Mr. Whiskers take on Missile crisis

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Mr. Whiskers says, “Everything is in Hashem’s hands, everything is for the good.”
Keychi the cat, “So where’s my fish breakfast, these people need a reality check.”
Mr. Whiskers again says, “Having missiles fired at you isn’t funny. G-d is giving everyone a wake-up call!”
Keychi, “I need to get there attention.”
the fish realizes the cat is on top of her tank speaks, “Dear G-d!”
Mr. Whiskers, “We need to pass out The Garden of Emuna books.”
Mrs. Whiskers, “We did pass out Pearls of Emuna at the Kotel yesterday, Dear.”
Keychi swings from the hanging lamp, “Perhaps you could start by passing out my cat food!”
Mrs. Whiskers looks up, “Oh look kitty’s acting so strange, perhaps I need to feed her.”
Keychi on the floor, “thank you.”
Mr. Whiskers take on the Missile crisis Page 2
Page 2
Mrs. Whiskers gives Keychi her food and Keychi says,
“thank you, thank you Hashem!”
Mr. Whiskers thinks, “You know, I think the cat has been listening to me…you see we all need to thank Hashem and be thankful like Keychi is. Tchuvah, Tzedaka, Tehillim (Repentance, Charity, and Prayer)….faith and trust in G-d.
The fish, “I’m thankful the stupid cat’s off my tank.”
Mrs. Whiskers thinks out loud, “Hum…be more like Keychi, be more assertive, aggressive? Or get flea dipped.
Mr. Whiskers, “I’m going to the Yeshivah.”
Pearls-of-Emuna   Garden of Emuna
From Rabbi Lazer Brody:

Ceasefire, Hamas Style

Sorry, machos, but the Israeli Government is a loser. And a paper tiger. Here’s why:When you fear One, you fear no one. The politicians here fear everyone but Hashem. That’s why they’re losers. And, they’ll continue to be big losers until they make teshuva, big time.

Between 8-9 PM Wednesday evening, Ashdod was hit with four missile attacks.While Israel’s political leaders were busy thanking the USA, the UN, and Egypt in the media for their part in the ceasefire (capitulation) that was supposed to take effect at 9 PM Wednesday, Hamas fired multiple missiles at Ashdod at 10:03 PM and at 10:38 PM. I got home from Jerusalem after my weekly broadcast and a long day, and Hamas wouldn’t even let me have a peaceful dinner with my wife. They know that they can continue doing whatever they want.

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, DC imposed a ceasefire, and Israel’s politicians pretend it exists. We here in the south of Israel know that it’s a farce. But especially ugly was the PM’s statement thanking everyone in the world for engineering the ceasefire except for Hashem. After all of Hashem’s miracles, such ingratitude is really a bone in the throat.

Don’t get me wrong – the ceasefire, like everything else, is Hashem’s will, even if it does seem ridiculous. And it’s all for the good too, as everything else Hashem does. First, the ceasefire is designed for all of us here in Israel to take a good hard look at ourselves and to make teshuva, for lukewarm emuna is not enough to win the spiritual struggle against hamas, Hizbulla, and Iran. And second, Hashem will not let an anti-emuna regime succeed, so they won’t be able to say that the might of their right hand won the war. So without Hashem, and without invoking Hashem’s help, Israel’s politicians continue to repeat the ridiculously stupid mistakes of previous conflicts, such as “Cast Lead” in 2009.

Now here this: if we strengthen ourselves in emuna and prayer, Hashem will redeem us quickly despite the government. Hashem loves us infinitely and is doing all this to soften our hearts and strengthen our resolve. The south of Israel is quickly becoming the world capital of emuna – we’ve seen phenomenal miracles here.

Few will believe me, so I’ve been saving my breath. The holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yehuda Zeev Leibowitz of blessed memory warned before his death two years ago that difficult times await the Jews of North America. Rather than playing with pointless conjecture and speculations, we’d all be better advised to direct our energies to teshuva, prayer, and strengthening emuna.

Despite our troubles here with the enemies on our borders, Israel is still the safest place on earth for a Jew to be. For anyone that asks me – and I’m not willing to debate the point – start making plans for Aliya right now. Don’t let temporary physical amenities and comforts rob you from pursuing an emuna lifestyle. In order to merit the Geula, we must all forsake the Golden Calf and return to Hashem in complete emuna and teshuva. Hurricane Sandy was a louder wake-up call than our current Gaza hostilities. It’s time to come home.


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    hi i’m finally catching up on some of the ones I haven’t read before got some funny moments, I like the one where the cat just wants to eat his breakfast, too funny..entitled “Mr. Whiskers take on Missile crisis” :)./and new Auntie Nosebag for Jan 2013 ;). hugs love,christy

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