile (mentality),” said Netanyahu. “There is no political wisdom to being obsequious. Not only were our relations with the countries of the world not hurt by this event, but they will actually improve over time. Countries respect strong states that stand on their own and do not respect weak states that are obsequious and bow their heads. Israel under my leadership is a strong, proud country. We will continue to defend our country and we will continue to develop our country.”

Netanyahu’s remarks were made at a ceremony launching a new economic and social development program in the Galilee city of Maalot.

Q&A Session | Should I make aliyah? What if my Rabbi said not to?

Tenenbom’s latest book demonstrates why a concerted effort should be made to encourage American Jews to emigrate to Israel

Asaf Shimoni February 3, 2017
Tuvia Tenenbom’s book The Lies They Tell demonstrates why American Jews should move to Israel. The book is a seething indictment of the mindframe of the “progressive” American global melting pot and its “progressive” Jewish community, whose members deny their very essence and are at the forefront of the fight for the rights of every group in the world, with the exception of the Jews.

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While travelling through the United States Tenenbom meets people who refuse to discuss politics and philosophy and are afraid to speek their minds unless their opinions are ‘politically correct’. The world is divided into good and bad, black and white, left or right. The politically-correct decultured global white progressive American is inevitably ‘pro-Palestinian’ and opposed to ‘global warming’. Needless to say, all who profess to be ‘pro-Palestinian’ and ‘progressive’ know — with the exception of slogans and for the most part slanted or incorrect facts — absolutely nothing about Israel.

The ‘progressive’ Jews are busy committing cultural suicide/genocide by denying their own culture and internalizing a melting pot without essence. They speak little if any Hebrew or Yiddish and with the exception of superficialities do not identify with Judaism and know hardly anything about it.

Political activists complain about Israeli ‘apartheid’ but are apparently unaware of the fact that nearly half the Israeli Jewish population have their origins in Muslim countries. Nearly all of these countries refuse to allow a single Jew into their country. Nor do they seem to be aware that the Palestinian Authority and Hamas do not allow Jews to live or study in ‘Palestine’ which, of course, opposes apartheid. That the Israeli apartheid state is 20 percent Palestinian while ‘Palestine’ is 0 percent Jewish seems perfectly logical to “progressive” Jews.

The Jewish character trait of understanding the other ad nauseum is of course not only confined to American Jews. The Holocaust is a perfect example of how millions of innocent and gullible people were butchered by ideological madmen. How Israel can be a powerful nation which can protect Jews from slaughter while at the same time upholding moral standards is the biggest puzzle.

What anti-Israel activists ignore is that Israel has a citizen’s army and that its soldiers could hardly be a bunch of sadistic butchers as portrayed by Palestinian authorities and a number of ‘progressive’ activists and media groups. In his previous book Catch the Jew, Tenenbom toured Israel and the areas controlled by Palestinian authorities. He is taken on guided tours by ‘human rights’ activists who do their utmost to manipulate and stage news events. Journalists are not supposed to ask uncomfortable questions and Jews must fear for their lives. The Palestinians regard the journalists as idiots who must be manipulated for a just cause.

The trial of the Israeli soldier Sgt. Elor Azaria offers a perfect example of some of the moral quandaries facing Israel. While the soldier obviously overstepped his bounds and sits in court with a smug smile on his face, much of the public questions why Israel must always uphold a superior moral standard. Shooting terrorists who believe that it is perfectly ok to stab every Jew in sight because all Jews are devils is a crime. But human rights activists do not decry the fact that Palestinians who stab little girls are declared martyrs by the Palestinian Authority or that Palestinians stabbed a 70-year-old Arab man who they mistook for a Jew. However, they accuse Israel of being a racist apartheid state.

The fact that Israeli politicians are constantly being jailed also points to Israel’s high moral standards. Much of the public, and politicians in particular, argue that politicians in other Western democracies get away with a lot more without being tried or jailed. Often the public in Western democracies are not even aware of this because of ther faith in the press.

Tenenbom’s experiences in his tour of Israel are in stark contrast to those in the United States. In the land of the brave people do not dare talk about politics. In Israel the general public discusses politics, philosophy and religion on street corners, bus stops and in supermarkets. Most people are warm and go out of their way to help others – if they have the time – and do not waste their time on useless blather.

Jews seeking an identity can find one without resorting to Buddhism (the Dalai Lama’s ponderings look as if they had been picked straight out of the Mishna) or a belief in coincidence or nothing in particular. There are many streams of Judaism which incorporate quantum theory and sciences such as kabbalah. These offer more intelligent and meaningful ways of living than anything found in the modern Western melting pot.

The Israeli authorities only support aliyah in cases of emergency. Lack of money and resources has been a problem since before the country’s founding and available funds are distributed among the various constituencies. However, the Israeli public is always supportive of Jews who arrive in Israel.

Instead of worrying about the rights of Palestinians and blathering on about global warming (there’s nothing wrong with conservation, which even conservatives would support and amounts to the same thing) Western Jews and organisations should concern themselves with their own identities, social issues and the rights of their own people, the nation of Israel.

Chabad Santa Monica (CA) Synagogue Vandalized During Hanukkah

Santa Monica Synagogue Vandalized During Hanukkah, Feces Smeared on Window Near Menorah Display
Posted December 25, 2016, by Los Angeles Times,
When Rabbi Boruch Rabinowitz arrived at his Santa Monica synagogue on the second day of Hanukkah, he made an unpleasant discovery.
The front window was smeared with feces and rice, in close proximity to a menorah display.

The vandalism, which occurred Saturday night or Sunday morning, did not include any anti-Semitic messages. But officials at the Living Torah Center Chabad on Wilshire Boulevard suspect the building was targeted for religious reasons.

“This seems kind of intentional,” Assistant Rabbi Dovid Tenenbaum said on Sunday morning. “With a religious artifact in the window, we have to assume so.”

From The Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism

Jews targeted most in post-election hate crime spree – NYPD

Source: timesofisrael
The New York Police Department said it has seen a dramatic rise in hate crimes following the election of Donald Trump, with the majority of incidents directed at Jews.

There has been a 115 percent increase in bias crimes in New York City following Election Day, with Jews being targeted in 24 of the 43 incidents during that nearly monthlong period. The anti-Semitic incidents represented a threefold increase from November 2015, The New York Observer reported.

In total, hate crimes have increased 35% from 2015, the NYPD’s chief of detectives, Robert Boyce, said Monday morning.

“We had a huge spike right after Election Day, it’s somewhat slowed a little bit,” Boyce said. “We’re seeing across the board an increase right now.”

Besides Jews, other targeted groups included Muslims, whites and the LGBTQ community, according to Boyce.

Nefesh B'Nefesh: Live the Dream US & CAN 1-866-4-ALIYAH | UK 020-8150-6690 or 0800-085-2105 | Israel 02-659-5800

Nefesh B’Nefesh: Live the Dream US & CAN 1-866-4-ALIYAH | UK 020-8150-6690 or 0800-085-2105 | Israel 02-659-5800

It’s time to come home! Nefesh B’Nefesh: Live the Dream 1-866-4-ALIYAH UK 0800 075 7200 Come home to the Land of Emuna

The Israel Philharmonic (with Yedidya Wexler singing) playing the grandest version of Maoz Tzur you are likely to hear.

הדלקת נר שני של חנוכה – חגיגות ה-80 לתזמורת הפילהרמונית הישראלית 25.12.16


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